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That's it. Really. Time for the action!

Series: Modelverse; no specific continuity
Genre: ...gen?
Notes: Starting with a double drabble...for a wild Liger.

Deserts were for the scuttling Zoids, the burrowers, the things with ways to get out of the sun. The liger wasn't one of them, though if it had thought spare for wishes it might have wanted to be. Heat haze played with the landscape, twisted its vision, threatened to lead astray instincts that pulled it towards home.

Its golden claws flinched away from the sand as it ran, cracked ground crumbling further in its wake. Earth fairly burned beneath its feet and the sun blazed on above, searing into its innards with an intensity that felt of melting, to the point where overheating nipped at the corners of its mind. It brought images of cores driven to such heat that they bubbled and boiled away...impossible, irrational, and so it kept running with no shade in sight and its thoughts turning inwards.

It collapsed around sunset, the first of the moons already on the rise. Scrub plants caught underneath its body hissed and burned away, a few wisps of steam and smoke joining the settling dustcloud. It growled wearily, contentedly, not moving further until it had cooled with the rest of the earth. It could see mountains on the horizon.