An overcast, grey sky hung limply from the dripping rungs of the stratosphere; a sodden sheepskin in need of a sheep. Heavy, hard bombs of water exploded on the pavement as one lone pedestrian stared up at the traffic lights. The orange eye winked furiously at the young man, whose face veiled by a black hood.

The eye closed, and another opened; a glaring red one that seemed to taunt, "Go on, I dare you. Cross the road."

Without a moment's hesitation, the young man complied. His boot splashed onto the tarseal.

He continued to stare at the light, which now seemed to scream in frustration, "Turn back! Turn back!"

On the centre line he paused, not moving back or forward. Through squinted eyes he could see the hazy patches that were the headlamps of an oncoming car. Still, he did not budge.

On the road to the left at the intersection, whilst waiting for his green eye to shine, the driver noticed the young stranger and shouted, "Oi! Get off the road you moron!"

A string of other people also joined in, thumping their fists on the horn, pulling the fingers and all a manner of other rude gestures.

The black-hooded youth returned the last one. He faced the speeding vehicle, extending his black-gloved hands to the side. A Keyblade materialised in each as the car came closer. The light now highlighted the young man's jaw line, it was so close.

"Watch out!"

The vehicle was about to hit him- when he vanished.

Jamming on the brakes, the car jolted to a halt, and the driver jumped out, bounding to the front by the bumper.

"Bloody hell!"

"Where is he? I thought you hit the little idiot!"

"So did I!"

Meanwhile, the hooded young man had reappeared beside the driver's door and snuck in. He revved the engine wickedly.

"Oi! He's in your car!"

Before the driver could get back to the door, the car-jacker had raised a Keyblade and the doors clicked shut. The car sprang off down the street, leaving a series of tyre marks behind on the road. And the motorist was cussed profusely as the wake crashed into him.

The green eye glowed.


Later that day, Sora, Donald and Goofy arrived in a new world, Auckland.

"Man, this place is weird," Sora commented.

He glanced down the street, which was bathed in an after-the-storm aura after the rain clouds had been chased away. The boy was clad in a black T-shirt and baggy shorts, Donald's attempt at blending in with magic.

"Sora, all the worlds we go to are weird," the white duck in the sailor's cap said now.

"Hyuck, but that's what makes 'em all new for us," Goofy put in. "Woulda be boring if it were the same ole place."

"Yeah. You're right." Sora smiled. "I wonder what Kairi would think of this place?"

At their friend's last wistful comment, Goofy and Donald looked at each other and giggled into their hands.

The Keyblade master was about to complain when several teenage boys approached from across the street.

Adam, a tall, blonde-haired type, was their leader. "Hey, Emo! Where you from?"

"Actually, my name is Sora," the boy answered, looking puzzled at the stranger.

"Sora? Ha!" Adam turned to his lackeys and grinned a most nasty grin. "Sounds like a name for a prick, don't you think?"

"You say that again!" Sora shouted, angry, for he understood by the crude gestures the other boy's friends were expressing.

Adam glared at him. "What's that, prick? Your dick ain't in pain? Let me help you with that!"

With that said, he kicked the unaware Sora in the crotch.

"Ow!" Sora fell to his knees in pain, gasping for his breath.

"You leave Sora alone!" Donald shouted in a rage, stamping his webbed foot down on the pavement.

"Donald Duck?" One of the other boys crouched down to get a better look at the flustered magician.

"You bet I'm Donald!" The feisty duck raised his wand and cast a fire spell in his face.

"Agh!" The boy fell back, clawing at his face.

Goofy had to intervene to get his friend off of the boy. "Hyuck, Donald, you're not supposed ta use magic on people. Only on them Heartless and Nobodies."

Donald cackled angrily, but Goofy wasn't going to let him get his way. He restrained him.

"Let go! Let go! Let go, Goofy!"

Sora was still shaky, but with Goofy and Donald's (whom had calmed down somewhat) help, he managed to get to his feet.

Adam folded his arms and smiles in an arrogant manner. "What you gonna do, prick? Nothing, that's what, you pussy!"

With a steely expression in his blue eyes, Sora extended his hand in front of him and summoned the Keyblade. "Back off you jerk."

"A key?" Adam's face fell.

"Keyblade," Sora corrected.

The bully took a step backward, and in his cowardice, skittered away like a frightened rabbit, and his followers followed with a look of disgust.

"What was that all about?" Sora asked aloud.

"Shucks, I dunno," Goofy said. "Probably just a bunch of guys messing about."

Donald glared at his friend. "I coulda shown them a thing or two if you didn't get in the way!"

"I believe you, Donald," Sora commented, and he and Goofy laughed at their furious comrade's expression.