I walked backwards and suddenly a solid wall of sorts caught up with me. "Jesus!! You scared the crap out of me," I hissed quietly.
Behind me was now the Dark Knight. Gotham's Knight. Aka Bruce Wayne. Yeah, it's him, the billionaire playboy and moneybags running around saving Gotham. Who would've thought or ever found out? I did. Rachel Dawes. Assistant District Attorney.

The day I found exactly who Bruce Wayne was, I was frozen. Nothing, I thought, could surprise me or frighten me that day. All it took were a few words and a kiss that was hardly ten seconds yet held a blast of complete fiery passion. I won't get into details, I'm not that kind of romantic girl. But the most important thing that day was that I would not, I repeat not, be involved with him. I knew it would make me fall for him over again before I could Harvey Dent.

Yet here I was, leaning against his muscular chest that was making me blush. He gave me a smirk. "Don't even talk." He loved scaring me. Inside, I couldn't help but smile slightly. That small arrogance and pride reminded of that eight year old boy I so loved. Never mind. I didn't those nostalgic thoughts. All it'd bring was pain.

"I wasn't going to," he replied hotly, still with that charming haughtiness. It sounded weird coming from the lips of the Bat in such gruff tones. Growls actually.

"Why can't you talk in your normal voice?" It was still in a whisper as I didn't want the dimwitted thugs on the other side of our hidden corner to hear.

"It's part of hiding my identity. To protect those I love." I looked deeply into his eyes as he said the word love. His piercing eyes looked back. Boy did those eyes communicate so much. Those words were directed right at me.

"If you must," I sighed. I was still blushing, as was evident by the heat I could feel on my cheeks. He couldn't see fortunately. He was back to being the Bat. His attention was completely around the corner to the lower levels of the warehouse below. Drug packaging.

Still, I didn't want him to see me practically drooling over the hard wall of his chest made of pure muscle. We had enough awkward moments. Well they were embarrassing for me. It brought me back to those days of a typical crushing school girl. I hated how he could do that to me. "Hey! Can lean not so much on me? I mean, move away, not so close."

I shouldn't have said those words 'cause they sounded way too weird in my opinion. Closer. Uggh!! The exact image of him doing the opposite of what I said came to in the back of my mind. There was always that part of me that egged me on, but I hardly ever listened to it. I had my duty to Gotham and myself. I was with Harvey. Not Bruce Wayne. And definitely not with Batman.

He didn't reply, but stepped backwards a bit. I hated how he wasn't looking at me when he did so. It showed his aloofness toward his unintentional physical flirtations. He wasn't being an asshole, which meant I didn't have a reason to hate him. That made my resistance much harder.

I felt like being his best friend all over again, the one that would eventually and inevitably become his girl. Sometimes I couldn't handle it. The part that had given me that image of him embracing me, always made fantasies or what ifs that irked me to hell.

There were no what ifs, just the now. My thoughts were interrupted by exactly that, the now. With the sliding of the warehouse doors, there was a shriek that hurt my ears. I clasped my hands over my ears. It didn't block out the barks of orders from the thugs. Their boss came through from the groggy night air. Scarecrow. Just as I suspected.

"Stay here." I was briefly startled by his sudden command, but before a protest could start on my lips, he was gone.