You're all going to hate me...

Anyway. This story. One of my first ever attempts at Fanfiction. Written at a time when I had just read Love Hina and kind of liked it.

Unfortunately, since that time...I've kind of been turned off of Love Hina...and harem anime in general. For whatever reason, I've totally lost any love for it and actually find it kind of meh.

I actually had the fifth chapter mostly written...and then a computer issue meant I lost it.

I kept saying 'oh, I'll rewrite it, and then maybe do a few more chapters and call the story done'. But, it's been more than a year and that still hasn't happened. I can't find any gumption to finish this story.

Combine all of those things with the fact that I'm now working 10-12 hour days and there's literally no chance of me ever going anywhere with this story ever again.

So, I'm going to mark this one as complete and stick a fork in it. It's done.

I do want to thank everyone who read and reviewed this. I really appreciated all of the feedback and comments. It was nice to know that my first attempt was halfway decent, anyway.

Cheers! And sorry again.

PS - I still love Azumanga Daioh, and highly suggest that anyone who hasn't seen/read it yet seek out either the manga or the anime. THey're both fantastic.