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RATING: Teen: PG-13, for Language, and Sexual Situations.

GENRE: Romance/Drama.

WARNING FOR ROMANTIC PAIRINGS: Non-Traditional Pairing: Jesse/Kimmy. If you are offended by this pairing, you probably aren't going to enjoy this story. You have been warned! Also contains Stephanie/Original-Created Character, Joey/Original-Created Character, some, Jesse/Original-Created Character.

WARNING FOR CHARACTER DEATH: Rebecca Katsopolis: She has already died in this story, but her death is mentioned throughout. So sorry to Becky fans (I have nothing against the character myself), but in order for the Jesse/Kimmy pairing to work, she had to go. I debated over going the divorce route, but I honesty couldn't see the characters divorcing.

SEASON FIVE: Any mistakes due to events that occurred in Season 5 are all my own. I haven't bought that Season yet, therefore haven't seen the episodes in years.

OTHER NOTES: You may think that the idea of Jesse/Kimmy is kind of odd, but if one other person (aside from me) likes the idea, then the story was worth posting. The idea occurred to me while watching Season 4, so I decided to run with it, and found the story just evolved from there. When I first started writing it, I hadn't actually ever seen Season's, 7 and 8; I must have missed those Seasons when they originally screened! For me, those later Season's, further reinforced the idea of Jesse/Kimmy. After doing a google search for Jesse/Kimmy fan fiction, I came up with zilch, which really surprised me, as I thought there was fan fiction for every programme, and any pairing these days? If anyone knows of any, let me know!

Anyway, that's more than enough out of me. Enjoy!



Kimmy Gibbler made her way across campus, breathing a sign of relief; knowing that her last exam for the year was finally over. It had been difficult, but Kimmy thought she had done okay. Time would tell when her grades arrived in the mail later this summer, but for now she had the entire summer ahead of her with no classes to stress over. Her best friend in the whole world DJ Tanner was flying in from Dartmouth next week as well, so all was good.

"Bye Kimmy! Have a great summer!" a student she knew called out, as Kimmy made her way past the Arts building.

"Same to you!" Kimmy smiled back, waving, but didn't stop to chat. Quickly she hurried down the stairs to the parking lot where her car was parked. During the summer between High School and College, Kimmy's older brother Garth (who had been occupying the Gibbler's garage apartment) had moved out, leaving it free for Kimmy. This gave Kimmy and her parents the much needed freedom and space they both desperately desired. Garth had migrated all the way to Florida to work in a surf shop, and as an added bonus had given Kimmy his car 'Wild Thing' to drive. Kimmy missed Garth, as he was always a lot of fun, but Florida suited him down to the ground. DJ and Kimmy had visited him the previous spring break where Kimmy had been pleased to discover that he was now managing the surf shop, and dating a girl who was sweet and kind, and reminded Kimmy a lot of DJ.

Kimmy quickly unlocked the car, and throwing her books onto the passenger seat climbed behind the wheel. Starting the car she drove out of the parking lot, heading for home, deep in thought.

She was currently dividing her time between her Community College courses, waiting tables at the Smash Club, and sitting for Nicky and Alex, DJ's twin cousins. Thanks to her two jobs, living at home, and little time left over for the mall, she had managed to save quite a bit. Plus she was making a consistent effort to study hard, and her grades were gradually improving. Okay so she would never be in the same league as DJ or Stephanie, DJ's middle sister, but she was doing quite well in a couple of subjects, and so far she was passing all her courses.

Why just last week Kimmy had overheard DJ's father, who she fondly referred to as Mr. T., telling Jesse how much she had buckled down over the past year. Kimmy was pleased by his words, as she rarely received any compliments from Mr. T. Kimmy had recently applied to Dartmouth where she hoped to join DJ in the fall (if she got in that is), so they could spent their final year of college together. DJ was thrilled with the idea, although lately Kimmy hadn't been as keen, although she hadn't yet said anything to DJ. She would cross that bridge when she heard whether she had been accepted or not, which should be in a week or so.

Kimmy was quite content attending the local college, and her job at the Smash Club provided the opportunity to spend more time with Jesse Katsopolis, DJ's hot uncle, and admire him from afar. Dartmouth was a long way away and she wasn't sure whether she was prepared to leave San Francisco after all. Also she had grown quite close to Nicky and Alex lately, and enjoyed looking after them. She used to view them as real pains, even referring to them as 'Twin Terrors' on several occasions. After their mother, Rebecca 'Becky' Katsopolis, had died, her view of them had changed from that of irritation to sympathy. Once she started spending time with them though, and really got to know them as people, she realized they were pretty cool to be around.

Because she had grown up practically living at the Tanner's, Becky's unexpected death had hit Kimmy quite hard. She had always viewed Jesse and Becky as the perfect Ken and Barbie couple, who would be together forever. As she grew older, and Jesse evolved from being DJ's cool uncle to someone she developed a crush on, she sometimes used to imagine that she were Becky, and therefore married to Jesse. Of course she had never thought for a second that Jesse would ever be interested in her, well maybe for a second when that little brat Rusty had made up that fake love letter, but she had only been thirteen at the time and hadn't realistically judged the situation. And anyway even the adults had thought people had crushes on them who definitely hadn't and they couldn't use their ages as an excuse – so there!

During DJ, and Kimmy's Junior High, and High School years, and even before that, most (or maybe even all) of DJ's female friend's had a crush on Jesse. I mean what was not to like, he was a good looking older guy, a fantastic uncle, who played in a band, owned a teen club, co-hosted his own radio show, and always managed to have perfect hair. When Kimmy was younger she was always a little envious of the affection Jesse showed his nieces, sometimes wishing that she were the recipient of some of his hugs and pep talks.

In order to receive some attention from Jesse, Kimmy used what she termed as good natured jests to interact with him, as that was how she had always related to her own family members, and in return how they had always treated her. She also acted the same way toward the Tanner's, especially Mr. T., and Stephanie, as they had the best comebacks, and she always looked forward to their responses. Some might view them as insults, but she didn't see it that way, to her the Tanner's were her second family, in fact sometimes even her first family. DJ was the only one exempt from her comments, as Kimmy always felt comfortable around DJ, and she could be herself, without worrying that DJ wouldn't like her.

While locked in the supply closet on the Smash Club's Opening Night, Jesse had asked her straight out whether she had a crush on him, and she had answered no, well actually she had said 'get real', which of course wasn't strictly true. Her answer was partly due to the fact that she was pretty pissed off with him that night, although largely because she would have been so embarrassed and humiliated if Jesse knew that she had a crush on him. Also it wasn't like her crush was going to lead anywhere – Jesse was happily married to Becky, and Kimmy was a 16 year-old High School student, at the time. She would always remember how later that same night Jesse gave her a real hug, and how for a brief moment, his body felt pressed against hers.

Sighing with the memories, Kimmy turned her car into the Gibbler driveway, parking it. Slamming the car door, she made her way up the drive, climbing the stairs to her apartment above the garage. Kimmy enjoyed the fact that she could have alone time whenever she needed it, yet if she wanted company it was easy enough to join her parents in the main house, or pop next door to the Tanner's. Pausing on the top stair, Kimmy noticed the Tanner's youngest daughter Michelle, and her friend Denise Frazer playing in the Tanner backyard. She waved to them, but they didn't look up. Unlocking the door, Kimmy chucked her books onto the nearby table. Walking over to the bed she flopped down on to it, exhausted, but excited by the prospect of the summer ahead!