The Summer months went by, our time spent between playing with the kids on the beach, my applying so I could home school the kids for the time being, and training several times a week. Carlisle's friend from Japan came in July and began teaching us several types of combat. His name was Hisao, which meant 'long lived man' in Japanese, but he asked us to call him Jin, which was way easier to pronounce and remember.

Kim and Jared welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world on May 18th, naming her Emma Marie. She was a big baby, weighing in at 9 pounds and 22 inches long. She had Kim's light hair and Jared's dark skin and I knew she was going to be a beauty when she grew up.

Our twins were now 2, but looked more like they were 5 or 6 and had an intelligence beyond their years. Josephine loved sitting with Edward while he played the piano, so we decided to get a baby grand for our house. Twice a week, Edward would come by and give her lessons, and she was a natural, easily learning the most difficult melodies.

Sarah was more the athletic type, so Jacob and I signed her up for girls little league in the reservation. With the forged birth certificates, nobody questioned her age at all. She was my outgoing one, easily making friends on her team and wanting them to come over to swim at the beach.

The triplets were growing fast as well, and by September when they were 6 months old, they looked more like they were 2. Charles and Justin were inseparable, playing together all the time and always in their own little world. They loved teasing the other kids, hiding their toys and other things. Madison was a sweet little girl, always making sure everyone was ok, helping me out with chores around the house, and scolding the other kids when they got into things they shouldn't be into. She was born with light blonde hair, which was silky and had a natural curl to it. Her most striking feature were her eyes, which had changed into a vivid violet and seemed to look right into your soul.

In September, Jacob and I went away for my birthday, spending a 4 day extended weekend at Isabella Island, which we had renamed it just 'Isabelle Island" because it sounded better. On our last night there, we made love and I conceived what were our last sons to be born. When we returned, Carlisle gave me my due date, which was June 17th, give or take a week or so because I was carrying twins.

During the Holidays, Rachel, Angela and Kim found out they were expecting again, all with twins and I had a ball ribbing them about it. I never had a single pregnancy, always having multiple children, so it felt good having members of the 'litter' club as we affectionately called it.

Over the winter, Jacob and I had seen a gray wolf hanging around our house several times, and I was worried that Maya would get pregnant. We had Bruno neutered when he was a pup, but never got around to getting Maya spayed because we never had a reason to. The day I made an appointment for the following week to have her fixed, she hopped the fence in the run and disappeared for 2 days. When she finally came back, the gray wolf watched from the trees as I let her into the house. I ended up cancelling her surgery because we found out that she was going to have puppies. I was ready to kill her for taking off and getting pregnant, but her sheepish look made me forget all about my irritation. In early March, she had a litter of 4 pups, 2 girls and 2 boys. Sam and Emily took a male, Embry and Angela took a male and female, and Kim and Jared took the last female. Once the pups were weaned, I took Maya and got her spayed because we already had way too much on our plates to deal with, let alone more puppies. The gray wolf continued to come by every now and then, so at times I let Maya go be with her mate.

Our business was going so well that we decided to open another shop in Seattle with John and Brad managing it. Rebecca had been dating Brad for several months, so she decided to move there with him and handle the office work. Angela and I decided to split the work from the shop near La Push between us, each of us working two days a week, then working the last day together. With the Cullens helping out with watching the kids, it worked out really well and we didn't have to hire a person to replace Rebecca. Quil had graduated Tech school, so he was promoted to full time mechanic. Seth decided that he wanted to do more work fixing cars, so he actually decided to go to the Tech school as well.

On June 4th, I gave birth to our sons, naming them Joshua Andrew and Logan Samuel. They were our first identical twins, both with jet black hair, dark skin and my chocolate brown eyes. Right after they were born, it seemed like they had a very unique bond, almost like they could read each others minds and could feel what the other felt, like 1 person in two bodies.

Angela had a son and a daughter in August, naming her son Elijah Dylan and her daughter Faith Olivia. Kim had her children a week later, two sons named Brandon Thomas and Hayden Avery. Rachel had her twins two days after Kim, giving birth to a son who they named Ian Preston and a daughter they named Skylar Raine. There were so many new babies that I had to keep a list in order to remember every single name. It was absolutely crazy, but wonderful just the same.

As the years slipped by, I learned how to use the powers that had been given to me in a more efficient manner. Jin worked with me constantly, teaching me how to harness my energy without fully depleting myself. I was able to put up the protective shield in a split second and summon the concussive wave in seconds rather than a minute or so.

All of our children, along with all of our friends kids as well, loved learning the martial arts that Jin was teaching them. Even though none of them developed super strength yet, they still excelled at their fighting skills.

Everyone took part in planning our defensive strategies for when the Volturi came, Jasper having formed every plan flawlessly. We still had at least 4 years before we could expect their presence, and even though we were a powerful and well trained small army, I still worried constantly. Each night I went to sleep, I wished the Great Wolf would visit me in my dreams and let me know that we were on the right path, but it never came. I just had to trust that everything each of us was doing would be enough.

One late summer evening, we all decided to have a huge bonfire on First Beach. It was sort of a sending off party for our twins, because they were going to be starting high school in a few weeks. They were only 8 years old, but looked as if they were in their early teens and we felt comfortable allowing them to leave the little world we had created. Because they were such fast learners, they were educated up to a freshman level, so they would have no problems following the lesson plans. Their rapid development had slowed so much that they were now aging at a near normal rate and would be fully grown by the time they reached 10. By that age, we would know if they were werewolves like Jake, or had powers like me.

The whole entire Pack was there, as well their mates, the Elders, mine and Jacob's parents, the Cullens, and other friends and family that were part of our inner circle. Our families were so tight knit that we worked in tandem with the cooking and other things that needed to be done in order to feed this massive group of people. Once everyone was done eating, Jacob and I decided to take a walk down the beach, coming to rest at the same piece of driftwood where I had fallen in love with him so many years ago. He sat down on the piece of wood, sitting me in his lap and holding me close. Even though so many years had passed, we were just as in love as we were when we were teens and just starting out.

"Jake, do you think we've prepared enough to defeat the Volturi?" I asked, feeling my stomach knotting up.

"I think we are almost there, Bells. We have at least 4 years left to get ready, and I have absolute faith that we will defeat them when the day comes." he murmured in my hair as he nuzzled me.

"I just don't want to lose anyone. I wish I knew how this was all going to play out, that way I could put my mind at ease." I said.

"I think that we will be ok, honey, I really do. I know you have been hoping for a visit from the Great Wolf, but I think that because it hasn't visited you in your dreams that we are on the right path." he replied.

"You're right. I've been trying to keep my worrying under control, trying to have faith that we are doing everything right, so it's time for me to trust in that faith, to trust in the Powers behind this whole thing." I told him, turning around and kissing his full lips.

I tangled my fingers in his silky black hair, pulling his face harder to mine, needing him to show me that we would survive the battle.

He picked me up, laying me in the soft sand and taking me in his arms. We kissed for a long time under the startlit sky, reveling in each others taste, smell, touch and love. We broke apart some time later, just laying together and enjoying our little time alone. When it started getting late, we made our way back to the bonfire, and something on top of the cliffs ahead caught my eye. I froze when I saw what it was, and Jacob followed my gaze and gave a gasp. Standing tall and proud was the Great White Wolf of my dreams, staring down at us.

"Oh God" Jacob cried, falling to his knees as he took in the majestic sight. I knelt down with him as we both started to cry, knowing the Wolf was letting us know that we were on the right path, that we would prevail. We watched the Wolf for several moments, then it tipped back its head and gave a long howl into the night. It glanced down at us once more, then faded away like a dream. Jacob hugged me, his tears wetting my hair.

"Oh Bella, I never thought I would live long enough to see the Great Wolf. I never thought of myself as worthy enough to be graced by its presence. It was even more magnificent than I ever imagined" he said as he held me against him. We held onto each other a little longer, and when he had composed himself, we made it back to the fire. Everyone was talking excitedly, because they had witnessed the Great Wolf themselves. The Elders started chanting, dancing around the fire and giving praise to their Warrior Spirit. Everyone started getting up, joining them in their dance of worship. It was the most powerful thing I had ever experienced, and I could feel the strength of the chanting and the dance as it filled my entire being.

Later, as the fire started winding down and everyone began to leave, I began thinking about the amazing gifts I had been given in my life. I had a wonderful husband who I loved more than life itself, 7 amazing children who I adored, a huge extended family that consisted of werewolves, super humans, normal humans and vampires, and countless friends who meant the world to me. I embraced the gifts of life and love, as well as my ancestors who had died in order for me to be born. I cherished my strengths, as well as my weaknesses, and used them to become a stronger person. I learned to have faith in the unseen, as well as the Powers who controlled fate. Life had given me so many gifts, and I would cherish each one until I took my final breath and crossed over into the next plane of existence.

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