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" Trouble Life"

Chapter 12

" Just Like Prom"

Two months had gone by since the Orochimaru incident. Sakura and Hinata were currently at her home, getting dressed up because Sasuke told Sakura he was planning something for her and bought a dress for her to wear. Hinata wore the same purple dress that she had worn to her prom while Sakura's dress was a deep red that looked amazing on her.

Naruto had been taking into custody for killing Orochimaru. He cooperated with the police men who were at the scene at the time by telling them all the information they knew about him. From him killing Sakura's aunt and putting her in the hospital to being the one that killed the Uchiha's all those years ago.

Fortunatley when they had searched Orochimaru's hideout, they found more than enough evidence that Orochimaru was the one who killed off the Uchihas and had also slaughted more than 50 people including Sakura's aunt. He also had so many drugs in his home that if he was still alive he would had been sentenced to life. Naruto had to go to trail the next month for the killing of Orochimaru but the judge was very lient and dismissed the case because of all of the helpful information him and Sasuke gave. Sasuke even paid Naruto's court fees because he felt that it was his fault that Naruto was brought into the mess.

Sakura had gotten out of her coma a month after the incident. When she had woken up, she found Sasuke sleeping right next to her on the bed. She found out that he had stayed with her the whole time she was in her coma and that he made Naruto to go after Orochimaru so he could stay with her.

She got to leave the hospital a month later after recovering from her injuries and moved in with Sasuke. She also found out that Hinata and Naruto had began to date and Hinata told her all the information that had happened during prom. Sakura was still sad that she was not able to go but held it in.

" So what do you think the guys are going to do with us tonight?" Hinata asked her pink haired friend while watching her put on her red lip stick.

" I don't know, we must be going somewhere really nice if we have to dress up like this. I feel like I'm going to a ball or something." Sakura said but knowing Sasuke, that would never happen.

Suddenly the door bell rang and Hinata quickly got out of the room and rushed downstairs and opened up the door to be greeted by her boyfriend.

" Hi Naruto." Hinata said with a smile on her face, noticing that he was in a tuxedo.

" Hinata, you look amazing." Naruto told her.

" You told me the exact same thing when you had picked me up for prom." Hinata admitted.

" Well it's true." Naruto said with a grin on his face.

" Wow Naruto, you look good."

Naruto and Hinata turned around to see Sakura walking up to the couple. Naruto couldn't help but slightly blush at the state that Sakura was in. She looked like an angel.

" You look good too Sakura. Sasuke is going to be amazed when he sees you." Naruto told her.

" Where is he?" Sakura asked him.

" Don't worry! He is going to meet us there. Now come on, we are going to be late." Naruto told the girls then left the house and got into his car and drove off.

The girls noticed that they were arriving at a very fancy hotel as Naruto parked his car in a parking space.

" Okay, we are here." Naruto said as they all got out of the car and started to walk towards the hotel.

" Naruto, why are we at a hotel?" Sakura asked him.

" Oh you will see."

Naruto said as they got into the hotel and walked down a hallway until they entered a room which had Sakura and Hinata amazed. The huge room had all of their friends there and was decorated like it was prom night. Sakura then turned her head to see her fiance walking up to her.

" Sasuke."

Sakura spoke out quietly while staring at the smirk on his face. He walked up to her and gave her a quick kiss on her lips.

" You look amazing, my blossom." Sasuke whispered into her ear, causing her to blush.

" Thanks, so do you." Sakura commented.

" Of course! I am an Uchiha."

Sasuke said as he grabbed a hold of one of her hands and began to walk over to the dance floor where most couples were at and began to dance.

" Did you do all of this Sasuke?" Sakura asked him as she laid her head against his chest as she could feel his lips on her hair.

" Hn. You said you wanted to go to prom and since we didn't go to our school's prom, I decided to throw you one. You could also say it is our engagement party." Sasuke told her then she lifted up her head and looked around the room and smiled.

Naruto and Hinata were slow dancing to the music, enjoying the mood. Kiba was also dancing with a girl named Kin, who also went to their school.

Neji and Tenten were at the punch bowl, talking among themselves and Sakura couldn't help but notice the slight blush that had appeared on Tenten's cheeks.

She found Sai and Shino sitting across the room, Sai was sketching a picture while Ino was talking to him. Sai didn't really seem to be listening though, Shino was probably talking about bugs.

She then shifted her eyes and became widen. She saw Gaara's gang hanging out in the room. Dressed up and everything. Temari was flirting with Shikamaru while he kept having a bored expression on his face.

Gaara was making out with another girl named Tayuya that went to their school she was guessing. She hadn't seen her in a while and heard she had transfered schools. Konkuro was standing by himself, looking like he was staring in Sai's direction.

" What's Gaara doing here?" Sakura questioned out her fiance.

" While you were in that coma, we had an agreement and I told him I was done with all that gang shit so we are good now." Sasuke explained.

" Oh I see a lot happen while I was in the hospital."

Sakura said with a frown beginning to apear on her face. Just remembering what had happened made her depressed and she still missed her aunt, no matter the things she had to go threw while living in that tiny trailer.

" I'm just glad you are safe. I hope you know I can't live without you in my life." Sasuke told her before nuzzling his face in her neck.

" I love you." Sakura said.

" I love you too." Sasuke said before moving his head and kissing her. When they parted, he looked down at her face and smiled at her.

" So Sasuke, what are we going to do after this?" Sakura whispered into his ear, causing him to be turned on slightly.

" Well... I reserved a room for us upstairs so when you are getting tired of being down here, we can go upstairs and start repopulating my name." Sasuke replied back husklily.

" Are you serious?" Sakura looked up to his eyes to see if he was.

" Hn." Sasuke replied before smashing his lips against hers.

" What are we waiting for then?" Sakura mumbled out in between kisses.

" Let's go." Sasuke whispered out before pulling away from her, suddenly picking her up bridal style and they began to walk out of the room.

" Where are they going?" Hinata asked her boyfriend as she watched the couple leave without saying anything to anyone.

" Oh he got a room for them two." Naruto told her.

" Oh he is so romantic." Hinata spoke out while Naruto looked down at her and began to grin.

" Don't worry, I got us a room here too." Naruto whispered into her ear. Mainly because he didn't want her cousin to overhear them.

" Then why are we still here! Let's go!" Hinata said with excitement as she began to drag Naruto by the hand out of the ballroom.

After Sasuke had told everyone that he was leaving the gang. Everyone decided that they wanted to continue so they joined forces with Gaara and his gang. The only people that left was Sasuke and Naruto but Sai joined.

Sai and Konkuro became very good friends.

Shikamaru and Temari started dating after their gangs joined forces. Even though to this day he still says that relationships are such a drag.

Neji never had the guts to ask Tenten out so she ended up dating a guy named Lee. Neji acted like he didn't care, but everyone else knows that he did.

Shino got a degree about biology and now works in a research group about bugs.

Kiba became a vet and also got a degree in it. He now runs an animal shelter.

Naruto and Hinata dating while in college and are now engaged.

Sasuke and Sakura got married on her 18th birthday while being pregnant with their first child. They ended up having a healthy baby girl and Sakura is now a stay at home mom while Sasuke took over the Uchiha Corp. when he had turned 21.

The End

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