The pirate quickly assessed the situation and stepped forward undaunted by his being outnumbered. "Well, I see this as an opportunity to commandeer some new acquaintances, eh? T'appears some of you have been doing this ahead of time."

The strangers whom had apprehended the pair stared at the newcomers.

Amanda bypassed Goofy and Jack, coming to stand beside the stranger with the crew cut. "Takeshi, let me introduce you to my friends." She placed a hand on Sora's shoulder. "This is Sora, the one you've heard much about. Is this how you reward those who clearly serve the lighter side of the heart? By taking them captive?"

Takeshi, nonplussed by the revelation, looked from Sora to Amanda a number of times. "Sora? Really? I am so sorry for the mistake." He nodded towards the guards restraining the young boy, and he was instantly released. Glancing around at the faces whose names had not yet been filled in, Takeshi added, "The young Keyblade bearer, unfortunately, does not, with his record of good deed-doing, account for his friends."

Donald, although still restrained, had a blistering fit on the spot. "Gwaah, what do you want with us? We haven't done anything wrong!"

Takeshi turned around and faced the short-tempered prisoner and stooped to accommodate his lack of height. "Who are you?"

The duck-man was about to reply, but Yumiko, silently making an entry, hushed him with her quiet but powerful presence. "This is not his true form." Muttering foreign incantations beneath her breath, the elderly woman reached out her wrinkled hand towards Donald, outstretching it. An orb of light surrounded Donald, whom squawked in surprise. His disguise failed to disguise his original form, rendering him back into the duck magician that we all love to hate.

"...Waaah?" Donald quacked in fright, examining himself for error. He found none, and relaxed. "I'm me again."

Yumiko smiled at the newly restored friend of Sora and Goofy's, bowing her head. "Welcome, Donald."

"How do you know my name?" Donald barely managed to coax out of his beak in question.

Cackling, the old mystic moved past him and gave an answer. "I see things as they truly and fully are at heart. Now there are other things to attend to."

Donald was finally released, and he jumped up and down on the spot.

Goofy, in the meantime, in a flurry of light similar to the one that had encapsulated Donald, had lost his human form also.

Takeshi glanced at Amanda, whom murmured, "That's Goofy, the only one who ever made sense out of the lot of them."

The pirate, in the meantime, had been taking subtle steps in the direction that he had come. Almost faster than the human eye could track an object at, Takeshi moved into the doorway, barring Jack's apparent escape.

"That's all well and good," the warrior-like man declared, casually leaning on the doorframe. "But who is this?"

Grinning in a disarming manner, Jack Sparrow flailed an overly-flamboyant salute and bowed. "Captain Jack Sparrow, my fine gentleman, and a better drinking-partner you'll never find in another god-forsaken soul."

Yumiko shuffled closer towards him, discerning his face as if she could see beyond his nonchalant expression. "In a way, Takeshi, this is his original form. The self-proclaimed captain is in fact the Bearer that you have been on the lookout for."

An audible gasp from the strangers rent the air.

Clapping his hands together enthusiastically, the pirate flashed a smile and spoke. "Fascinating stuff of lore and legend, eh? I must say, the whole affair puts me in the mood for a pint or a dozen, of rum, whatcha say to that?"

"I would rather sift through this torrent of information with a clear mind," Takeshi replied, dashing the ever-irrepressible Jack's hopes of weaseling a free drink out of the situation. The warrior closed his eyes and massaged his temples thoughtfully. "So, Yumiko. This Captain Sparrow here, he is Havoc's Bearer?"

The elderly woman was about to confirm this, but the pirate interrupted. "It's all very well and good that you seem to want to hear about my misadventures bearing any amount of mischief and the like, but t'appears that we have learned nothing of you as of yet, if we ignore the general partiality to magic tricks. Who then, are you?" Yumiko once again made an attempt to speak, and was foiled yet again, as Jack was not finished yet. He turned toward Amanda and bowed deeply. "Greetings, Suzume, if that is your true title beneath your many masqueraded appearances."

Sora and Donald stared at her with shocked expressions. "Whaaaa?"

For a moment, silence weighed heavily upon the air.

Suzume, suddenly feeling uncomfortable beneath the eyes on her, glanced off to the side. "Well, I had to do it. You don't know how long we have had to search for you," she said in defense of herself, focusing on the pirate.

Goofy scratched the inside of his nose with a finger before asking her the question that everyone wanted to ask her: "Hyuck, why were ya lookin' for Jack?"

Takeshi pushed Jack away from the door forcefully and restrained him. "Captain Sparrow here stands against everything we stand for by siding with the Order of Havoc." He leaned over the pirate's shoulder and spoke in his ear. "You have already admitted to as much."

Jack Sparrow cleared his throat and ignored the arm around his neck. "You could stand to be more specific about what it is that I was admitting, eh?"

Sora summoned the Kingdom Key and dropped into a fighting stance. "Let Jack go! You don't have any proof of whatever you are accusing him of!"

Quickly stepping into his path, Suzume placed a hand on Sora's face and pleaded with him. "Sora, please. This isn't your fight. Stand down."

"No!" He pushed Suzume's hand away and glared at her. "I am not taking orders from you Amanda- Suzume... whatever your name is. You betrayed us." He straightened up and gave the pirate a nod. "Jack's our friend, and I don't care how many of you think he has done something wrong. I will stand in your way." He looked at Donald and Goofy respectively.

"So will I, Cap'n," Goofy added, enlisting himself into Sora's cause.

Donald gave Jack Sparrow a long look and then stood closer to Sora. "Me too, you great palooka. Just you try and stop us!"

Takeshi suddenly brandished a previously-concealed knife at Jack's throat, the threat becoming more apparent. "Don't make the same mistakes as he has, young Keyblade bearer. Your Captain Sparrow has entrenched himself in a darkness that he himself cannot find the strength to be rid of.

"I beg your pardon?" Jack resisted the warrior's grip, and was rewarded with a light but stinging nick on his throat. "Is that any way to be talking about a chap whose ears are present?"

Grimly, Takeshi answered the question. "With proof, yes it is. My apologies. Suzume?"

"Yes." The girl's face was downcast as she met Jack's dark eyes. "Show me Duskwake."

The weight of Suzume's request bore down upon the pirate's will like an anvil, and a dark cloud began to form in his hand. As the Keyblade was beginning to materialise, Captain Jack realised that the weapon was somehow tied to the welcome he had received from the strangers (and he was not fond at all of being told what to do either), which left Duskwake teetering on the edge between being and not being.

To no avail. Takeshi... and the new entrant to the scene, Ryuunosuke, had seen enough. Bearing down upon the hapless pirate, the heavyset leader of the Light Tribunal struck him forcefully with his steel mace in the temple several times, the first hit insisting that the victim take a long sleep on the ground without hardly a complaint.

Ryuunosuke was back with a lifetime of vengeance to kill.