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Here's a Public Service Announcement from the National Historical Society.

Ben Gates, on the subject of heroism.

"Hello kids. I know that everyone knows who I am – Benjamin Franklin Gates. They say I discovered the Templar Treasure and The Cibola, and that I am one of the modern heroes in this world."

(Ben shifts in his seat, making himself a bit more comfortable on the couch. Riley whispers to Abby in the background: "Who is he talking to?" Abigail shrugs, and the two continue watching him.)

"There, that feels better. Anyway, I for one, kids, don't believe I'm a hero. I simply was following my dreams, finishing what I have started, and defending my family's name. I was never a hero.

And besides, I did not discover the Templar Treasure and the Cibola. It was always there – someone else already discovered and saw it, I just found it again. And if finding lost things make you a hero, then everyone is a hero! I'm sure you all have found your lost keys, a lost sock…

This is not false humility. I'm just trying to point out that in the grand scheme of things, what I did does not matter. So what if I found huge treasures that proves the vastness of our humanity and culture? It still does not compare to what Abraham Lincoln did for our country, does it?

On the subject of heroism, I dare say that you must not choose me as your hero. I would be honored if ever you do, but there are more people out there that deserve your admiration."

(Ben glances at Riley and Abby. Riley shrugs, and Abby waves at Ben, looking confused.)

"And now, after that, does anyone like to hear a story about Ab – "

And that's Ben Gates on the subject of Heroism.


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