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"Yugi? Yugi!" Beams of light suddenly filled a rather large square-shaped room, the walls of which happened to be covered over with intricate hieroglyphics, which depicted everyday life in Egypt. ((AN: Historical Note: Though nowadays it is referred to as Egypt, and Ancient Egypt, back then the Egyptians called their land Khemet. Though I want to stay true to history, I believe it will work better if I use Egypt. I need the term 'Egyptian', after all. I don't know what the citizens of Khemet would have called themselves… Khemetians? Bleh. It'll work better if I leave the name as Egypt.))

"Mmrf!" Came the sleepy reply, and one could see a few locks of odd, spiky hair sticking out from under a white sheet.

"Come on, Yugi! Please?" The first voice whined, and a girl of about thirteen walked into the room, padding over to the bed to shake the sleeping form of a young boy. The girl had pleasant features; many would even consider her beautiful. Her eyes were blue, and her hair a rich brown that grew to about her shoulders. The boy had spiky hair that was three different colors. His bangs were blonde, and they fell softly over his angelic features. The rest of his hair was black, tipped with a crimson-like violet. His eyes were closed, however, so their color was still unknown. Suddenly, said boy threw the covers off him, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed so they were dangling above the floor. He was still short for his age, appearing years younger than his actual age of twelve. A wide grin covered his pale face -- unusual for an Egyptian, to say the least, -- and his eyes snapped open, revealing wide, brilliantly colored iris' of amethyst. He looked the very picture of innocence.

"Morning, Anzu!" The boy said to the girl, who smiled.

"Glad to see you're up, Yugi!" The girl chirped, playing with the white fabric of her linen dress. A basic golden belt was around her waist, making the dress cling to her newly developing figure. The boy – Yugi -- stretched, splaying his arms wide before returning them to his side with a bit of a giggle. He hopped off the bed, his bare feet meeting the cool tanned floors of the room. He wore no clothing, save a white kilt that was wrapped around his waist. He didn't reply to the girl, merely making his way to the door; as if trying to sneak out before-

"Prince Yugi!"

-before exactly that happened. Yugi's shoulders sagged, but he forced himself to smile at the serving girl who was standing before him, a pile of various clothing in hand.

"Good morning," Yugi replied politely as the slave-girl moved into the room, placing the bundle of clothing upon a chair.

"Anzu, if you please? I will send his majesty out when I am finished," the slave-girl said in a respectful tone.

"Oh, but do make it quick!" Anzu pouted before scurrying out of the room, closing the smooth wooden door firmly behind her. The slave-girl then proceeded to turn back to Yugi, as if sizing him up for something. Yugi, for his part, started to fidget nervously, looking towards the ground as the slave-girl proceeded to pick up a few items of clothing from the stack, muttering to herself as she did so. As he waited for her to finish picking his outfit, Yugi walked over to the small table that was beside the bed he had slept in, not fifteen minutes ago. There, lying on a carefully placed cloth was an amulet. He quickly picked it up, and slid it over his head. This was his amulet, and one of the most important possessions he owned.

But it wasn't just any amulet. A gold chain, flexible and certainly durable, held the pendant itself in place. A strange symbol known as the Sennen Eye hung from said gold piece, suspending the eye nicely. It had been a gift from his father; a symbol of his status.

He never let it out of his sight.

"Prince Yugi?" The slave asked, and Yugi whirled around to face her, this time with a genuine smile.

"Yes?" Yugi asked, walking over to her.

"Could you please put this on?" The slave held out a tunic that when worn, would start at his shoulders and end just above his knees, allowing him free movement. Yugi smiled, nodding as he took the garment from the girl and, motioning for her to turn around (which she did), he proceeded to strip himself of the kilt, slipping the tunic over his head.

"Please hold still, Your Highness," The slave-girl said, turning back around when Yugi tapped her shoulder to indicate she could look now. Yugi nodded, and held still as the girl fastened the tunic at his waist with an elaborate golden belt. She then proceeded to put a turquoise and ruby embed collar around his neck, which draped down to the top of his chest. The armbands were next; simple pieces of gold that he slid around his wrists. The slave then handed him a pair of sandals, which he put on, albeit grudgingly, without word. The girl then moved to the pile, fondling a violet cloak that matched his eyes. She proceeded to place the cloak around Yugi's shoulders, fastening it with gold clasps.

"There! Now you truly look like the Son of the Pharaoh," the slave-girl smiled, bowing as she departed the room without any further words. Yugi blushed as she left, turning to a mirror to see.

It was true; anyone who saw him would immediately recognize him as Prince Yugi, the Pharaoh's only child and heir to the Egyptian throne.

"Yugi?" Anzu asked tentatively from the doorway, causing Yugi to whirl around and run over to her, the Sennen Eye bouncing against his body as he did so.

"I'm right here, cousin!" Yugi said eyes wide with momentary excitement.

"Good!" Anzu laughed before vanishing down the hallway. Yugi waited a moment before following. Anzu had promised to show him all the little passageways in her house, where he had taken up temporary holding. He found Anzu soon enough, but only because she had apparently bumped into a male slave and was yelling at him for his inelegance.

"Anzu," Yugi placed a tentative hand on his cousin's arm, casting the slave an apologetic glance and waiting as the brown haired girl placed her hands on her hips, scowling once more at the other male before allowing Yugi to pull her down the stairs towards the door, leading to the courtyard.

"Well, Yugi! We have a couple hours for me to show you the passageways before mother and father request our presence for dinner. What do you say?" Anzu leaned towards him with a grin, and Yugi blinked once before replying: "I say, let's go!"


==Hours Later, at the Dinner Table==

"So, Yugi, how have things been at the palace?" Yugi looked up to see a man with a black goatee and kind blue eyes smiling at him.

"Very pleasant, uncle Rajjos, thank you," Yugi replied courteously, as his father had always taught him to. "Father has been a bit… stressed, lately. What with the Romans knocking at our gates and all…" Yugi trailed off with a frown. Though he was but twelve, he was old enough to understand the delicate predicament Egypt was facing. The Romans, their neighbors from across the sea, were constantly threatening war on his homeland. His father, the Pharaoh, had been trying to negotiate a peace treaty between the two lands, but all attempts thus far had failed. As a result, his father had been shorter with Yugi of the late. As a result, Yugi had asked if he could visit his cousin, Anzu; his aunt, Hepnefert; and his uncle, Rajjos. They ran a small city that was near the Egyptian borders. Since it was more isolated than not, the city was a peaceful, tranquil place. That, and Yugi always had fun with Anzu; the two of them often disappearing for hours scouting out new passageways. However, he did miss his friends from home. Since Yugi tended to be shy, he had a small group of extremely close friends. They were all the sons of rich nobles, naturally, except Malik, who was the son of the general that governed the Egyptian army.

"And have you enjoyed your visit thus far?" Yugi was snapped back to reality as his uncle spoke.

"Very much so, thank you!" Yugi said with a bright smile.

"We're very glad, Yugi!" Yugi's aunt, Hepnefert, said. She was a very attractive woman, and possibly Yugi's favorite adult. She was not only extremely beautiful; she was also his late mother's twin sister. The only different between the two had been their eyes, skin tone, and height. While Hepnefert was tall, with flowing black hair, shining emerald eyes and tanned skin; Yugi's mother had been shorter, with gentle violet eyes and pale skin, much like himself.

Yugi smiled to himself, swinging his legs under the table until Anzu kicked him gently, as a warning. Yugi blushed, before pushing his plate gently away from him to indicate that he was finished; as were the other occupants of the dining room.

"Well, I declare this dinner officially-"

"Master Rajjos! Mistress Hepnefert!" A slave-girl with brown eyes and short black hair ran into the room, wild with panic. "You must get out of here! The Romans, they're-"but she never finished her last sentence on this earth, for at that moment, Anzu screamed as a sword was suddenly run through the girl, making her eyes roll back into her head before the sword was removed and she slumped down towards the ground. Yugi felt sick as fresh blood flowed from the now-dead girl, staining the otherwise stainless floors of the dining room.

In that agonizing moment, time seem to stretch as Rajjos and Hepnefert proceeded to shove Anzu and Yugi out of their seats, towards a back entrance that led into the city.

"Shiamon!" Hepnefert called desperately, and a young man appeared, his clothing blood-splattered, and his sword stained crimson. "Take Anzu and Yugi far from here! Get them to safety! Take them to the Pharaoh!" Hepnefert screamed as sounds of battle rang down the hallways, drawing nearer to their location. Yugi moved quickly, standing behind the man as Anzu and her parents said a tearful goodbye before Anzu, too, came to join Yugi by the guard.

"Mother! Father!" Anzu cried as the three of them fled the house. As they left the yard, turning into the streets of the city, agonized cries and oaths filled the air, causing Yugi to close his eyes as he recognized those of his aunt and uncle. Anzu broke down, then, falling to the ground in a sobbing wreck. The guard, Shiamon, stopped to pick her up, unaware that the young Prince hadn't been aware of their stopping. Instead, Yugi kept running and running into the crowds of fleeing Egyptians as riders on horseback and foot soldiers flooded the streets; breaking into houses, looting, and harassing citizens.

"Anzu?" Yugi screamed, suddenly realizing that his cousin and the guard were no longer behind him. "ANZU?!" Yugi yelled loud, ducking under the flailing arms of men, women, and children. His cloak had been ripped from his shoulders, and he was missing one of his golden armbands and his sandals. His tunic was torn at the hem, and his knee bleeding from when he had tripped and fallen.

Oh, Ra! What is happening? Yugi thought as he watched, curling up into a ball in the alley as countless people were struck down by the merciless blades of the Romans. More were taken and thrown into wagons; bound for the Roman Slave Market. Suddenly, Yugi felt a shadow fall across the alleyway, and the looming figure of a Roman drew near.

"Well well, what do we have here?" The man snarled. A scar stretched from his forehead to his jaw, and he had draped himself in a couple items of stolen jewelry. Now, he approached Yugi with lustful intentions. The man's arm reached out, grabbing Yugi by the shoulder and hauling him up; ignoring the boys squeals of pain and protest.

"No! Please, don't!" Yugi cried helplessly as the man noticed the Sennen Eye pendant he wore.

"Plenty of time to retrieve that later, and the commander never said we couldn't have a bit of fun with the prisoners!" The man growled as he crushed his lips to Yugi's. Said boy tried to scream, kicking and flailing his arms and legs in a desperate attempt to get away. His actions increased their frantic struggle as the man slipped his hand underneath the young Prince's tunic.

Oh, Ra, no! Yugi screamed mentally. Is this my fate? Surely, it cannot be! Oh please, Ra, please! Yugi started sobbing as the man inched his hand up his leg, tears spilling from his distressed violet eyes to blaze a trail down his pale, dirt-streaked cheeks.

Then, the gods decided to answer his prayers.

Yugi let out a scream as the man suddenly went limp, falling just to his left. Yugi immediately sensed another presence, and in a feeble attempt at defense, he curled himself into a tight ball.

"P-Please! G-go away! Don't hurt me!" Yugi sobbed, his body shaking with both fear and relief.

"I'm not going to hurt you, but you must get up now!" A voice urged, and Yugi cracked open his eyes to find him face-to-face with… himself!?

No, wait… Though this boy looked very similar to Yugi, there were very obvious differences. First off, this boy's blonde bangs were more jagged, and he had more blonde streaks running up into the black parts of his hair, which were tipped with crimson. His skin was tan, and his features more angular and aristocratic; though he was obviously no older than fourteen. What caught Yugi's attention, though, were the boy's eyes. Unlike his own, this boy had the eyes of a demon. Crimson orbs bore into his amethyst ones, and Yugi squeaked in alarm.

"W-who are you?" Yugi stuttered.

"It doesn't matter now! We have to get out of here!" The boy snapped, grabbing Yugi's arm and hauling him roughly to his feet. Yugi squeaked again in remonstration, but he didn't struggle. He sensed this boy meant only to help him; not bring him further harm.

"I-I have to find Anzu a-and Shiamon," Yugi babbled, but the boy ignored him. After a momentary pause, Yugi felt himself being roughly pulled out of the alley as the boy started running madly to the edges of the city. By this state, Yugi was no longer recognizable as the Pharaoh's son. He looked no different than the crimson-eyed boy, save for his one gold armband. Wait… where was his collar? How had it fallen off? Yugi shook his head; he didn't have time to wonder about that! Thankfully, the Sennen Eye was still resting on his chest. Yugi struggled to keep up with the other youth, aware that his wrist was still in the strong grasp of said male.

"C-can we rest?" Yugi stuttered, but the crimson-eyed boy either ignored him, or hadn't heard.

Five minutes of frantic dodging later, the crimson-eyed boy finally pulled Yugi to rest against a house that was literally on the edge of the city. Reaching down, the youth tore a strip of cloth from his own tunic, binding Yugi's knee tightly. Yugi felt a large wave of gratitude towards this boy, who had saved him from a fate that was certainly worse than death.

"Thank you," Yugi said quietly, and was surprised to see the crimson-eyed youth glance up at him once, before nodding with a slight smile.

"'S no problem," the boy said, standing up and inclining his head towards the now moon-illuminated sky.

"No, really!" Yugi insisted. "I could be dead or…or…" He didn't want to think of the alternative.

"Got any family?" The boy asked, glancing around to see if anyone was around.

"Y-yes," Yugi said. "But my aunt and uncle were killed and I don't know where my cousin is…"

"What does she look like?"

"Umm… she's around thirteen, with short brown hair and blue eyes," Yugi supplied lamely. The boy stayed silent for another ten minutes or so, before exclaiming: "Is that her?"

Yugi looked up to see a man with three horses climbing a sand dune out of the city; towards where he knew was Men-Nefer. ((AN: I was unsure of the actual name of the Pharaoh's city, so I made up my own.)) "Yes!' The boy exclaimed, seeing Anzu atop one of the three horses. Yugi got up, scrambling over the sand, yelling Anzu and Shiamon's names as he did so.

"YUGI!" Anzu sobbed in relief as he neared. "I thought you were dead!"

"I almost was, Anzu!" Yugi felt another tear slip down his cheek. "But I was saved."

"By who?" Shiamon asked cautiously, casting a wary glance towards the now-burning city. The Romans seemed to be torching everything!

"I-I don't know…" Yugi admitted.

"Well, it doesn't matter; you must come with us now!" Anzu raised her fist to her eye and rubbed the wetness out of them. Yugi allowed himself to be pulled aboard the third horse, before turning around to see the crimson-eyed boy staring at him from a distance. Yugi felt a pang. Where would this youth go, now that the city was beyond help?

Suddenly, Yugi knew what he had to do. Directing the horse towards the boy, Yugi cleared the short distance before sliding off the horse to land roughly on the sand. He fingered the Sennen Eye around his neck, before taking said gold necklace off and placing it around the neck of the strange crimson-eyed stranger.

"I can never repay you enough for saving me, but I hope this will help." Yugi stepped back, and gestured for the boy to get on the horse. The boy looked shocked, and then unsure. He looked down to the Sennen Eye that now rested upon his chest with hesitance.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Take the horse, get out of here. Don't get caught." Yugi stepped back as the youth mounted the horse, grabbing the reins to make said animal turn in the opposite direction to where Yugi and his party were heading. But just as the boy was about to gallop off, Yugi called after him: "Wait!"

The boy stopped.

"What is your name?"

The boy paused, before calling out: "Atemu!" Then, as if by magic, he was gone. Vanished around some corner, or behind a sand dune. Either way, Yugi doubted he'd ever see him again. The young Prince didn't know why, but this knowledge saddened him greatly. Had they met under different circumstances, maybe they could have been friends…

"Yugi!" Anzu called, gesturing that he could share a horse with her. Yugi didn't miss the looks of confusion on both his companions' faces, but he merely smiled to himself and ran towards them, his thoughts centered on the strange Atemu; and what would happen from here.


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