The Wishes of a Hunk of Rock

Disclaimer: I don't own Primal or its Characters.

Summary: Missing scene from when Jen and Scree are in Aetha, it takes place right after Scree rescues Jen after Raum takes her prisoner.

"Jen? …Jen are you in there?" Scree whispered into the cylinder death trap. He noticed two eyes peering out from the narrow slit at the top of the contraption.

"Scree? Is that you?" Jen said quietly.

"Yes Jen its me, he hasn't done anything to you, has he?" Scree asked trying to get the doors open.

" Well aside from him locking me in a small metal tube with spiked blades poking out of every which way, where the slightest of movements draw blood. No, he hasn't hurt me." Jen said in her annoying sarcasm. Annoying? It may have had been in the beginning, but now it was welcome jester. He got the door open, and helped her as she stumbled out. She seemed week, she must have moved around a lot before realizing how much damage those spikes were doing to her.

How could that bastard Raum do such a thing? Jen may have her faults but she was a good person with a good heart. If he were in his other form he would have crushed Raum easily for harming his dear Jen. His Jen? Had he really just though such a thing? It was true he was becoming very fond of his companion. What an odd pair they made; a mortal and a hunk of rock. Yes, they could never be the way he wished. Not to mention her heart seemed to belong to this "Luis" she often mentioned. His thoughts were hopeless.

Jen seemed to get her bearings and he new that it was no time to be lost in wild fantasy. They would have to get back to their journey now. With her Vambraces locked away they would now have to get the key, but that would most likely mean putting Jen in harm's way again. He wasn't supposed to get involved like this. He wasn't supposed to have developed any feelings or attachments to this girl; he was simply supposed to aid her on her journey. He should have known fate is never that kind.

As they were about to live the room Jen turned to Scree and said, " Thanks for getting me out of there. You're my Hero, Rocky." Though it was just a friendly tease, this brought smile to Scree's face. He was her hero, he, a lump of rock, was this beautiful woman's hero? She would just have to wait until he regained his other form ,and then he will really be her hero. He'll sweep her off her feet with his strong arms and carry her away from all the darkness Abaddon spreads. But alas these were just the wishful thoughts of a hunk of rock, but he was her hunk of rock, and that's all that mattered now.

Author's Note: I played this game back when it first came out in 2003 and was disappointed then that there was no fanfiction for it, or none I found. And still disappointed to this day there is still no fanfiction for it. So I ponied up and wrote some, I hope you all like. Please read and review. Also with the lack of fanifciton I'm guessing there is a lack of readers for this sort of thing so not expecting two much. But thanks to those who do read.