Chapter Nine



They say it's safer if in a relationship if the guy likes the girl more. If you had asked me weeks ago, before I was Dark's girlfriend, I would have agreed. However, now that I understand what love is, I can say that in a true relationship, you have to be equal. The girl and guy must love each other with the same passion, fire, and fervently. Only then can both have a complete understanding of each other.

I know, I know. I have become a total cheese ball. But whatever, it happens. I am totally okay with it.

Risa and Daisuke had the world's cutest relationship. It was the perfect, shoujo manga relationship, where he waited for her after school to walk he home, and she would bring him a homemade lunch (even though Risa cannot cook, but Daisuke would eat all that she made anyway).

Meanwhile, our relationship—Dark's and mine—was a bit stranger. In the week, we managed to be the world's oddest pair. Now that we were ourselves, we did not have those forced cutesy moments. We argued, we threw tantrums, but then we would hold hands. During the night, he would leave me perverted text messages, and I would send back angry face emocons, and then he'd call me and laugh about it. We didn't go to fancy dates to amusement parks and restaurants. Instead, we'd go to the beach at night and talk. Sometimes he'd take me to museums, and I'd ask to go to music and bookstores. We did things our own way.

Oh, and yeah...we kissed. A lot.

And sometimes we did more than just kiss. But that's a little private.

Right now, I was at the opening of his private gallery. It was that gallery that his friend, Krad-sempai was opening for him. Originally, I was supposed to go because Dark was going to tell me why he called me "Riku-chan." Since I had a pretty good idea why it was that he always called me that, I decided to come to show my support, him being my boyfriend and all. Risa and Daisuke came along; mostly so that she could make sure I didn't change out of my dress.

That's right; Risa made me wear a dress. To give her credit, it wasn't that bad. It was cute and short. It was strapless and just above the knee. It was a navy blue, with a big, black ribbon under the bust and a bow in the back. Nothing too frilly or anything, even if it did reveal more skin than I intended to ever show in my life. But my main complaint was the shoes (black pumps). They killed my feet.

Again, since this was a special occasion, I complied. It was not such a bad thing to dress up every once in awhile.

Especially when my photographer boyfriend was looking really good in a suit. Actually, I don't know how I didn't notice before, but Dark pretty much looked good in anything. Give that guy a potato sack, and he'll make it look like a designer outfit. Not that I would ever tell him that. He'd never let me live it down.

As I looked around, everyone was mingling. My sister was chatting with certain art dealers—probably to help Daisuke—but I could not. I only looked at the photos in display.

I never said I knew a lot about art or photography, but what I saw was beautiful. Dark focused on people, and somehow, through his eyes, the people got through to you. Children's happiness seeped from the photos, a woman's sadness spoke words, and old couple's nostalgia from their past made me smile. It was that photograph I was standing in front of when a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around me.

"You like my work?" the owner of the arms asked. I smiled.

"I do. Normally, I would have said something sarcastic, but I can't. I really do admire your gift."

"Well, I'm glad. I'm even gladder at how amazing you look tonight."

"Thank Risa; she insisted I wear this." I pointed to my dress. I felt his eyes look me over. He buried his nose of my hair, which was curled for the occasion.

"Well, then I must thank her. You put my photos to shame."

I blushed madly and coughed. "You know your flattery is no good on me. I rather you just mock me the way you always do."

"That's because you can't take a compliment."

"That's because it makes me uncomfortable."

"You're hopeless."

"You're worse."

"I suppose that's why we make the perfect couple."

"You suppose correct."

He grinned victoriously, and pretended to sigh heavily. Then, Dark stood next to me, grabbing my hand in his. He looked at them intertwined. "Your hand is so tiny compared to mine."

"Your hand is just freakishly large."

He smirked. "So you want to know why I call you 'Riku-chan?'"

I frowned at this. "I thought it was because you always loved me."

Dark smirked at me, like he had a very big secret. "There's more to it."

It was then I noticed that people were staring. Specifically, they were staring at me, with little smiles on their faces, like they just saw something magical. I flushed, and cleared my throat. Many people, who were couple, looked at me wistfully. Women (namely Dark's fans) were staring on in what I recognized as jealously. The attention made me feel awkward.

"Is it all in my head, or is everyone looking at me?" I asked him. He only grinned and pulled me with him.

"It's time I show you the best part of my exhibit."

He led me a different room surrounded by fairy lights and lilies. Pictures were everywhere, framed in the loveliest frames. It was then I realized the romantic atmosphere of this part of the gallery.

"No...way..."I breathed out, unable to fully let it sink in.

"Oh, yes way."

This gallery was dedicated to me.

Pictures of me were everywhere: there was me in my high school uniform as I was in class, pictures of me eating, of me cooking when I was at his place, pictures of me looking out a window, of me sleeping, of me laughing, running, sitting in a tree, smiling, waiting at a crosswalk, listening to music, so many pictures of me. Each was taken carefully, with a perfect eye to detail. Some pictures were in color, some in black and white. There was one picture that I remember him taking. We were lying on his bed laughing, and he pulled out his camera. With his arm, he pointed the camera to us, and took a picture. My head was near his neck as one arm was around me across my chest to my shoulder. Our hair was askew, and I was wearing no makeup, and he had his glasses on, but it was us at our most natural. It was just us at our best.

For Riku Harada.

The girl I love, and the only girl that can make me laugh and uncool in bed.

je t'aime

If my face could get any redder, it would have turned purple.

"How dare you write something like that that would make it impossible for me to marry! People are going to assume the wrong thing!" I yelled at him. Dark only laughed.

"Why not? And besides, you're going to end up marrying me, so it's perfectly fine that I write that." He shrugged ever so casually, but I could see a hint of nervousness.

I too gulped a little. "Oh, and what makes you say that?"

His eyes looked at that picture and the writing next to it. Carefully, his fingers brushed across them. "This is why I've called you 'Riku-chan' all this time. Kousuke, Dai-chan's father and my step-dad, calls my mother 'Emiko-chan.' Ever since I was little, I wondered why. Then he told me that it was because she was his darling wife, and that term is a very cute form of endearment, so I shouldn't use it lightly. He said to only use it on the girl I was going to make my wife."

My throat started to hurt in that way whenever my emotions were getting the best of me. "So...since you've met me..."

"I knew that you would be my wife."

"Even though as of now, you're just eighteen, and I'm sixteen, you are convinced I am 'the one?' What makes you so sure that you are the one for me?" I asked this offhandedly, but my chest throbbed violently.

"Look me straight in the eyes and tell me you don't believe it." His crimson eyes smothered, displaying that love he had for me. I could see my reflection in them—the way my eyes mirrored his emotion, showing my love for him.

Damn, that brilliant and magnificent bastard.

"I'm not marrying at sixteen," I told him. I could see his eyes dance in victory. He cleared his throat, pretending to be cool.

"Of course not. I figured when you graduated high school. I'll be twenty; it's a good age," he said as he took my small hand in his freakishly large one.

I laughed merrily, walking with him, hand in hand. "You're so full of it."

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Because we'd always be together.

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