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"Bella..." I said with a sharp intake of breath.

It couldn't be, could it? She couldn't be alive! She could not be a vampire. That was why I left! So, she could live a normal life! What a normal life she turned out to have... It was all my fault! She wouldn't have turned into a vampire if I wouldn't have been with her! If I left her alone in the first place, she would have gotten married, had children of her own, and lived a happy life. WHO TURNED HER INTO A VAMPIRE?! the monster in me roared. I was going to kill whoever did this. It must have been the Volturi, it couldn't have been anybody else. But one question still lingered in my mind. A question that my vampire brain couldn't answer. How did they find out about Bella? I was going to find out, nobody could keep secrets from me. Bella can... I thought all of a sudden. She was still immune to my power to read minds. I would have frowned if Bella hadn't been there. I would have frowned because it was frustrating to not know what your loved one was thinking, that was the only mind I so desperately long to see. But I didn't. I didn't frown. I didn't want Bella to take it the wrong way. I didn't want her to think that I frowned because I didn't want to see her here. I didn't want my frown to lead her into thinking that. It would be a lie, more lies I remembered with a lurch. I felt cold all of a sudden. I thought of what I said to her that night... the night I left her, and felt a shiver go down my spine. I told her that I didn't love her. Did she remember? More importantly, did she believe it? No, I couldn't frown no matter what. I couldn't frown because I was upset that I wasn't there when she was bitten. I couldn't frown because I wasn't there to hold her hand when she writhed in pain, swallowed by the flames of misery. I couldn't frown because I wasn't there to help her get used to a vampire life. I couldn't be upset. I had to stay strong. For her. It was the least I could do.

The silence was to quiet for me to bear. I wanted to say something, say anything, but I was still in shock from seeing Bella so beautiful, the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Different emotions were swirling in my head. I couldn't process them all. So many thoughts also. I felt annoyed when Rebbecca came into the room. Scared, when she started moving toward me. Disgusted, when she tried to kiss me. Furious, when she spoke about Bella the way she did. Sorry, when I threw her across the room. Surprised, when I saw that her appearance changed. And when I saw that Rebbecca was actually Bella I felt annoyed, scared, disgusted, furious, sorry and surprised. I felt furious at the people who made her this way, annoyed and disgusted at myself for letting this happen, sorry for Bella, for not being there and surprised that she was in front of me. One more feeling that I failed to mention was happiness. Because I was a selfish person, I was happy that she was alive as a vampire. Happy that could hold her once again in my arms, that is if she would let me... I was happy as I had never been before.

I stared at Bella, remembering every single part of her new complexion. She was staring down at her shoes, those absurd shoes. I looked at her high heels and smiled for the first time. She couldn't have worn those shoes in her past life without killing herself. I was amazed at how much Bella changed. She wouldn't have even wanted to wear them. Was she the Bella I fell in love with? I wondered and realized that it was a stupid question. It didn't matter. I would love her no matter what. I knew she didn't have the same character as "Rebbecca" did. Rebbecca wouldn't have been avoiding my gaze, she would have been asking for it. I saw Bella take a lock of her hair in her fingers and pull it in front of her face. She started proceeded to stare at it. The look on her face was a mix of surprise, anger and annoyance. She whispered something so quiet that I couldn't even hear. Although, it sounded like the name Lana.

I saw her try to glance at the door without me noticing. It was a failed attempt. I brought my attention to that door also. I directed it to the voices behind the door. But Bella couldn't hear them. The voices were in their heads, and therefor in mine. I wanted to understand what had happened. I used my gift. I listened.

Gasp! He knows! What will happen now? This is like a drama about "vampires with a mix of romance" show! Can't wait till the next episode!

I wish they would unfreeze themselves already, this is getting boooooring.

What was I thinking? Why did I change her back? It wasn't my job to do so! She is probably mad at me for something I didn't want to do. Why did I have to be so stupid as to bring them closer together?

I stopped searching minds when I heard this. From what I understood this vampire was responsible for changing Bella's appearance. She must have a power that lets her change looks. I was tired of thinking about everything. I was tired of assuming. I had to get answers soon, or else I would go crazy.

"Bella" I said, this time using what I hoped was a determined voice so she would understand that I wasn't joking around, I was demanding her attention. "Look at me"

Bella's head flew up, and I felt her eyes on my forehead. She wouldn't look into my eyes. She wouldn't say anything. I had to be more effective.

"Am I so repulsive that you won't even look me in the eye?" I asked.

Her eyes widened, and her eyes landed on mine. It was as though they were asking if I meant what I said, if I truly believed that. Then, as if Bella realized what she did, she quickly looked away, searching for something interesting to look at. She bit her lip and looked down at her feet once again.

"No, you aren't repulsive" she whispered, not giving up anymore information.


I couldn't believe I fell for his trick. Of course he didn't think that I thought he was ugly. I looked into his eyes. I didn't want to. After that I knew the questions would come. Questions concerning me being a vampire, but not only that. There would be questions about what I just did. "Why did you take on a different role in life?" he would ask. "Why did you pretend to be Rebbecca and act like you did?" If I was a human I would have become red from shame. I couldn't believe what I just did. I acted like... I didn't even want to say the word. I felt under dressed. I felt like a... I didn't want to say the word. The word that started with an s... Slut I finally thought. I tried to shake the idea out of my head by focusing on something else. I looked around the room, but my gaze landed on the mess I made. I was so embarrassed. I didn't act like myself. What would Edward think? No, I wasn't ready to look into his eyes. I wasn't ready for all the questions.


I had to break the awkward silence somehow. I had to say it, even if she didn't feel the same way. I had to at least try.

"I love you" I whispered, knowing she would hear.

She didn't answer. I was appalled. Did she not feel the same way? I had to find out. I couldn't just stand here feeling like an idiot that was being rejected by the love of his life.

I took a deep breath and a big step. And another step. Keep on walking I encouraged myself silently. And I did just that. At last I was write in front of Bella.

"Bella..." I said louder this time, holding her head in my hands "Say something, anything!"

"I... I... I, me two" She finally answered.

Although this wasn't the exact wording I was looking for, it still counted. It was all the consolation I needed, before I could lean down and kiss her.


He said it. He said that. He said... what I wanted him to say. But I couldn't answer. Why? Why not? If this was what I wanted, then why was I having doubts? I loved him, that I knew for sure, but I wasn't ready to tell him? I questioned myself. I had to tell him something. We couldn't just keep standing here forever.

"I... I... I, me two" I answered, wondering if I did the right thing, giving in.

But I didn't have time to wonder anymore as it turned out because before I knew it Edward was kissing me.

"Huuu" I gurgled before stumbling back.

"Look, Edward... It's not you... It's... I don't know. I don't know! I, I, I...'ll talk to you later" I finally choked out and whizzed off.

Surprisingly, there was nobody outside the door. I was grateful for that, I wanted to be alone. Where can I go? I might not find any privacy in my room. I decided to take the chance, there was no place else I would rather be... at the moment.


Alice POV

One moment I was with my family in the room Aro gave us for privacy, the next I was in another place, in another time, the future.

Edward, kissing a pretty brunette.

The vision was short, so short that my family didn't notice it. Almost the whole family didn't notice it. Jasper noticed, Jasper noticed everything about me. The thought calmed down the anger that was residing in me, but not for long.

"Alice? Are you okay?" my ever caring Jasper asked.

No! I was not okay! I mentally screamed. Edward lied to us! He pretended to be devastated about Bella's death! It was all for show! So we wouldn't find out about that... that! What was that? Blech. Just her clothes make me sick.

"Why are you upset?" Jasper asked, sounding upset himself.

The girl jumped back, mumbled a bunch of nonsense and ran away.

I gasped. The girl reminded me of someone I knew, but who? The moment it hit me I screamed, it just couldn't be. Bella couldn't be alive but she was. And not just alive, but a vampire. What about that vision I saw of Charlie standing at her grave? There was no body in the coffin I realized with a start.

I vaguely heard my family swarming around me, asking me what amiss. But for once in 50 years everything was right.

"Nothing," I answered, still dazed "Nothing is awry, nothing at all."

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