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"Mouthwatering" he repeated, inhaling deeply. Laurent looked at me with his bloody red eyes and smiled. At that moment I knew that I have never been afraid of those eyes before. Sure, James had bloodshot eyes but I was not really afraid of dying then. Why should I be afraid of dying now? I only lived for one, the sole existence... Only him, I only lived for him. Well... mostly anyway. But he left. He didn't love me anymore. I was a burden. That is all I was. But I still loved him. I never got to tell him how much. He thought he loved me more, a lot more. So not true.

What would happen to Charlie though? I was his only family member. This would kill him. And he didn't deserve to suffer. Why did everyone around me have to suffer?

I almost missed the moment Laurent pounced. It all happened in a flash. A year ago if somebody would have told me that a vampire would kill me, I would have snorted with laughter. And a while ago I would think that James would have had the honor of consuming my blood. I never thought of Laurent. Even Victoria did not get the glory...

He bit me. The pain was unbearable and I screamed out in agony. It felt like James was biting me all over again. No... It felt worse. It wasn't my blood he was sucking away. My whole life flashed away...

I remember seeing bears... No, huge wolves but at the time I thought it was only a hallucination. Then Laurent disappeared. Am I dead yet? But it couldn't be. Everything hurt! Then I was completely engulfed in scorching flames.



We decided to visit the Olympic coven. OK, it was not just a visit. My brothers and I were worried. They were a large coven. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Edward. How is Alice? Surely she has changed her mind about being with us? I hope so. She could be very useful. I was lost in my thoughts when Caius growled.

" No! We cannot hunt here! We're on the Cullen's land." Marcus said.

" What is it?" I asked. " Blood. Don't you smell it?Human blood..." Caius answered.

I took a breath. I smelled the blood. So sweet, so sweet. And it probably tasted even better... like honey for humans. But I can't think about that now, Marcus is right.

"I will go see who it is. Brothers,go ahead with out me. I will be back soon" I said and ran off.

I got to the place in a matter of seconds. I saw a girl covered in blood. She was thrashing and screaming. Quite a horrible site to see. I knew what had happened right away. To humans it probably would seem that animals had done this but no, it was another vampire. But the Cullens don't... My thoughts went to that clan right away.

I turned my attention back to the girl. She probably did not know what hit her. I was going to have to explain who she was to her. I would have to tell her our rule. Wait where was the vampire who bit her? Now that I looked closer, I noticed that she looked like the prey. Some vampire started his meal and left. We don't do that. It is probably because we can't stop. When vampires drink blood we cannot control our state. We go into a frenzy.

I wonder if she'll make it I thought. Vampire venom could work miracles. But she was in a beastly state. She might die...

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