Hermione Meets Mimi

I don't own Digimon or Harry Potter, just to let you know. There's going to be a lot of changing times and POV's in this one, but not in the others. Enjoy!^_^

The beginning

Mimi's Point Of View

Mimi: Wow! red hair spray! Thanks Sora. I love it!

Sora: I thought you'll like it. After all, it's your Birthday and It's your gift. Ha Ha- Huh? Oh yea um (clears throat) well, time to go. Bye.

All the digidestines ran out of the room in a hurry.

Mimi: But- it's only been ten minutes!

Sora: Bye.


The door slammed shut.

Tai: I'm glad we're out of that house. I thought I would drown in pink.

Hermione's POV

Hermione: Ughh, that was a heavy load. All these books...

Ron rushed in.

Hermione smiled.

Hermione: Oh, hi Ro-

Ron rushed past her.

Ron: Harry! He did it! He won the Quidditch Match.

Ron sat down on a table in the library where Harry was sitting.

Harry: Who did?

Hermione: Those stupid boys are stupid talking about stupid Quidditch again.

Hermione: So I'm alone again. No one must be more desperate than me.

Mimi's POV

Mimi: Everyone's out with everyone. No one wants to hang out with a girl who lives in a pink frosted cake. But I'm not even like that.

Mimi put the half eaten cake (or gobbled down quickly except for T.K and Kari who chewed slowly enjoying every taste) in the refrigerator.

Mimi: I wish Palmon was here.

Hermione's POV

(The last day of Hogwarts)

Hermione: Bye!

Hermione squeezed both Harry and Ron tightly.

Ron: Yeah, bye.

Harry: See you later.

Hermione's Mom: Hello honey how was school?

Hermione: Fine. Let's go. I got everything packed from school already.

(1 hour later)

Hermione sat down on the comfy airplane cushioned seats.

They were off Tokyo.

(One day later)

Hermione's mom: Sweetie wake up, we're here, we're in Tokyo.

Hermione yawned.

Hermione: Amazing.

Hermione: Yeah, right.

Mimi's POV

Mimi: Shouldn't they be here already. Grams and Grandpa take to long.

Mimi's mom: Yeah, old people are so slow, why don't you go down to the vending machines.

That was the only good thing about going to the airport, in Mimi's opinion.

She put her coin through.

Mimi: Stupid thing. It's stuck!

Hermione's POV

Hermione took a deep breath. She loved the smell of airports.

Hermione's mom: Now this can get really educational for you.

Hermione: Whatever. I didn't even get a break yet.

Hermione's mom: Sorry. I promise we'll get some rest at the motel. Why don't you go look around. We'll meet you at that that water fountain with that ancient God sculpted on.

Hermione: Right.

She walked towards the vending machine.

Hermione: I wonder if they have any cheetos.

She was right. They did have cheetos. But something else caught her eye. Someone was kicking the other vending machine. She had one side of her hair dyed pink and the other side red witch still looked wet. She wore a hot pink tank top with a black silk jacket with half pants. She also wore red clogs. She looked like a big apple.

Hermione: She's beautiful. Her folks must be rich.

The girl looked at Hermione staring at her and blushed deep red.

Mimi: Sorry, did you want to use it, it's stuck, my coin.

Hermione: Oh, it's all right. You didn't look crazy or anything, the reason I was staring at you was...well, you're really pretty, who does your hair?

The girls hair was now messed up. The wet red spray was now starting to stick to the pink, and the soft wavy hair in the back turned into an unusual curly.

Hermione: Hey I can fix that, your hair just needs a stroke of my wa-

Hermione stuck her hand in her back pocket for her wand but stopped suddenly.

Hermione: Never mind.

She smiled.

The girl smiled back.

Mimi: So, what's your name?

Hermione: Hermione. What's yours.

Mimi: Mimi.

Mimi's POV

Mimi: She's so neat. I feel completely embarrassed. I was kicking a vending machine to make a coin go through while most people just poke it in. I knew I should of taken those anger management classes.

Mimi smiled weakly.

Mimi: Hermione, that's a nice name.

Mimi: Even her name is fancy.

Hermione: Well, I better get going.

Mimi: Yeah, bye.

Mimi walked toward her parents.

(half an hour later)

Mimi's Grandma: Why, won't you help me here gally?

Mimi's grams yanked her hand.

Mimi: Uhh! Ow! It's girl, we're not in the sixty's anymore!

Mimi's grandma: What ever you say laddy.

Mimi: Hey Mom, I'm going to go hang with my friends.

Mimi walked towards the door.

Mimi's dad: Hey, I can drop you off on the way to work.

(fifteen minutes later)

Mimi's dad: Mimi, come on.

They entered a big motel. Her dad was an employee there.

Mimi's dad: You can wander around here. But make sure you come to the front desk in fifteen minutes.

Her dad planted a kiss on her forehead.

Mimi: Bye Daddy.

She walked around looking around at all the rooms. One door was open.

Hermione's POV

Hermione: So this is are room huh?

Hermione's mom: Yes, isn't it so...Japanese. Did you like the airport?

Hermione: It was just like any normal airport. Anyway, I'm going outside.

Hermione went towards the door. She froze when she saw Mimi

Hermione: Mimi?

Mimi: Yeah, um, it's me. My dad works here. and I sort of saw the door opened, and um...I wanted to check 'em out, the rooms.

Hermione: Oh, not to pretty are they?

Mimi: There okay. Hey you want to come to the ice-cream parlor with me? Me and my friend, Lily are going, It's right down the block.

Hermione looked at her mom.

Hermione's mom: Well if It's okay with her dad, and you make sure that you come back in a half in hour, I say knock yourself out.

Mimi: Bye Mrs...

Hermione: Granger. Our last name is Granger.

Mimi: Okay. Bye Mrs. Granger.

Hermione's mom: Bye.

Hermione: So how did you find me?

Mimi: Like I said before, I was just looking around and I saw you.

Hermione: It's a weird coincidence. But I'm glad you did. I was starting to feel so alone.

Mimi: Really! I thought the same thing. Yesterday was my Birthday and no one even said Happy Birthday to me.

Hermione: What a bunch of jerks. Happy Birthday Mimi.

Mimi: Thanks. But my friends don't always act like this.

Hermione: Maybe there planning a surprise party for you.

Mimi shook her head.

Mimi: I saw Sora- one of my friends- and another one of her friends. If she was planning a surprise party, she would of been home planning it. I heard them talking earlier before my Birthday. They all had plans at the same day.

Hermione: Is that your dad?

Hermione asked as they walked towards a man with black hair with sunglasses and his jacket slung over his shoulder.

Mimi: Yea, how did you guess?

Hermione: He kind of looks like you.

Mimi smiled.

Mimi: Hey Dad. You can call him Mr. Tachicawa. If you want.

Hermione: Hi.

Mimi: Can she come with us? Her name is Hermione, Some British name.

Mimi's dad: Sure. Nice to meet you Herm-oknee.

Hermione's POV

Hermione stepped into the Japan Frozen ice cream parlor. She looked around. There where small pink cushioned seats. There where a bit of people there. There where two other pretty girls who where eating some kind of ice-cream.

Hermione: Is everyone in Japan so pretty?

She walked towards the counter along with Mimi, Lily, and Mimi's dad.

Hermione looked confused as she looked at the menu. It was written in Japanese. But she understood some of the words from her book of Wizards and witches around the world book.

Hermione: I'll have a coconut special.

Mimi looked surprised.

Mimi: How did you know Japanese?

Hermione: In a book I read.

Mimi: Me and Dad will have the cherry banana split.

Mimi told the guy behind the counter.

Lily: I'll have a banana split.

Lily faced Hermione.

Lily: That's my dad. He owns the store.

Hermione and the others sat down on the tables.

Mimi's POV

(Fifteen minutes later)

Mimi scooped up the rest of the ice-cream her dad and her shared.

Suddenly, the rest happened so quickly.

The fire buzzer rang. Everyone got of there chairs and rushed almost immediately to the door. Mimi started to get up when Lily rushed the other way.

Mimi: Lily!!

Mimi screamed after her as Lily ran towards the door to the kitchen where the fire started. She heard someone scream her name and run after her, but Mimi kept on running towards Lily.

Lily: My dad *cough* he's in there *cough, cough*.

Mimi: Wait.

Mimi entered through the door and stopped quickly. The whole kitchen was filled with smoke. It was to much to see anything.

She heard a scream.

Lily's dad: Lily! *cough* go back!

Mimi screamed as she felt her palm heat up and burn her. She had it on a stove. She almost fell. But she kept on going looking for Lily. She remembered when the school caught on fire. Lily almost burned her leg, and the fire was so far away from her! She didn't know anything about it. Mimi started to crawl, but her burned hand made her scream as it touched the floor. She cried with pain, but she saw Lily and her dad passed out right in front of her, leaning on the stove where the fire was more powerful. She felt her whole body heat up. She couldn't breath. She was also going to pass out. She headed towards the half open door right next to her. She heard people screaming in fright behind it. Maybe she could go ask the people behind it for help. She used all the strength she had and got up. As she walked towards the door, the fire scooped up in front of her.

Someone: Al'de'awater!

Water shot from behind Mimi and it hit the fire in front of her. Mimi looked behind her in astonishment. There was Hermione, hand out stretched with something she was holding, a wand, something, but Mimi didn't get to see what it was because at that moment, she felt the world go black, and she passed out.

(At the hospital)

Mimi: Ughh

Mimi opened her eyes. They stung a bit. She coughed. Hermione stood there worried.

She was holding a note. Mimi remembered what happened. She went to save Lily and her dad. Fire sprung before her. Water sprayed the fire away. Hermione was behind her holding something. A stick. A wand. Mimi laughed as she thought about that last thing. A wand? Oh please. She thought. She heard coughing from the curtain that was closed beside her. Hermione set the note down on the desk beside her. The drawer underneath it stood open a bit. Hermione walked towards the other room. She heard Lily's voice. Mimi looked at the note curiously. She picked up the note. She felt a pang of guiltiness as she touched it. It might be something about the fire, probably not something private. She read it.

Dear Miss Granger,

You have used magic outside Hogwarts which is restricted for Hogwarts students younger than fifth years. For that you might be expelled if it's used once more. But everyone has another chance. . I know you have gone out of London so be careful or people might figure out your a witch. They might shoot one of the school owls so send him back as soon as possible. See you at Hogwarts at August first.

Manivia McGonagall

Mimi gasped.

Mimi: Magic? A wand? A digimon maybe - She can't be a digidestind- a owl? A witch? And a weird kind of paper. Talk about confusing. Only one way to find out.

She took a deep breath. She felt another pang of guiltiness. She probably put her...wand inside the drawer. She thought. It's half open. She opened up the drawer next to her. She pulled something out. She gasped.

Hermione's POV

Hermione: Mimi.

Mimi froze.

Mimi: Hermione. Hi.

Hermione: My wand.

And then she stared at the piece of parchment that was open.

And then Mimi burst out with all these apologizes.

Mimi: I'm sorry I didn't mean it- I didn't know it was priva- Sorry.

Hermione smiled a bit.

Hermione: It's alright. I kind of wanted you to see it.

Mimi: You did?

Hermione: Yeah, everybody was busy this summer so it was going to be boring until you came along. I couldn't tell anybody that I was... you know...a witch so I kind of left the note there because I wanted you to know.

At this moment Mimi paused.

Mimi: You know when the sky turned all weird. You know mountains backwards.

Hermione: Last year?

Mimi: I was one of those people who saved the world. I had a digimon- digital monster.

Hermione's eyes widened.

This is it for part one hope you liked it. Part two is not going to start in the hospital. And it won't be too long. I know it was kind of confusing cause I kept changing the time but part two is not going to be like that. Please R and R!^_^