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Pov's: Bella

I sighed as I got into my car. I was back at Forks High. (Middle of the school year. The day I first started 50 years ago.) It had been 50 years since the Cullens left me... again. I had dwelled in my misery long enough to not care and then a nomad vampire came along and bit me. So I, Isabella Marie Swan, have been a vampire for 50 years.

Bella mentally laughing like a maniac:

Ha Edward! You didn't want this life for me but it happened anyway!

I had traveled the world in the last 50 years and this year I came full circle. I was a bit annoyed by how much the students were like their ancestors.

I was driving to the school in my Aston Martin DBS. It was blue like the color Edward said he liked on me. I still loved him even though he left me and I have not seen him in over 50 years. Maybe i was selfless as Edward kept telling me. Or maybe i was too selfish to not stop wanting him.

I pulled into the parking lot of Forks High. It had changed a lot. It had 4 stories tall now and had 1 wall made of glass…(realizing how much it matches to the Cullen mansion…Stares at it with wide, praising eyes… hits myself upside the head for being so obsessed.) I smiled at the school knowing it may not look the same yet, though it was the place, where Edward and I had first met. I leaned against my car in a daze as more cars came into the parking lot.

When the parking lot was full I realized I was surrounded by my worshipers as usual. They were so annoying but I didn't have the heart to shoo them away permanently.

"Bella, can we get you something? Is there anything you want?" they all asked at different times.

I had learnt to ignore it. I sighed and looked at them. I wasn't in the mood to deal with them.

"Go away. I will disown all of you if any one of you bug me today." I growled.

They nodded and scurried away. This was what I get for being too nice on my first day. My ears perked up as I heard someone talking about me. I was surprised by who I heard.

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