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Thirty Minutes and Counting



Gil Grissom pushed himself up from his squatting position, his knees cracking on the way. He stretched his body and noted how sore his back was. He ran his tired hands over his tired face and up through his peppered, brown and grey curls. He determined in that moment that he was getting too old to be pulling triple shifts anymore. Doubles were bad enough.

Leave that for the young bucks, He thought to himself. I'm just too damn old for this.

He laughed at himself and instantly denied his new determination. He would never let Nick, Warrick, or Greg do that to him. He would never live it down if he did.

He bent down to his case to pick up his dish of print powder when he was startled by a voice coming from the doorway.

"Hello, CSI." The large man growled.

Gil whirled around in time for a large fist to connect hard with his left eye. He fell heavily on his back and the back of his head connected with a loud thud on the wooden floor. Before he had a chance to react three men wearing ski masks grabbed him and flipped him over. He felt the cold steel of hand cuffs bite into his wrists and before he could think to speak he was gagged with a cold metal chain and he heard the click of a pad lock as the chain was tightly locked behind his head.

The links of the chain were big and split the corners of his mouth and held his jaw uncomfortably open. A black bag was slipped over his head and tied snuggly around his neck. All awareness slipped away from him as he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head.


When Sara had tried unsuccessfully to reach Gil for the third time she began to worry. When she still couldn't get him to answer his phone on the fifth, then sixth, try she was ready to head over to his crime scene and make sure that he was okay. As she reached the front desk Judy, the receptionist, stopped her.

"Sara?" asked the red head. "This just came about Grissom."

Her words stopped Sara in her tracks. She took the small brown envelope from the younger woman and looked at the label.

Grissom's return is your choice.

Sara's brow creased as she wondered what it could possibly be about. She decided that it was a joke of some sort, probably from Gil, and opened the envelope. Now she was really confused as she pulled out what looked like a wireless transmitter. She began to walk back into the lab, towards the AV lab, and studying the plain, piece of technology in her hand. She almost bumped into Nick who was standing in the hall, talking to Warrick and Catherine.

"Oh, sorry, Nick." She apologized.

"What, are you on your way to the mindless convention or something?" He replied sarcastically in his thick southern drawl and smiled.

"Huh? Oh, no." She smiled and explained about trying to call Gil then receiving the package.

They each took a turn in looking at the transmitter then followed her to the AV lab. It was empty and they figured that the tech, Archie, was on break. Sara sat down in the chair and plugged the transmitter into the receiver box.

As soon as the signal was picked up and the feed was loaded the screen came to life and the image of Gil Grissom appeared on the screen. He sat with his ankles chained to the front legs of a chair and his wrists chained to the back legs of the chair. His head was covered by a black bag but Sara knew it was him. He had been stripped of clothes and shoes except for his boxer shorts. Three men wearing ski masks stepped into the screen and one of them pulled the black bag off of Gil's head. His eyes squinted against the harsh lighting. Blood had run from the gash over his left eye into his eye and he kept it closed, not that it hadn't already begun to do that naturally with the swelling.

He panted through the chain that still gagged him as he was grabbed by his hair and forced to look into the camera. He groaned loudly at the fresh wave of pain.

"If you don't believe that we have your friend than call his cell." One of the three ordered.

Sara did so and was horrified to hear the ringing in both her phone receiver and on the TV screen. The man waved Gil's cell phone mockingly and answered it.

"Hello there." Came the low, sadistic voice in the phone as he waved at the camera. "If you want to see your friend…" He looked at Gil's ID badge. "Grissom, again than you will do everything that you are told to do. Do you understand? "

"Yes." Sara was frozen with fear, but found enough courage to respond.

"If you want him back than you will give us two things. First you will give us five million dollars in unmarked bills. Then you will give us every stitch of evidence on the John Murphy case. For every thirty minutes that you fail to comply Grissom, here, will suffer for it. A demonstration."

He closed the phone walked back over to where Gil sat and unchained his left wrist. He brought his arm up so that it was out straight and when Gil struggled against him he received another blow across the left side of his face. He brought Gil's arm back up and put his knee over the elbow. He looked at the camera and his lips curled into an evil grin as he forced his entire weight down, snapping Gil's arm like a twig.

Gil twisted and writhed in the chair as he emitted the most awful scream of pain that any of them had ever heard. As he finally screamed the last breath out of his lungs he gasped desperately for more air. Tears rushed down his face to serve as further evidence of his suffering. His left arm hung limply and the break was clearly visible. His captor's sick smile widened as he kicked Gil's arm against the side of the chair, causing the bone to snap back into place. Gil emitted another series of painful screams as he writhed in the chair, only making it worse for himself.

"We'll contact you in thirty minutes." Said the masked man and they left the room, but did not shut off the camera.

All the four CSI's could do was watch in horror as their friend tried to calm himself. This was real and they had to figure out how to end it.


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