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To fall in love and get married, that's the dream of most girls, but never was mine. To be truthful I never even really thought of getting married. I just wanted to try to apply to a college. I know, I know… College is for guys, a girl should learn how to be the perfect wife. But with my father being a Duke, I thought maybe, somehow, I could find a way to keep studying. Just wishful thinking, I now get it.

My hopes died when my parents died when I was 15. It was not a simple "died on an accident". My father, Charles Swan, poisoned my mother, Renee Swan, and then poisoned himself. That all happened when he found out that my mother was having an affair with an American Adventurer called "Phil something"… My parents used to love each other, but the fire died out on Renee years ago, and she met Phil who made her happy. My father couldn't live with the shame of being betrayed nor knowing that he didn't have Renee's love anymore.

Before it all happened we lived happily in our lands north from London. Our wool was considered one of the best in the Kingdom, and my father worked really hard, travelling a lot to London. Every time he got back from a trip, he would bring me books, my real passion. My mother would always look out for the house and every month or the other she would go to London to shop for clothes and other things that she liked, it was in one of those trips that she met Phil.

After their deaths, I went to live with my Grandmother Swan. She is the kind of person who hates showing any kind of weakness and hates even more when some member of the family disrespects "the respectful name of the Catholic Clan of the Swans" (how she calls it). So, my father's suicide made her pretty angry and I was her favorite toy to direct her anger at. But when I became 17 she decided that it was already time for me "to make myself useful" and called me to talk.

"You called, Grandmother?" I asked politely.

"Yes, Isabella, I did." She said looking at me as if it was obvious. "I decided it is already time for you to get to know your fiancée." She stated as if talking about the weather.

'WOA… Wait! Since when do I have a fiancée?' I thought, forcing my mouth to stay shut.

Grandma looked at me as if expecting for some reply. I couldn't even imagine how to or what to. So we kept staring at each other until she got mad and decided to continue.

"You are to spend the summer in the Cullen's home in London. Your fiancée is a young a prodigy in the political field as well as son of one of the traditional Catholic families, the Masens." She said as if she was giving me a present and I was being harsh and ungrateful.

"So, I'll be living next to the Masen's household?" I asked trying not to sound too shocked, but it was a complete failure.

"The Mr. and Mrs. Masen died eight years ago, their son and daughter live with Mrs. Masen older brother, Mr. Carlisle Cullen, which means you'll be living with your fiancée." She said like it was obvious.

One more time I had to control myself to keep my mouth shut, this only was getting harder and harder.

"You'll help Mrs. Cullen with the house, and serve dear Edward, learning his tastes and distastes in order to become a proud wife coming from the Swan Clan." She said in a tone that left no doubt that I wouldn't have a choice.

I had to fight the tears that were threatening to fall, but not from sadness… It was the anger that was almost making me cry. Not only I wouldn't be able to keep studying, but I would also have to marry a guy I didn't even know. It was just so frustrating…

"You are to be ready to leave in a week. After the summer you are to return to this house and get ready for the marriage." She said in a dismissing tone, but I had to ask her before I went back to my room to cry.

"What if my fiancée decide against the marriage?" I said trying not to sound hopeful.

"You'll won't do this to me, will you, Isabella?" She said with anger in her eyes. "You'll do your best to make this marriage happen, won't you?" her tone was as scary as her eyes, making me shiver with fear.

"Yes, I will, Grandmother." I said before I could even think of what I was saying.

"Great, you may go to your bedroom now." She said, pleased by my answer.

When I got to my bedroom I locked the door and allowed the tears to fall. 'I will be leaving to London. I'll be leaving to meet a guy I'll have to marry. To live with strangers, training to be a wife… It's just too much…' I kept thinking as my mind was running in circles.

After a lot of crying, I fell asleep. In my dream I saw the scene that became the most normal appearance in my dreams. I was running to give my "good morning" to my parents, but couldn't find them anywhere. Our house was really big, and I was already tired and nervous when I went over all the guest's rooms only to find my parents dead in the last room of the west wing. My mother was laying on the bed, as if she was still asleep, while my father was on the floor, facing it. Normally I would wake up screaming right at that moment, but this time I looked to my side to see this shadow-like person holding the same bottle of poison that my father had in his hand. This someone I was with opened my mouth with one hand and said "Now it's our turn." He said it in a sweet voice.

That was it. I woke up screaming and sweating a lot. Knowing that I didn't want to share my parents' fate, I decided that no matter what I would fulfill my duties as a wife, but would never fall in love with him or anyone. I would be a respectful wife and would carry my duties, but would never fall in the traps of love.


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