Dear readers, I know it's been quite a long time, but just now I'm returning to Fanfiction. This is the last update Marriage Arrangements will see. And I really don't plan on doing a sequel or prequel or nothing of the sort. From now on I'll focus solely on Thank You for the Venom. After TFTV is done, I'm planning on doing something 100% new. I just don't know what yet.

So, this update is divided in two parts. One is to give you a hint of the family trees (since everyone had so many children) and many of my readers send me requests for this enlightening. Actually, I did the family trees, but I couldn't get them to appear here... I guess lines without words are just eaten here... Shame, it won't be as good as it would be. I hope it's still able to satisfy my dear readers.

The other is the story of Cain's death. It's a spoiler and I'm not going to tell all the details, so read if you must.

Masen Family:

Elizabeth – Edward Sr. had: Edward and Alice

Bella – Edward had: Renesmee, Carlie and Cain

Alice – Jasper had: Nicole, Iris and Jacqueline

Hargreaves Family:

Mary - Gabriel had: Riffael and Neal

McCarty Family:

Rose – Emmett had: Nathalie, Henry, Benjamin, Anne and Camille

Denali Family:

Carmen – Eleazar had: Kate, Irina and Tanya

Kate – Garrett had: Noah, Tony, Amy, Lucy and Serena

Irina – Aleistar had: Larimar and Lazuli

Tanya – Felix had: Alexander, Cassie, Marie and Raphael

Spoiler of the Count Cain's manga ending: Cain dies as the tower his father was using to try to revive his mother collapses. Actually, he could've escaped, but he chose to die with Riff. Riff was sort of a reanimated human, a doll under the influence of Cain's father. Riff's faithful servant personality was the product of hypnosis. Alexis, Cain's father, wanted Cain to have someone he loved very dearly only to take it back from him when it hurt him the most. That's what happens, only Riff is torn between the personalities and shoots himself. As he dies, he gives the push the injured Cain needed to escape but noticing Riff would be there (dead), Cain chooses to rest his head on Riff's chest and die with him.

For me, Cain loved Riff for Riff – the gender didn't matter as much as the trust and care. Some readers asked shocked if Cain was gay… Kaori Yuki, the mangaka, would be able to explain better, but for me it was not that easy to say. His first crush was a girl named Suzette and he had a few crushes over the series (all girls), so maybe he was bisexual? I don't know, but to me his love was genderless.

I'd like to thank you once again for reading this story! I still get favorites and reviews even after so long... You, guys, rock my world!

Also...Please, give Thank You for the Venom a try!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!