A.N. so I wanted to do an Achilles story and I'm taking creative license to a whole new level. This is post Trojan war, Achilles and Patroclus never died, Odysseus made it home in a shorter amount of time, and Briesis is with Patroclus, not Achilles. Sorry if anyone doesn't like this!

Her eyes looked forward, not answering his question,

"Rhea, I believe I just addressed you."

Her head turned slowly, painfully dragging out the moment and showing frustration.

"Yes?" she replied shortly.

"We will be in Phtia shortly. I advise you to gather your things," King Odysseus said.

It had been almost 6 months since Rhea had found out that she was to be a present for the great warrior Achilles of Phtia. Her parents were thrilled to have this new addition to the family, hoping to have great warrior grandchildren, but Rhea didn't share the same enthusiasm.

Rhea had grown up on the shores of Ithaca. The soft ocean breeze and salty air was home to her for almost 17 years now and she enjoyed the scratchy sand that made its way into her home, no matter how hard she tried to leave it on the beach. Her father was a merchant at the local market, selling whatever was present that day. Rhea's mother, like most women, stayed at home and tended to the house. She was an only child and a strongly independent young woman. Her parents let her voice her opinions and valued her intelligence.

She was in no way more beautiful than a goddess, but Rhea held her own in Ithaca. She stood at about 5 foot 6 and had long, wavy brown hair with hints of red and blonde. Rhea was in no way a stick, but instead had a curvy, lean, almost athletic build.

The beauty that Rhea had was not lost on the king of Ithaca. Odysseus was proud to call this girl a citizen. She was well known in Ithaca and was almost a spokesperson for the merchants. After returning to Troy, Odysseus had realized that this strong willed woman should not be put to waste by marrying some commoner of Ithaca. Instead, the king concocted a plan that her was sure her parents would approve of.

A couple months after his return, Odysseus paid a visit to the merchant family one evening. After the initial shock of seeing the king at their humble abode, he was quickly invited in and the talk started.

"Androcles, your daughter is a treasure. She is smart, beautiful, courteous, and kind. This beauty would be wasted the men of Ithaca. I have a friend who lives not too far away, in Phtia. You might have heard of him. His name is Achilles."

The king paused at this and waited as Androcles gasped appropriately. Pyrena, Rhea's mother gasped, but for a different reason. She didn't want her beloved daughter to be dragged around as a trophy wife. She was far too intelligent for such a brute.

"My king, I thank you for your presence tonight, but I feel that this is perhaps not the best option for Rhea," Pyrena spoke quickly.

"Pyrena, I must over rule you on this. This is a wonderful opportunity for Rhea. She would see the world and bring honor to our family name," Androcles responded.

Pyrena still worried. "Fine, but you will be the one to tell her," she shot back angrily. "My King," and with that she left.

Odysseus chuckled. "I see where Rhea gets the fiery personality from. Rhea will leave in two weeks time. I will accompany her and make sure she is comfortable before returning home. I thank you again. This is truly a good thing you are doing here."

The king got up and nodded before leaving the home.

"I sure hope so," Androcles fretted.