Author's Note: Wow, I certainly procrastinated on getting this part up. My apologies to all who were waiting! I think, for a while there, I wasn't sure whether to tack it on or not… The story could certainly end with the previous chapter, but this serves to tie up a few loose ends on a more lighthearted note, so take it as you will. And with this, Storm Winds comes to its official close! I do, however, have another story about Kaze to put up here, so I will be working to revise that. In other news, I have been dabbling in some Final Fantasy VII fanfiction, so you may see some of that, in the relatively near future. ;) Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and stuck with me! You've given me encouragement that I didn't know I needed. :)

* * * * *


Suffice to say, the two demon-hunters did get paid, though after much arguing and demanding. And everyone went away immensely pleased with themselves, save, perhaps, the major of the town.

On their way out of town, the two friends ran into yet another werewolf. This one, however, possessed a much more agreeable temperament than the others they had been acquainted with, and turned out to be the brother of the boy, Sean, who they had met in the village what seemed like an age ago, now.

The hunters dragged him back to the village and explained to the major, in no uncertain terms, that he was to be welcomed with open, unarmed, arms, and allowed to rejoin the community. They showed that he need not be furry all the time (in fact, he had now transformed back into a human), and with a little respect, could be a valuable and dependable member of the town. There would be none stronger, none faster, and he could easily protect everyone from any new menaces that dared showed up. The major grudgingly agreed, with growing enthusiasm (at gunpoint), and Sean, his brother, and his family, were joyously reunited.

No one knew, of course, of Kaze's predicament. They had vowed to keep that little bit of trivia secret. After all, the werewolf threat was gone, for good, and life could finally get back to normal.

* * * * *

The smoky scent of a campfire and sizzling bacon woke Kaze from her sleep.

"Mmm, I'm starved…that's not enough bacon, Izaak."

"Be quiet and let me cook. I'm doin' you a service. Here, take some."

"Hey…is that the last piece?"

"Maaaybe. Why? You don't want it, do ya?" He waved it under Kaze's nose.


"Ouch! You bit me! I can't believe it! You…you actually bit me!"

"That's what you get. Jerk."

He waved his hand dramatically through the air. "Now I'm doomed! I'll be a werewolf, just like you! The agony!"

"Oh, quit being a wimp, Izaak. I didn't even break the skin; you're fine."

Holding his hand still, and ignoring her completely, he examined the finger. "Does this look infected to you?"

"Owww! Jeez, did ya hafta hit so hard??"

* * * * *