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The two Japanese 20 year olds chatted amiably as they walked through Hinata City towards their destination.

Well, the young woman chatted amiably. The young man mostly just listened.

Both were casually dressed in t-shirts and jeans under their fall jackets, and wore simple gold wedding bands on their left ring fingers. The young man carried two small bags over his shoulders. The rather skinny young man had scruffy brown hair and wore square-rimmed glasses over brown eyes.

"Jeez, Keitaro! You didn't tell me I'd have to walk clear across Japan to get to this place!" joked the young woman as the playfully poked her husband in the ribs. She was a cute lady with shoulder-length brown hair, large brown eyes, and a lithe build with a modest figure.

"It's only a little further, Tomo-Chan. Two more turns, then across a bridge, through an alleyway and up a flight of stairs and we're there." said Keitaro Urashima with a smile towards his wife.

"I hope so, I can't wait to see this place! You've told me so much about it!" enthused Tomo Urashima as she danced and skipped several paces ahead of her husband, seemingly bursting with nervous energy.

"Well, just picture a big, very old inn with lots of trees around and a hot spring in the back, and you've got Hinata Inn. It's a beautiful place." said Keitaro with a sentimental smile.

"Let's get a move on then! Here, gimme my bag, I'll carry it." demanded Tomo as she lifted her bag off of her husband's shoulder, despite his protests.

"There, now you should be able to move faster. Now let's go Go GO-O-O!!!" yelled Tomo as she stuck a fist in the air and attracted a few odd looks from various passers-by.

"Yes, yes yes." agreed Keitaro with another smile. He took a moment to lose himself in thought.

'I always thought I'd be bringing my promise girl back here, but I guess that's a dream I was never going to realize. I don't even remember what she looks like anymore.' Keitaro took another glance at his exuberant, smiling wife. 'Still, even if I did find her, I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything. Not even a position at Todai and a hundred billion yen to go with the promise girl.'

As Keitaro returned from his thoughts, the scenery became very familiar. "Turn right at this alley here. You'll see the steps." instructed Keitaro.

They did just that, and soon they found themselves standing in front of a massive old wooden building, but not before Keitaro tripped over his own feet while climbing the stairs.

"WOW! This is great! I sure hope your granny lets us stay here!" said a wide-eyed Tomo as she stared up at the beautiful old building.

"Mmmhmm. Come on, let's go in and meet my grandma. I know she'll love you." said Keitaro as he took Tomo's hand and led her towards the building. Granny Hina had been out on one of her adventures when Keitaro and Tomo had married, and had missed her grandson's wedding.

With that, the couple slid the doors open and walked into the building.

"Hello? Aunty Haruka? Granny Hina? Anyone here?" called Keitaro as he looked around the building's interior.

"Oh yeah! This is just like one of those scary American movies! We enter a deserted building, and then stumble upon something horrible! Then, we spend the rest of the picture narrowly escaping bloodthirsty horrors, and then..."



"Maybe we should look around for people before jumping to any crazy conclusions, hmm?" asked Keitaro as he sweatdropped.

"Right, heh!"

"Let's go find the manager's office, I think it's down this way."

"Why don't I go see if anyone is down that hall? It looks promising." asked Tomo as she pointed in the opposite direction.

"Well, if you want to..."

"Ooh, and now we're splitting up! We'll be killed for sure when..."


"You're no fun." said Tomo with a wink as she stuck out her tongue.

The couple dropped their bags and went off down the respective hallways, with Keitaro calling after Tomo to remind her not to get lost.

Keitaro made his way down the hall and found a room door marked 'Manager'. After a knock didn't get any response, he slowly slid the door open and stepped inside. As expected, the room was deserted.

'Jeez. I come all this way and Granny isn't even here.' mused Keitaro as he ambled around the room.

'Wow...what a huge room! Well, I suppose I could take a load off for a minute.' Keitaro really was tired from his journey. With a sigh, he plopped down on the floor and leaned back.

'This family of mine. You'd think they'd have taken some pity on me instead of kicking me out.' Keitaro's parents had informed him in no uncertain terms that he needed to quit with the Todai pipe dream, get employed, and get out of their house. Especially since he had a wife as well.

'I suppose they're right. Still, they know I'm barely scraping by at the moment. And besides, I only failed that exam twice! And the second time, I was so-o-o-o close. I'm sure I'll get in this time around.'

It was true. After beginning to date and later marrying Tomo, Keitaro's marks had indeed gone up. Probably because he wasn't so hung up on being lonely and could devote more brain energy to his studies.

Keitaro did a little more musing on his past.

'Until I met Tomo, the only girl who had ever talked to me was the Promise Girl. I've never asked Tomo what she saw in me that day we met. I really should ask her.' At that moment, Keitaro decided to sit up, and reached into his bag and pulled out his print club sticker book, cracking it open to a random page in the middle.

Keitaro recognized the prints as being from when he was about 14 years old, only about a year before he'd started high school. A few more pages of lonesome pictures and Keitaro reached the first photo that had Tomo in it, from sometime during the second half of his first year of high school.

He smirked as he looked at his gawky, 15 year old self. The Keitaro in the picture looked a bit irritated with the lanky, big-eyed girl next to him, who was making a ridiculous face and was in an even more ridiculous pose. Both had on their school uniforms.

Scrawled next to the picture was a handwritten note.

I actually took one of these pictures with a girl today. I never thought that would ever happen. Too bad it was that annoying Takino girl. Keitaro always laughed when he read that.

That day, Tomo, the wildcat girl from his homeroom who had refused to leave him alone during the few weeks that had passed since the day they had first laid eyes on each other, had caught him going into a print booth, much to his embarrassment

But, instead of laughing at him, she'd forced them both into the booth and demanded that he take a picture with her. Keitaro hadn't known what to say and just went along with it.

From that point on, every picture had Tomo in it. Some didn't even have Keitaro. Tomo had taken a liking to the print club booths and sometimes took pictures in them with her friends (who generally looked either annoyed or confused). She always made a point of giving him one, and for reasons unknown even to him, he'd always stick them in his book.

It was fun to flip through the Tomo pictures. The annoyed Keitaro slowly gave way to a somewhat amused Keitaro, to a happy looking Keitaro, to a Keitaro that looked at the girl with some affection. Eventually, the pictures involved the couple kissing or otherwise entangled in each other's arms.

Keitaro smiled and put the book back into his bag. 'Well, I've sat around enough. I'd better keep looking around here.'

With that, he got up and went back out into the hall. 'I wonder where Tomo's gone. Eh, I'm sure she's fine. I'll go look around upstairs or something.' Keitaro turned and walked back towards the stairs, quietly making his way up.

Tomo had been making her way down the hall, peering into rooms and occasionally calling out to see if anyone was around. So far, she hadn't run across anyone. At the end of the hall, she came to another door, and decided to glance in and see what there was to see.

'Hmm...showering area, stools and buckets, places for clothing...there must be a bath in here.'

As she pushed further back into the room, she encountered another door that appeared to lead outside and proceeded to fling it open.

'Oooh! The hot spring! Kei told me that they had one here, but I didn't think it was this nice!'

With that, Tomo quickly shed her clothes, gave herself a quick scrub, and cannonballed into the hot spring.

"Onsen. Onsen! ONSE-E-E-E-N!!" squealed Tomo with delight as she surfaced and paddled around a bit, before finding a comfortable rock ledge to settle on.

'Ahh. This is the life. Now I REALLY hope Kei's granny lets us stay here.'

A few moments later, the door slid open, and a taller girl with squinting eyes and long brown hair with two odd antennae sticking out on top strolled into the spring area. She was naked apart from a towel loosely held to her torso.

'Hey, she kind of looks like Yomi.' thought Tomo of her old high-school friend as she watched the unknown girl move in closer. 'Yomi's boobs are nowhere near that big though...'

Tomo remained uncharacteristically silent as the girl walked right up to her and slid into the water next to her.

"Aah, this hot spring is great. Bathing in the mid-day is so luxurious!"

'I guess she doesn't believe in personal space.' thought Tomo.

With that, the girl turned to Tomo and began speaking again. "Hey, take a look. Don't you think my boobs have gotten even bigger since last month? Still, they aren't as big as yours."

'What? Is this girl blind?' thought Tomo as she looked down at her own modest bosoms.

"Here, touch them! Haven't they gotten bigger?"


"Come on, it's alright."

Tomo was silent for a moment. Then...

"Heck yeah I'll touch those melons! C'mere sister!" And, Tomo reached out with both hands and gave the girl's breasts a couple of firm squeezes. "Man, these are nice! I wish mine were like this!"

At that, the girl's facial expression suddenly changed. She reached for a pair of glasses she'd left sitting on the rocks, next to her towel, and put them on.

Tomo smiled and gave a small wave. "Heya!"

The girl was silent for a moment, with a blush rising on her cheeks. Then, she started to scream.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! Intruder! Intruder! Pervert! HEEELP!"

Tomo was incredulous. "Pervert? You're the one who wanted me to grab your boobs, you..."

Tomo didn't get to say anything else before a backhand swing sent her sailing through the door she had entered the onsen from.

'Oh, forget this noise! I gotta get outta here before psycho boobgirl kills me!' thought Tomo as she picked her nude self off the floor and ran for her life. "Keitaro! Help!" she yelled as she ran in the direction she had come from, the other girl in hot pursuit.

On her way out, Tomo bowled over another rather well-endowed girl, this one with short hair and fox-like eyes.

"Sorry!" yelped Tomo as she didn't even bother to stop running.

"Naru!? What's goin' on?" asked the short-haired lady as her now-dressed friend chased the other girl.

"I don't know! The intruder was in the hot springs! She grabbed my breasts!" shouted an angry Naru as she continued to chase. "Help me catch her!"

'Jeez! Now all of the people show up!' thought an increasingly desperate Tomo as she knocked a foreign-looking girl who was carrying a laundry basket out of her way. Tomo ended up with a bra in her hand.

"What the heck!?" yelped the foreign girl as she fell on her rear.

'Keitaro, where are you?!' thought Tomo desperately as she flicked the bra out of her hand and continued to run from the thundering footsteps behind her, not even noticing the small, blue haired teen who's head the bra landed on. The blue haired girl stared in shock, before fainting.

Keitaro was actually upstairs, wandering the halls when he first heard the screams of 'intruder!' and 'pervert!' and 'she grabbed my breasts!'

'Tomo, what have you done now?' thought Keitaro exasperatedly as he facepalmed and began to run back towards the building's entrance.

However, he was stopped by a rather severe-looking girl, dressed in a kendo uniform, who exploded out from one of the rooms, drawn katana in hand. "Where's the pervert intruder?!" she yelled, before setting eyes on Keitaro.

'Man! Intruder! PERVERT! KILL!' flashed through the sword-girl's brain before she turned to Keitaro. "You're going to regret coming in here, lecherous male!" she hissed, before screaming something incomprehensible and sending a ki-charged blast of air at a dumbfounded Keitaro.

"AAAAARGH!" Screamed Keitaro as he was blown back by the attack, before he picked himself up and began to run back towards the stairs for all he was worth.

At the top of the stairs, Keitaro collided with something. That something turned out to be his panicked, and very nude wife. Keitaro hauled her to her feet, grabbed her hand, and began to run down the hall with her.

"Tomo-Chan! Where are your clothes?!" screeched Keitaro as he used the hand that wasn't holding onto his wife to keep the blood from spurting out of his nose.

"I was in the hot springs! Some crazy boobgirl attacked me!"



"Well, keep running! There's a scary woman with a sword chasing me!"

Tomo chanced a look back and saw an enraged kendo-woman chasing them with her katana raised over her head. "Oh god!" she yelped as she continued to run for all she was worth, holding her husband's hand.

In an instant, the couple found themselves outdoors, on the rooftop, and at a dead end. Behind them, they heard the five women they'd indirectly assaulted in one way or another pull up behind them. Both could practically feel the killing aura they gave off.

Tomo had moved behind her husband, who stood ready to eat any attacks sent towards her. "Heh-heh, let's not do anything rash, guys...we can talk about this." she nervously laughed.

"P-p-please! We didn't mean to cause any trouble! We're just looking for my grandmother, she owns this inn!" whimpered an obviously terrified Keitaro as he tried to stand his ground and stay in front of his wife.

"LIES! Screamed the one Tomo identified as 'Boobgirl'. This was an inn a long time ago, but now it's an all girls dorm! And you two don't belong here!"

"Girl's dorm?!" shrieked a shocked Keitaro.

At that moment, another, older woman made her presence known as she came to the top of the stairs.

"What's all this noise?" she asked as she puffed on a cigarette before she noticed the young man on the roof. "Keitaro?"

"Auntie Haruka!" yelled Keitaro as he ran over to the woman and gave her a hug. Haruka proceeded to bop him over the head with a fan, prompting Tomo to run over.

"Hey, don't hit him!"

Aunt Haruka raised an eyebrow at the girl, but otherwise had no reaction. "Okay, so...who's the naked girl?" she asked as if strange nude women showed up every other day.

"Oh! Haruka, meet Tomo, my wife!" laughed Keitaro nervously as he rubbed the back of his head. "She's not normally naked like this. "Tomo, this is Haruka, my aunt."

Tomo simply removed the hand and arm that was covering her chest and waved. "Hi! I'm Tomo!"

"Why don't we all go inside, calm down, and get some clothes on this poor girl before she catches a cold." muttered Haruka, before flicking her cigarette off the roof and walking back towards the stairs.

Everyone followed, with Tomo sticking as close to Keitaro as possible.

"...so, that's the whole story. I can't live with my parents anymore, I need a place to live, I'm trying to get into Tokyo U, I'm married to Tomo who is also going to an academy in Tokyo and works there as well."

"A MAN CAN'T LIVE IN A GIRL'S DORM!" shrieked an enraged Naru Narusegawa, the one Tomo had identified as Boobgirl earlier.

"Well now, Naru...to be fair, he's already spoken for, so I doubt he'd be a big problem." said Konno Mitsune, aka Kitsune, the short-haired woman that Tomo had mowed down in the shower area earlier. "And trying to be a Tokyo U student, hmm? Maybe one day he'll be a lawyer or a government employee..." mused Kitsune as she rubbed her chin and looked at Keitaro.

"A lawyer or government employee who is already spoken for!" grated a now-clothed Tomo as she possessively grabbed her husband's arm.

"Right, right." said Kitsune. Keitaro just looked confused.

"Besides, from what I've heard, he's not nearly as perverted as his spouse." muttered the kendo woman, who had introduced herself as Motoko Aoyama.

"Hey!" Tomo pointed at Naru. "She's the one who told me to grab her..."

"Anyway!" Keitaro cut his wife off before she or Naru could start yelling. "Haruka, I've been meaning to ask, just where the heck is Granny anyway?"

"Oh, she's off on another one of her trips. She's looking for the fountain of youth or something." said Haruka with a dismissive wave of her cigarette. "She did leave something for you though, something that you and your wife will definitely be interested in."

"What's that?" Tomo looked interested as well.

"I'll show you. Wait here for a moment." with that, Haruka stood up and strolled off towards the manager's office. A moment later, she returned with a thick manila envelope, which she handed to Keitaro. Keitaro opened the envelope and looked inside.

"She wants to give me this place? And have me manage it?" Keitaro looked shocked, but not quite as shocked as...

"A MAN CANNOT OWN AND RUN THIS DORM!" screamed Naru so loud that everyone covered their ears. "I WON'T ALLOW IT!"

"Ah'm not sure if we have a choice, Naru. He's Granny Hina's grandson and she gave him the deed." noted Kitsune.


"I am very unhappy about this turn of events." noted Motoko as she glared daggers so sharp at the couple that both of them shuddered involuntarily. "I will have to accept this arrangement, but don't expect me to accept it gracefully. Urashima's status as a married man is the only reason I haven't beheaded him already."

Naru looked ready to explode at Motoko's words. Motoko should've been her staunchest ally.

"She's stipulated that you only own the place if you're the acting manager." Haruka spoke up again. "She didn't say anything about your wife, but I don't think that matters. Granny would want her to live here too."

"All I have to do is sign these?" asked Keitaro. Haruka nodded. Keitaro turned to his spouse.

"What do you think, Tomo?" A couple of the girls looked surprised that Keitaro wanted his wife's opinion.

"Would we get to use that hot spring every day?" asked Tomo with hearts in her eyes. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Uh, probably."

"Then hell yeah you better sign those papers!" everyone facefaulted. Keitaro signed. Haruka took them, and noted that she'd have them registered the next day. Naru simmered, but didn't say anything.

"Um, you two s-said you were married?" asked the small blue-haired teen, who had introduced herself earlier as Shinobu Maehara.

"That's right." said Keitaro, smiling at his wife.

"A-ano, you seem young to be married...I mean! I mean!! AAAAUUUU!!! I didn't mean to be rude!" the now-mortified girl wailed.

"It's okay, Shinobu-Chan!" said Tomo. We met in high school, and got married a year after we graduated!

"H-how did you meet?" asked the timid girl.

Tomo jumped up! "Oh, it was so romantic! Love at first sight!"

Keitaro coughed.

"Well, for me it was!" exclaimed Tomo.

The foreign girl, who called herself Kaolla Su, had been sitting some distance away from the group, fiddling with some tool, suddenly hopped over. "Su wants to know how such a goofy-looking guy found a girlie to marry!" she said excitedly.

"I too am interested in how two such strange people came together." said Motoko, the slightest hint of a blush on her cheek. 'Maybe I could incorporate their story into one of my novels.' she thought.

Tomo excitedly launched into the story of the courtship between her and Keitaro.

"I met Keitaro when he transferred to my high school, partway through first year! One day, I came to school late, so I decided to stand out in the hallways with 2 buckets of water as punishment!"

"You mean, the teacher sent you out for punishment?" asked Kitsune.

"Heck no! I just wanted to stand out there with buckets of water, because I'd never done it before!" Kitsune sweatdropped.

"Anyway, I was standing out there for like twenty minutes, and someone tricked me into raising my arms, so I ended up falling over. Of course, at that instant, Keitaro was walking towards my class, so I not only doused him with water, but slipped in it and fell right on top of him!"

"It was not what I was expecting on my first day." piped Keitaro.

"Anyway, when the room stopped spinning, I realized where I was and looked down. Keitaro was just the cutest guy ever! With his glasses and big brown eyes, and his wet hair, his face all twisted in pain because I'd fallen on him and my knee was jammed in his crotch!"

Everyone looked at each other and sweatdropped.

"I looked at him and said 'hey there handsome! What's your name?"

"No accounting for taste, I suppose." mumbled Motoko, earning a glare from Tomo.

"And then Keitaro said...what did you say, Keitaro?"

"I said, 'please get off of me'."

"Right! So then I asked him what his name was and where he was going because I hadn't seen him before, and it turned out he was in my homeroom! So, I dragged him into the class and introduced him to everybody. Then Yukari-sensei told us both to shut the hell up and sit down, so I stuck him in the seat next to mine, and that's where he stayed for all three years."

"And, that weirdo liked you after that?" asked an incredulous Naru, who had been listening while trying to look like she wasn't listening.

"Oh, no! I don't think he wanted me anywhere near him!" Everyone face-faulted.

"I wasn't that bad!" said Keitaro.

"Anyway, for the next almost two years, I spent as much time around him as I possibly could! During school, after school, lunch, anytime! I even started doing his print club stickers with him!"

"Oooh?! What's a print club sticker? Can you eat it?!" asked Su

"No, they're just these booths you go into and get pictures taken with a background on them. Keitaro's hobby was going into these things by himself and getting the pictures and saving them, which is like, totally lame!" Keitaro looked chagrined, while a few of the girls snickered.

Suddenly, Tomo looked a lot less enthusiastic. "But he never seemed to respond to any of my flirting or anything. Still, he was always polite and kind about it, which my friends normally wouldn't even do when I bothered them, much less anyone else."

Keitaro put his arm around his wife, earning a few coo's from Shinobu.

"Even though his lack of interest was breaking my heart, the way he was always so nice no matter what I did made me like him even more." she continued. Finally, about a week before third year was going to start, I just out and asked him if he thought I was a bad person, or ugly or something. He said no, so I asked him what it was."

"Why didn't my nephew want you?" asked Haruka.

"Well, he sighed and led me to a place to sit and told me all about the girl he'd met when he was a child, who he'd promised to meet at Tokyo U one day."

Naru, who had been silently fuming over their new manager and his wife, perked up at this.

"I thought it was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard, so I told him I'd stop bothering him so he could find his promise girl, and that I just wanted him to be happy, and that I hoped he would be. He got real quiet and I just got up and walked away, sort of crying."

"Aaaauuuu! How sad!" cried Shinobu, who looked on the verge of waterworks herself.

"Anyway, this guy avoided me for the next few weeks, and I barely saw him at all." said Tomo as she nudged her husband. Keitaro grunted.

"Then what?" by now, Kitsune was fully engrossed in the story.

Before Tomo could say anything, Keitaro answered. "One day, during lunch I found Tomo up on the school's roof by herself. I walked over to her and asked her out on a date." said Keitaro.

"And then?"

"She smacked me in the face." everyone gasped.

"You'd avoided me for nearly a month! And then just asked for a date out of the blue!" exclaimed Tomo.

"I know."

"I asked him about his promise girl and everything he'd said." explained Tomo.

"And I told her that I'd done a lot of thinking. If I couldn't even remember what my promised girl looked and sounded like, let alone her name or the exact promise we'd made, there was no way I'd ever find her. I'd promised her that we'd go to Todai and find happiness. But, I'd decided that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to try and find some happiness before going to Todai. So I did." said Keitaro, again wrapping his arm around his wife.

"And the rest is history!" exclaimed Tomo, waving her wedding band.

"Aaauu! How romantic!"

"Nice goin', tiger." agreed Kitsune.

"That is a good story, even if a vile, lecherous male is involved." agreed Motoko. Keitaro sweatdropped.

Tomo had more to say.

"Yeah, and all of my friends and two of my teachers were totally jealous that I had a boyfriend and they didn't!"

"Teachers?" asked Kitsune.

"Heh, yeah. My English teacher Yukari-Sensei and my Phy Ed teacher Nyamo-Sensei. Those old spinsters are probably still single." laughed Tomo.

"Tomo, they're only 5 or 6 years older than us, hardly old and gray..." reasoned Keitaro.

"You know, after we got married, I went and visited the old school while you were at a practice exam." said Tomo.

"Oh?" this was news to Keitaro.

"Yeah! I went to Yukari's class and told her I was married and showed her the ring and she was all like 'Oh! I'm so VERY VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!' and 'I'm sure you and your husband will be SO HAPPY TOGETHER! Well, I'm happy too! VERY VERY HAPPY BEING SINGLE!' And then, she started crying right in front of her homeroom class, so I just left." finished Tomo.

Everyone, Keitaro included, sweatdropped massively.

Naru, however, had slowly been boiling over the whole time. And then she exploded.

"So, you just threw away your promise to that girl?!" she screamed. "How could you?!"

Keitaro shied back. "I didn't give up, I just changed it a little! She wanted me to go to Tokyo U and find happiness! I've just found my happiness first and now I'm trying to get into Todai! Besides, I doubt she remembers me anyway...it was so long ago. It'd be ridiculous to think that we'd both remember and find each other after all these years."

"NO IT ISN'T! SHE REMEMBERS! A WOMAN WOULD REMEMBER THAT PROMISE!" screamed Naru, catching everyone off guard.

"Why are you so angry, Naru?" Kitsune's normally slit-like eyes were fully widened at her friend's outburst.

"Just...just...just forget it, alright?!" growled Naru before stomping off towards her room.

"What was that about?" asked Tomo. Everyone shrugged.

Motoko took that opportunity to ask Tomo where she was going to school, and what for.

"I'm studying criminal justice at Tokyo Metro, and then I'll transfer to the National Police Academy! I'm going to be a Tokyo cop!" Tomo jumped up and did the 'V for victory' sign as she said this.

"You'll be a wonderful police officer, Tomo." agreed Keitaro.

"And, one day I'll be an officer with the ICPO!"

Nobody noticed Keitaro's twitching at the word 'ICPO'. He decided not to mention that Tomo had no idea how to join the ICPO.

Motoko, who had been unimpressed and slightly bothered by how this woman had blindly chased a man and romance during her high school years, suddenly found herself impressed.

'She's going to be a police officer? Protecting and serving people? And her husband supports her! He's not controlling at all, and even though she's found love she's still going after a lifestyle that will require strength of both body and character?' Motoko didn't know what to think. The goofy woman and her nebbish husband had completely shocked her, and challenged her notions and assumptions of male-female relationships in one quick swoop. Perhaps her sister was right. She decided to meditate later, and ponder this.

Finally, the conversation wound down and Haruka showed the pair to their room, which was actually Granny Hina's old room. Keitaro noted that the ceiling had a large hole in it, and resolved to fix it soon. A second futon was brought in from another room and laid next to the first, giving the couple a full-sized bed.

Keitaro called his folks and arranged for the rest of his things to be brought to Hinata House. Tomo did the same.

After a eating delicious supper, prepared by Shinobu, and where Naru seemed conspicuously absent, Keitaro and Tomo went out to the roof to look out over the lights of Hinata City.

"I'd forgotten how beautiful this place is at night." mused Keitaro as he hugged his wife closer.

"It is great." agreed Tomo, resting her head on Keitaro's shoulder, admiring the way the city's lights played on the Bay of Sagami. "I have to admit, I was worried about what we'd do, but I guess luck was on our side today."

"More or less, Miss Nudist." joked Keitaro, earning himself a jab to the ribs.

A quiet rustling caught their attention, and both looked up.

"That's Shinobu." noted Keitaro as they gazed upon the small figure standing on the peak of the roof. She'd been watching the couple but, now that they'd seen here, she was intently watching the city.

"Let's go up." said Tomo, not waiting for an answer as she grabbed her husband's hand and dragged him up. "Hi Shinobu!"

"Hi." the retiring girl said quietly.

"What are you doing up here, it's kind of dangerous." asked a slightly nervous Keitaro.

"This is my favorite place at Hinata House. I often come up here at night to think."

"About what?" asked Tomo.

"About school, and other people. And my life." said Shinobu. "Actually, I wanted to talk to both of you."


"A-ano...it's just, you both seem so happy, and are chasing your dreams. I just wanted to know...um..."

Keitaro quietly encouraged the girl to go on.

"How do you do it? I can't do anything, really. And I'm not smart so I do poorly in school. I don't know how I'm supposed to make it to college or make anything of myself this way." said the small teen as she looked down at her feet.

"Well, you can't have that kind of attitude and expect to do anything." said Keitaro.


"Yup! And don't worry about smarts, because I'm not smart at all!" exclaimed Tomo, giving a thumbs-up as she did. Shinobu sweat-dropped a bit and Keitaro raised an eyebrow. "My friends always told me I was stupid, but I didn't worry about it! I just worked really hard when I needed to, like when I wanted to get into the same high school as my friend, and when I wanted to get into the police academy! And here I am"

"Right, you've got to be persistent." said Keitaro. "I won't give up on my Todai dream, and you shouldn't give up on your dreams."

"Exactly. Like, I wanted to be with Keitaro, and I chased him around for two years, refusing to give up on him!" said Tomo. "And I wore him down too, so now he's all mine!" As she said this, she looped an arm around his neck and yanked him down, so his head was mashed into her chest. She didn't seem to notice his flailing arms and blue face. Shinobu looked chagrined at the dorm manager's situation, but didn't say anything.

"Just keep your head up and keep trying your best, and you'll succeed." concluded Tomo, as she released Keitaro's head from the mammary prison. Keitaro nodded after catching his breath.

"Yes, I will! Thank you both!" exclaimed a blushing, smiling Shinobu before she bowed to both of them and scampered down off the roof, calling a 'good night' to both of them over her shoulder as she did.

"She's a nice girl." mused Keitaro.

"Yup. I hope we have one like that someday." agreed Tomo as she wrapped an arm around Keitaro's waist.

Keitaro suddenly looked a bit warm under the collar.

"Aw, don't tell me my little Kei-Kei still gets embarrassed when talking about having kids with his wife?" teased Tomo.

"Heh-heh. Someday." said a dazed Keitaro.

With that, the pair went down off the roof to retire. On the way to their room, they ran into a pajama-clad Naru.

"I'm in the room right above yours, so try to keep the noisy perversions to a minimum." she said as she glared at them.

Tomo's hackles went up. "Well, he's my husband and this is his building, so I can do something perverted to him if I damn well-"

"Tomo-Chan, it's late, let's not fight with the residents." Keitaro laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck as he said it. "Let's just go to bed."

The two women glared at each other for a second, before Tomo relaxed and agreed. Naru also went off towards her room after giving Keitaro a scowl.

As they got ready for bed, Tomo gave Keitaro's rear end a squeeze, which caused him to yelp.

"Hey, Kei-kei, why don't we take our new bed for a test drive, hmm?" she asked in a seductive tone as she breathed in his ear.


So, that's chapter one. If you're going to complain in a review that this story seems to be more about Tomo than Keitaro, don't. It was sort of necessary in this chapter, but future chapters are going to be very Keitaro. And, do please review and tell me what you thought, regardless of what it was.

Anyway, I guess I'm writing this story because I'm a Love Hina fan (duh) but lately I've gotten a bit put off by some Love Hina fanfiction. And this is why:

To me, LH has a 3-pronged story, with several side tracks relating to them. The 3 main points of the story in my eyes are

1. Keitaro's budding relationship with Naru (and the other girls finding affection for him too).

2. Keitaro's Todai dream with his promise girl.

3. Keitaro's presence at Hinata House slowly turning it's residents into reasonable, happy human beings (instead of the borderline damaged psychotics they are at the start.) who will one day function properly in society (or something like that.). Basically Keitaro turns their lives around in one way or another.

Anyway, the third prong is by far my favorite aspect of the story, but LH fanfiction generally focuses on the first thing (and a bit of the second) to the point that the third one is almost completely lost. The closest we usually get is one of the girls suddenly having an epiphany about how they treat their manager and feeling guilty/falling for him/trying to change/etc. When, in the real media, the girls don't even treat Keitaro THAT badly, usually.

BLEH! Bleh I say! I've had enough. Yes, budding Romance is lovely and great to read and all, and a main point of LH, but I'm ready to try something different.

So, my oh-so-original idea (heh, yeah right. And my junk is 10" long and ejaculates money and chocolate...) is to just take Keitaro off the market right at the start. Yep, he's married. Married to another character from another manga, making this a dreaded, evil crossover. Feel free to stop reading at this point if you hate that sort of thing. Actually, since this author note is at the end of the first chapter, you probably did already. I promise this won't be too cross-over-y though. Other characters aren't going to be showing up a lot or anything.

This story will take from both the manga and anime as I see fit/as it is convenient. Some chapters will be longer, some shorter.

Keitaro is still Keitaro, obviously. A bit shy, still a bit of a clod (though, that will be improved a little bit since he's now rather intimate with a woman, he won't freak out so much around them, so all mishaps will be solely because of his natural clumsiness instead of creepy awkwardness.) and still trying for Todai.

I couldn't decide which manga/anime heroine to pair him up with, because I think OC's are usually stupid, but I eventually settled on Tomo Takino from Azumanga Daioh. I dunno, I guess I'm just a big fan of her character, and I thought her dialog with Keitaro and the LH girls would be the most entertaining to write/read. Plus, she's kind of an anti-Keitaro. He's studious (though not that good at it) and she's (usually, but not always) a slacker. He's not really a true pervert...and she kind of is (she's got a boob fixation and likes dirty jokes/sex stories). She's more hyper than he is. He's quiet and reserved, she's a mischievous wildcat. Kind of like a hybrid of Kaolla and Kitsune...minus the mad scientist skills and alcoholism

And, I guess they kind of look like a realistic couple. Keitaro is decent looking, skinny, short, and has dark hair and eyes. Tomo is kinda cute, skinny, short, and has dark hair and eyes. If Keitaro isn't roping himself a Hinata House beauty, a plainer girl like Tomo is what I'd expect him to end up with.

And, I think Tomo will help Keitaro help the Hinata girls.

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