Chapter One

a/n: So this is my new DN Angel fic to replace Exchange Love, which was not going to go anywhere. And this title is from a drama, but this story has nothing to do with it. I do hope people enjoy this. I have a feeling I will like writing this fic.

You know, I am not a person who can hate my sister. She's my twin; I mean, we shared a cramped womb for nine months together. It's impossible to not love someone who has a connection like that with you. So Risa is someone I love dearly.

But that does not mean that I don't want to kick her for being so unbelievably heartless.

Not just kick, but literally beat down with a pillow filled with rocks.

This all started when we started out first year of high school.

"Riku, wait up!" Risa called to me as we made our way to school. She had taken her sweet time styling her hair, so I left five minutes earlier. Naturally, she panicked.

"I told you I was going to leave if you didn't hurry," I scolded. She was like a little kid sometimes…

Risa's lips pouted cutely. Time to squish that thought. That's like calling me cute. We are twins after all, just with different hairstyles.

"It's our second day of high school—just because you don't feel like dolling up doesn't mean I won't either," she said matter-of-factly.

She flipped her hair behind her shoulder for emphasis. Again, she had a point. Despite us having the same face, our personalities were far too off base, which showed. Risa was the girlie, flashy twin. I was the logical and tomboyish one. Usually, I don't have a problem with this at all.

"Harada-chan, Harada-san! Good morning!" another voice called to us. Risa and I both turned to see Niwa-kun running toward us waving like a fool.

I'm Harada-san. Risa is the one with the "chan" suffix.

I never had a problem with Risa being the pretty, girlie twin until I started to like Niwa Daisuke.

It all started when we were in middle school. During our second year, I began to like him. Don't ask me how it happened. All throughout our first year, he was nothing more than some clumsy, happy-go-lucky guy with wild red hair. After we became friends and started talking and spending time together I noticed that he was kind…and strong…and very loyal…

I tried to confess once. But then he told me something very important. His "most important" secret.

"I really like your sister! But don't tell her, okay. I want to properly chase her when we get to high school."

It was then that I learned what heartbreak really meant.

I mean, Niwa-kun is my friend, and Risa's friend too, and I care for them both. If they started going out, I wouldn't mind. Granted, it would hurt more than 5000 stab wounds, but I'm not one to stop love.

However, there is another problem.

"Oy, Daisuke, you forgot this," a more masculine voice stated. The owner of such a voice walked up to Niwa-kun to hand him his bento. He smirked as he put his hands into his pockets, as if he knew something no one else knew.

"Oh, thanks Dark-nii," Niwa-kun chuckled with embarrassment. Risa also blushed, but for a different reason.

"Good morning Dark!"Risa greeted with too much enthusiasm, her face flushed. "You look good today!"

Yep, Risa liked Mousy Dark, Niwa-kun's older half-brother. His third year of high school, arrogant, playboy, shameless flirt and pervert, older, half-brother.

"Thanks, you're looking cute Risa-san," he winked. I could not help but roll my eyes. Niwa-kun looked a little pained that Risa was pleased by the compliment. It was pitiful, seeing him stare at my sister with longing.

She was not the only one being stared at by a Niwa. That Dark was looking at me like he was expecting something. Oh, right. I didn't greet him.

"Morning, sempai," I said as I continued to walk. Sempai walked beside me.

"Eh, Riku-chan, when you say it like that it sounds so cold."

"Don't say my name as if we're close, sempai. And I'm addressing you accordingly," I told him. He only laughed and ruffled my hair. Niwa-kun and my sister passed us, only a few feet in front of us. I couldn't catch what they were talking about.

"When will you start calling me Dark?" he asked, ducking away as I was about to hit him.

After thinking about it, I gave him the most unlikely situation.

"The day I actually love sempai." I smirked myself. This took him by surprise. His red-violet eyes grew wide, and then he grinned.

"Is that so?" He looked at me in a weird way, I couldn't figure it out.

Thankfully, another sempai, Krad, called him as we neared the school at this point. Sempai waved then looked at me.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind, Riku-chan," he exclaimed before joining Krad-sempai. I shook my head and walked faster to Risa and Niwa-kun.

"Ah, I have to talk to Satoshi about something, I'll see you both in class," he said before running off inside.

"We better go in too, Risa."

I would have walked in too, had my sister not grabbed my wrist. I turned to look at her and panicked. She wore an uncharacteristic serious look on her face.

"Riku…you…do you and Dark have something going on?"


"What?! No!" Really, how could she think of something so ridiculous?

"Then why is he always flirting with you?"

I decided to continue this conversation inside. "Is that flirting? I always thought of it as harassment."

"Riku, I'm serious!" I put on my indoor shoes as she said this, then she too changed her footwear. "It's been like that since middle school! He always flirts with you, and plays with your hair! You're the only person he uses 'chan' on!"

Well, you're the one Niwa-kun calls chan , but you don't see me making a big deal out of it. I wanted to tell her that, but it was not really fair. She didn't know I liked him.

"It's because I don't fawn over him like the rest of the female population does." I motioned for us to get to our class. "He is the type who likes what he cannot have. I highly doubt he actually is serious about the flirting."

"Something he can't have?" she repeated. I nodded.

Her face then changed again, a complete jubilant expression took over. Suddenly, I was stacked by her hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Riku! You just gave me the best idea!" she said before skipping inside the class room.

"That was weird," was all I could say before I actually entered the room as well.

I didn't think much about Risa's weird behavior until lunch time. we were all in the class room, eating the lunches I made with some of our other friends.

"Everyone, this is the year I become Dark's girlfriend!" Risa said this with such certainty. I ignored her. She had been saying this since we were twelve when Dark-sempai had just begun high school. And no doubt, she would talk more about him at home.

"Yeah, sure," Chiaki, our friend, rolled her eyes. The other girls laughed too. "Dark-sempai is super popular; he's like the idol of our school. Every girl wants to be his girlfriend!"

"But he never has one. He dates around but never gets serious," another friend, Aya spoke up. Risa shook her head.

"No! Riku gave me the perfect idea on how to snatch him up!" she explained. Say what, now? This was news to me.

Everyone looked at me.

"I have no idea what she's talking about."

Risa only smiled. "I'll show you."

She stood up, and walked towards Niwa-kun, Satoshi, and Saehara-san. Then in a loud, confident voice, she spoke, "Daisuke, let's be boyfriend-girlfriend."

I dropped my chopsticks.

So did everyone else in the class: Aya, Chiaki, Satoshi, Niwa-kun…

"What…what?" I stammered.

Niwa-kun looked as if he won the lottery. He nodded furiously and in the most thankful and happiest voice he responded, "Yes, Harada-chan!"

"Wait…what?" I still could not wrap my mind around it.

I was still confused by it. On our walk home, they held hands, and walked in front of me. I could only stare at their intertwined hands with confusion. The looks Risa was giving Niwa-kun were mind boggling. He looked at her like she was goddess, which was nothing new. But Risa was acting as if…as if…

As if Niwa-kun was sempai.

I don't know how long I sat on my bed trying to make sense of this. Finally, I could not take it anymore. I ran to Risa's room, not bothering to knock.

"What the hell is going on?!" I demanded. Risa only looked at me from her romance manga.


"You and Niwa-kun! I don't get it! I thought you liked sempai!"

"I do."



Risa looked at me as if I were a child that needed to be explained the basic things of life. She closed her manga and looked at me.

"You told me today that Dark liked what he could not have."

"I don't see how that pertains."

"Don't you see, Riku? I am now someone he can't have!"

"…I…still don't follow." Maybe my poor sister was insane.

"No, look. When Dark sees me around Daisuke all the time—and he will, since they are brothers—after all, he'll realize how much he truly wants me. Not only am I off the market, I am with his brother. I am the ultimate taboo—the one he cannot possibly have."

Oh. My. God.

Risa was insane.

"Let me get this straight." I rubbed my temple; this was headache inducing. "You like sempai, and the only way sempai can notice you is to date Niwa-kun, his brother. And when sempai shows interest in you, you will forget about Niwa-kun?"


No, she was worse.

"Risa, that is sick," I told her with disgust. She only scoffed and sat on her bed.

"You get it, but you really don't understand."

"I understand that you're only using Niwa-kun!" I yelled. "That's not fair, Risa. He really likes you—he adores the ground you walk on! If you asked him to kill someone for you, he would. He likes you that much. And you're only toying with him?! You better stop this, Risa."

"Or what?" she said with defiance. "You planning on telling Daisuke?"

There was an idea. A real bad one. A very pained face entered my mind…

"No, I wouldn't do that to Niwa-kun. He'd be heartbroken."

"Then I don't see the issue," Risa spoke and she put her covers over herself.

"What you're doing is wrong and unfair, Risa! That's the issue!" Why was I not getting through her?!

"All is fair in love and war. And this is my love we're talking about, so butt out!"

I went back to my room in a rage. Deciding that I would end up killing her if I didn't release my frustration, I ran outside, and kept running until I got out of breath.

Risa was wrong in what she was doing, and I needed to do something back. I wanted to beat her with a pillowcase filled with rocks, but I had the notion that even then she would not learn her lesson.

And she needed to learn her lesson.

Because yes, I love Risa.

But I loved Niwa-kun, and I cannot stand by and watch him get hurt.

Which is how I ended up outside the Niwa's house.

"Hey, Niwa-kun,"I greeted when he answered the door. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," he said as he let me inside. He looked at my attire—booty short and a T-shirt, which is what I usually, wore to bed. I didn't have time to do anything except put on some sneakers. "Is something wrong?" he asked with concern.

"No…I just…"This was going to be hard to say. "…I just…needed to talk to sempai."

"Dark-nii?!" Niwa-kun's eye's widened in shock. Funny, I felt the same way.

"Me?" a low voice asked from the stairs. There was sempai, his violet hair askew, wearing only some black pajama pants and black wife-beater. Risa would have loved this sight. Me…not so much.

"Yeah," I nodded. It's kind of important.

"Sure, we can talk in my room," he smirked, walking back upstairs. I intended to follow him if Niwa-kun hadn't grabbed my wrist. I felt my face blush.

"Harada-san, is everything really okay?" he asked again.

"Yeah, why do you keep asking?" I replied, still cheerfully. Niwa-kun released my wrist, unfortunately.

"It's just…you never willingly want to talk with Dark-nii. Ever," he explained gravely. I only laughed nervously.

"It's really important," I told him before nearly running up the stairs.

Sempai's room was labeled, so I only had to knock and walk in after he said "It's open."

His room was very neat, which surprised me for some reason. It was also very blue and black, and normal. The only thing that was unique about it was that he had a wall with tons of photos taped to it.

"My pictures," he explained, noting my gaze. I looked at him and he pointed to a large, expensive looking camera. "I'm into photography."

"Oh," was all I could say. He mentioned me to sit on his bed while he sat on his desk chair. I decided to best sit on the floor. He chuckled as if he expected me to do so.

"So, what is it that Riku-chan needs from me?" he asked, his eyes brimming with curiosity.

Almost, almost I backed out on my personal mission.

Because this was the last thing I ever wanted to ask from him of all people.

But then I remembered Niwa-kun's happy face when Risa asked him out. And Risa's plan. I lved her, but she needed to be thought a lesson.

And she even said, "All is fair in love and war."

And my love with Niwa-kun would not allow something like this to happen.

"Sempai, I want you to be my boyfriend!"

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