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Summary: In the year 2489, Bella Swan has always been an abiding citizen, having plenty of friends, and a well-respected boy who loves her. What would she do if her life gets turned upside down? Would little miss goodie two shoes play the princess in her happily ever after? Or take her future in her own hands? All Human. BxE. Co-written with my friend; Oh Yeah-GB.


Oh god.

Please, if anything, please don't let this be real.

That I'll just wake up and this will all be just a nightmare.

Isn't love supposed to conquer all? I guess at this day and age it doesn't anymore, happy endings can only exist in old stories. Where the knight rescues the princess from the clutches of the villain and they ride off into the sunset. Not this time, I, sadly, am not a princess; there won't be a happy ending for me... Even if I am in love with a caring, sweet, kind, funny, loving, beautiful, over-protective, stubborn, man, and, his name is Edward Masen. And today, this horrible day, August 14, 2489. I am getting married. Not to the man I love, but to my best friend, Jacob Black. We are forced by our fathers, as our marriage will join our family's power and wealth. But, it looks as if Jacob doesn't have any problem with it. And Edward is to be given the hand of our mayor's daughter, Tanya Denali, one of my close friends. We are to be wed to other people on the same day, at the same ceremony. Why must they torture us? What did we ever do wrong?

You know what? It's fair time that I take matters in my own hands, no more waiting for the knight in shining armor to rescue me. I, Bella Swan, must find my own way to my Happy Ending, even if I have to die trying.


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