Chapter 5: Marie's brother, Rein

"Marie, look out!" Was the exact last thing I said before I was knocked out. I really wasn't sure what happened next... Now you're probably wondering why I was knocked out? Well I was knocked out because somehow I was pushed underneath a log in a running river (we were just swimming in a river in the mountains of France). I could feel my sister, Marie dragging me out of the water and trying to revive me. But there was nothing she could do... I thought maybe I was dead.

Well, I was correct.

"Whoa... where am I?" I was floating in an infinite, black void... so thick I could barely where I was... but there was one thing I could see: my dead body... yeah. I was dead... and there was Sis, crying her heart out. Her eyelashes were matted and tears were covering from her cheeks to her neck. I didn't care about myself, I cared about how she felt! I felt stupid though... I had accidentally had sex with her... but it was my fault. We were in the middle of the mountains and no civalization to help us (it was our own form of pleasure and the only few forms of pleasure). I wasn't a completely sane person either, people called me a bit eccentric. I didn't know much English either... but we were slowly learning. She stroked my shiny black hair and lifted up an eyelid to see if I was dead or not (my eyes are brown). Indeed I was dead.

"Where am I?" I grumbled.

"You are about to enter a new life," said a pink feline-like creature with huge blue eyes and long, flowing tail. Was that Mew per chance?

"Umm... how come?" That was all I could ask. Mew narrowed its eyes.

"I will show you, just hush..." I cocked my head. "You'll become a Pokemon."

"How in the world?!"

"Don't question me Frenchie," it growled. "I am more powerful than you think. Or would you rather be a dead Frenchie?" I bared my teeth. "Good. Now I know a perfect Pokemon! See that egg down there?" I nodded. "That will be the perfect egg for you to hatch out of. And you will never be seperated from your sister."

"How did you know that was my sister? Oh wait..." I felt stupid.

"I see everything you do, Frenchie."

"Thought I told you--"

"Hush. It is time for your new life!" It grinned and its ears twitched. Time slowed and I really wasn't sure what happened next... except that I was surrounded by a gooey stuff. It was gross... I must admit.

"Where am I?" I thought. I tried to move but I ended up chipping whatever I was in. "I'm in an egg... so that freaking Mew was right?! I do not know whether to curse her or praise her." I smiled the best I could... even though I hadn't even hatched yet. "This is gross though... HELP!" I chriped.

"My egg?" Marie said.

"Marie?" I chripped again. I bashed against the egg and it cracked even further. It was so bright I could barely see.

"Argh!! Shit!" I blinked.

"Aww...," Marie cooed and cried softly. "You're so cute!" She stroked my head. I opened my eyes to an orange beak right in front of my face. But I didn't care about that. I looked at Marie instead. Her face was still slick from the tears... I looked to the side of me. My body. My body in all of its glory... still and stiff as ever before. I could tell rigor mortis had already set in. "What am I going to do with my brother's body...," she started to cry again. This was the first time I really looked at myself. I was a bird... a Wingull to be exact. I had fluffy downy feathers all over me, since I was still just a chick. I looked at my beak again; it was yellowish-orange with a black ring around it. I never knew a bird could turn its head and look behind it. I did so and saw that I was covered in down from head to tail. I never knew much about birds, but Marie did know a little bit.

She continued to cry and it soaked what little feathers I had. I had forgotten that she was naked... I wish I could drool but birds really don't have proper salivary glands.

"You're so hot...," my eyes widened. She was confused by my sudden outbursts of "Gulls!"

"What are we going to tell Mom and Dad about my poor brother...," she continued.


"What is it?" She hugged me. I sighed the best I could and rubbed up against her boobs really hard. She grunted slightly and huffed... she did not like me doing that. "Hey!" She growled. "Bad Wingull!"

"Fiiiine...," I sighed the best I could. I just cocked my head. I looked back at the dead body of me. I had forgotten that I had a Glameow, I was going to give it to her for her birthday, but since I died; I cannot do that... "Heyhey," I said while jumping on my (?) shoulder. I was small enough to fit inside my shirt pocket and grab the pokeball of Purugly. I climbed out and dropped it next to her feet.

"Oh... how in the world did you find my brother's Glameow?" She looked at me in an odd manner. I shrugged the best I could, but judging that I do not really have any shoulders... well I cannot, really. It feels cool to be able to turn my head around backwards, nearly 180 degrees (that is what it feels like!). I cawwed happily and rubbed up against her. "I suppose that does not matter...," she said sorrowfully. "Nothing will bring my beautiful brother back..."

"Marie... no... do not cry..."

"No one can ever replace him--" I rubbed against her harder. "Stop it!"

"Trying to get you to stop crying!" I sighed forcibly (and she noticed this).

"Nothing will ever replace him... he is dead because of me!"

"No... it was my fault...," I looked down. She hugged me so tightly it hurt to even breathe. But I did not care... I had boobs rubbing against me... even though she did have clothes on. "I should not have swum under those fallen logs and drowned..."

That was the worst day of my life...