My sister and I have been compiling this for like a year now.

We're HUGE comic book fanatics.

I PROMISE you that it picks up in the next couple chapters.

First there are introductions to get out of the way.

There is language and sensuality.



Rose Meckenzie filed her papers as fast as she could so she could go over Bruce's schedule soon. Working for Bruce Wayne was both a pleasure and a curse, for Rose had very little time to herself, and her many protests about how dirty Gotham had become when it came to crime rate. She was rather disheartened about that, but she wasn't going to let it get her down.

"Ms. Meckenzie, Bruce would like to see you in his office." A man told her.

Rose looked up from her desk and nodded, stopping her work immediately, hurrying into Bruce's office with his schedule for the day, and smiled at him as he looked up from his coffee and smiled at her.

"Good morning, Rose." Bruce said.

"Morning, Bruce. You wanted to see me?" Rose asked.

Bruce nodded. "I was wondering if you pushed the press conference to four and if I had that two hours off today from one to three."

Rose nodded. "It's been taken care of. I'm still trying to get you next Wednesday off so you can tend to your personal affairs."

Bruce beamed. "I don't think I could ask for a more wonderful partner."

Rose blushed. "Don't mention it. Have you decided who you're taking to the unveiling of the newest product from electronics?"

Bruce shook his head. "That's still up in the air."

Rose nodded. "Of course. Would you like more coffee, Bruce?"

Bruce smiled. "That's all right, Rose, I can get some more coffee by myself."

"No, Bruce, it's fine. I can manage it." Rose told him, reaching for his coffee mug, her hand brushing across his, causing another blush to rise in her cheeks.


Alexis Meckenzie sighed as she toughed through her article. It wasn't the most amazing thing that she had written, but then again, there wasn't as much evidence as she had wished. She knew her older sister was probably still at the office, so there was no way to just call her up and read it to her to get feedback. So, skimming through it, she edited a bit more.

"A man with an "iron fist" has been continually winning in fights in bars in Canada a few months ago. Upon further investigation, the man was kicked out because people claimed he was a mutant. He goes by the name "Wolverine", and is believed to be highly dangerous. Though this journalist personally feels that mutants are not a danger to the human race, do not approach this man because he is on the run—let the specialized forces deal with him." Alexis read out loud.

She knew it was missing something, but she didn't know what. Personally, she found this Wolverine to be rather intriguing, but she knew that it was her job as the journalist to alert the public of possible dangers. Wolverine hadn't gone around killing anyone, and so he couldn't be that dangerous.

"Is that sudden news article of yours ready to go to print?" A woman asked, poking her head into Alexis' office.

Alexis looked up. "Give me just one more minute."

The woman nodded. "All right, but I can only spare five more minutes, and then the layout has to be sent to the publisher, Alex."

Alexis nodded, looking back at her article and crossing out words and adding some new text, reading it out loud to herself again.

"A new mutant was discovered a few months ago, that goes by the name of Wolverine. Wolverine was last seen in Alberta, Canada, cage fighting in local bars to earn money, and this information was just released to us. He could be anywhere, but do not panic. This journalist personally feels that we have nothing to fear from the mutant population as a whole, the specialized forces know how to do their job and protect the people of this city. Nevertheless, do not approach this man." Alexis read.

She smiled and nodded, putting her pen down and then typing the article up, hurrying to her editor's office and putting the paper on her desk.

"I think it's pretty good." Alexis said. "Though I'm a little biased since I wrote it."

"Thank you, Alex." The woman replied, smiling. "It'll go into the layout that's ready to be released first thing tomorrow morning."


Eva Dulsche was busy snapping pictures of whatever caught her eyes. She smiled as she ran across a nice little grove of brushes in the park, which was definitely rare in Gotham city. Eva had thought about calling her cousins Rose and Alexis, but wasn't quite sure what she would tell them.

Snapping photos was the only thing getting her mind off of the fact that her mother was in the hospital. Her mother had been slowly deteriorating, but the doctors still had hope for a recovery. Eva's older sister, April, was coming back from school soon to start her career as a Reporter in Gotham, but was currently away from home.

"What brings you out here to take pictures?" A man's voice asked.

Eva smiled a little, turning to see her good friend Peter Parker. Peter was on vacation, and had come to visit Eva since she had left New York from visiting her Aunt and Uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Meckenzie.

"I was capturing what little natural beauty there is left out here." Eva replied.

Peter chuckled. "So Rose is making less progress than she had hoped?"

Eva nodded. "She's been spending more time than she'd like at Wayne Enterprises lately."

"You caught those leaves yet?" Peter asked.

He stepped closer to her, pointing to a blooming rosebud, and Eva blushed and smiled.

"No, I hadn't noticed." She admitted, snapping a quick picture. "So you have an eye for photography that doesn't include Spiderman?"

Peter laughed. "Taking pictures of Spiderman gets me the money I need to pay for rent and everything, but I like the other pictures—the ones that are more for my own personal viewing pleasure."

Eva nodded. "Good. It's good you take the pleasures out of the simple things in life."

Peter nodded too, and then his face changed.

"How's your mother?" He asked.

Eva's smile faded. "Not as well as I would wish."


April Dulsche sighed as she finished her final exam. It was strange that she was finally finishing her work when no one else in her close family was finishing school. Rose had graduated already being 24, and Alexis had graduated early even though she was 22. This was April's last year at the university, and so she was 22 like Alexis. However, her younger sister, Eva was only 19, and had never actually finished school. She went for a while, but since she already had a good job doing what she loved, she didn't feel the need to finish her university education.

"Pencils down." The Professor said, and April smiled as she looked over her work.

After turning in her final, she went to her dorm room and she finished packing up her things before she made a pit stop at the dry cleaners, grabbing the rest of her things. She got onto a train, knowing that it was going to take her a little while to get to Gotham. Looking down at her news-clippings, she smiled a bit at all of the Superman articles, and ran her fingers along his picture.

"What will you do when I'm gone?" She whispered.

For the rest of the ride, she listened to her music silently, and then she looked up as they entered Gotham, and got on the monorail, getting off a couple blocks away from her home. She shifted her heavy backpack, and dragging her two large suitcases, she got to the house she shared with Eva, Rose and Alexis. She sighed and opened the door, Eva turning and coming over to her, hugging her fiercely.

"Hey sis!" Eva cried.

"Hey!" April replied, grinning.

"The rest of the things you sent earlier are upstairs in your room. You'll have to unpack them yourself." Eva told her sister.

"You're not going to help me?" April asked.

Eva shook her head. "Peter's in the kitchen and I promised I'd make him a sandwich."

"Welcome back, April!" Peter called from the kitchen.

April nodded. "All right. I assume that Alex and Rose aren't back from work yet?"

Eva nodded again. "You assume correctly. Rose called to say she was going to be really late tonight and not to wait for her, and Alex is going to be home in an hour."

April smiled. "Okay. Hi, Peter."

With that, she went up the stairs and began to unpack, happy to be in Gotham, and also sad she was so far from Metropolis.