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Just a Shirt

"Z-Ziva?" Tony asked wide-eyed as he stared at his partner. She wore only a short-sleeved button down shirt that was black. The ends of the sleeves went just above her elbows and the bottom of the shirt went mid-thigh. It looked vaguely familiar and that was all she wore. The shirt.

"Yes, Tony?" She asked from her desk as if she was fully clothed.

"Why aren't you wearing any pants?" She side glanced him, but just went on typing her report for the current case they closed. When she didn't answer Tony got up and walked over to her. He stopped just in front of her desk. She looked up at him.


"Where're your pants?" He asked again. She rolled her eyes, but replied.

"Why does the where about's of my pants bother you?" She asked coyly. He narrowed his eyes and started back to his desk. When he turned, Tony walked into Gibbs, nearly spilling his coffee.

"Uh, sor-"

"Don't apologize."

"Right. I'll just go back to my paperwork." Tony sat at his desk, but watched Ziva the entire time. After ten minutes Gibbs said in an irritated voice.

"Something interesting about Ziva, DiNozzo?" Tony snapped his eyes away from Ziva.

"Um, uh, she's, uh not wearing any pants boss." Gibbs looked at him.

"Yeah…So?" Tony looked dumb stuck.

"Like no bottoms. Nothing. Just a shirt."

"And…?" Tony looked at his boss like he had just grown a second head.

"Nothing." About five minutes later, McGee and Abby walked in.

"McGee!" Tony shouted to him, beckoning him over. McGee went over to him as Abby skipped over to Ziva. She turned and the two whispered to each other, shooting looks to Tony.

"Did you know…Ziva's not wearing any pants." Tony was prepared to look proud and tease McGee for blushing. The moment never came. McGee raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, so?" Tony gaped at him. He walked over to Gibbs and said something.

"Does no one care that Ziva is not wearing any pants?!" He exclaimed jumping to his feet. Everyone in the office looked at Tony. Suddenly Ziva, Abby and McGee broke into grins and Gibbs smirked.

"What am I missing here? Is it like Ziva's pants less day or something?"

"I told you he would never notice." Ziva said to Abby.

"C'mon Tony! Think!" Abby prompted him. He looked more confused than ever.

"What does this shirt remind you of?" McGee asked this time.


"Don't guess, Tony!" Abby chided him. Tony went through his brain and as time wore on the grins on Ziva's and Gibbs' face grew more prominent. Jenny walked out of her office and saw Tony looking like he just watched a soap opera in Hebrew. She laughed.

"He still hasn't figured it out?"

"No." Gibbs answered. Tony was about ready to pull his hair out.

"What is so special about the damned shirt!" Ziva got up and walked over to him. The whole time, Tony kept his eyes trained on her smooth tan legs as they moved closer. Soon they were directly in front of him. He looked up at Ziva's face. She leaned down, putting her lips by his ear.

"This is the shirt you bought yesterday." And it clicked. He went out and bought a new shirt, put it on his desk…and it disappeared.

"You took my shirt?" She nodded and walked back to Abby. She took Abby's and McGee's money split it in half and gave one part to Gibbs.

"I have been wearing it all day."

"We made a bet that you would notice right away and Boss and Ziva said you wouldn't." McGee pouted.

"I would have noticed if she wasn't wearing pants all day!" He tried to defend him-self.

"Tony, she hasn't." Abby told him. How did he miss that?

"How-?" She just smirked at him; her face said 'Wouldn't you like to know'. He was never going to live that one down.


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