Playing the Four Devils 1.5

(Update: I'm going through this story to change the problems it has so that punk-ass critics can shut the fuck up and actually read the story instead of judging it like they know what their talking about. Also I'm going to take out and add some things into this story so read and enjoy)

Chapter 1 – A Devil's Resurrection

Hey, people welcome to the next story in my name. I was going to post this one on my birthday last week but last week some crazy shit happened to me

Here is what happened

Monday: had a house, Tuesday: Lost the house to foreclosure, Wednesday: Homeless, Thursday: Found a new spot that is both nicer and less on the rent, and Friday: Moved in on my birthday

That was some shit I thought I would never have to experience so early in my life but thankfully I only had to be homeless for twenty-four hours unlike other people, who are not so lucky like me.

Now this one is not completely my idea as majority of it is from VFSNAKE, and why is it like that? Because we cool like that, hell he practically made me a lot better then I previously was when I wrote Tenraku Hitotsu and Shinning Kitsune. This is a Naruto x Devil May Cry crossover that VFSNAKE gave to me along time ago, but this is my remix on it (I will write the one he gave me though but when it comes out I don't know) There have been a good number of them out. There are some where Naruto is a descendant of Sparda, the son of Dante, the Reincarnation of Nero, and the student of Vergil and well I plan to do many things differently, and real quick I might add some things from movies that we all know and love.

Now please enjoy

Naruto sat at the edge of his bed, deep in thought. Over the course of the last three months, he was having the same dream repeatedly over the time and it seemed to give some kind of message. The dream held two parts. The first he would see was the image of three different men that seemed to be connected somehow. He would also see multiple images of the people fighting one another as if they loved it. Then after the images were all said and done he would see the same three men from the images that held very similar appearances would tell him to "awaken" which he still didn't get what they meant by that. He just got home after he took care of his former sensei though the results was him gaining his first kill when he unconsciously lost control of his emotions and killed the man in cold blood, but Iruka told him that it was okay since he was protecting him from a man that was a traitor to the village

He learned about five of the technique within the scroll that he felt he just had to learn. However, something else happened tonight as well. For some reason when he was hit with a shuriken, he did not feel the wound at all. It was as if it healed on its own without him even knowing it. But the one thing he knew that absolutely surprised him was when he saw Iruka take a hit he felt truly pissed and lost it and just simply killed Mizuki without any remorse before he realized what he done and yet he still felt no remorse

He sighed once more before he climbed back in his bed and went to sleep or so he thought

(Unknown location)

He then found himself in a dark place that looked like a sewer with water that went below his knees. As he looked around in the darkness with the only light shining through was the glow from the sun. He then looked around the area before he started to get a feeling that was calling him, as if he was attracted to it.

Therefore, he walked down the dark area before he came across a corner that told him to stop. Down the corridor, he heard what sounded like growling.

The Blonde haired boy awoke from his black out and came back to his small apartment, or where he thought he was in. he looked around and noticed that he wasn't near the window, the bed, hell not even Konoha. He saw that instead he was in a sewer of some sort that was dimly lit. He then heard the sound of growling. Seeing as how he didn't know where he was he decided to follow it like anyone would. As he traveled the growling became bigger and bigger until he came across a hallway where the sound was the loudest. He went down the hallway seeing a light at the end. When he entered the room, he saw that he was now in a dark prison like room with a huge cage in front of him. He then saw a huge pair of red eyes peaked through the darkness and Naruto saw that it was a giant fox.

"Boy, come closer." Said the giant fox. Naruto was about to listen until he heard another voice behind him

"I wouldn't listen to the giant fur ball if I were you, Kid." Said am unfamiliar voice. Naruto turned and saw that the person behind him.

The first he saw was a man wearing a red trench coat and had a black shirt underneath the jacket and wore a pair of black pants and black steel toad combat boots. He also saw that the man had a strange looking sword that seemingly stuck to his back, which Naruto was wondering how he was doing that. It was some kind of broadsword though he did not know for sure what type. It had a small hilt with a pointed tip, meaning that the sword could only be used single-handedly. The hilt led to a skull with pitch black eye sockets, which sat atop bones similar to a person's rib cage. The guard, which looked like two small bones, ran along the flat side of the weapon along the five small ribs until it reached the beginning of the blade.

The second man also had white hair but his was slicked back and was spiky. He wore a blue trench that held some white vines along the jacket. He wore a Black vest underneath it and Black pants like the previous person. He had in his right hand another sword. This sword was an O-Katana that was sheathed in a black scabbard with a yellow tie hanging from the bottom of it. The wrapping around the hilt was white though there was a straight black line going down from the cap to the tsuba, which like the cap was a bronze color.

The last man once again looked like the previous two men. He wore a Blue Jacket and Blue pants with a Red hooded vest. Naruto noticed that what separated him from the other two was his right arm. His right was in all since of the word demonic in structure. He saw that it looked like an armored hand that had some white cracks and white fingers on it. He also the man also had a blade on his back that was like the first person on for unknown reasons. The blade was a red single sided sword with a staff pole for the handle.

"Who are you guys?" Naruto asked

"Well kid my name is Dante and these two here are my brothers Vergil and Nero and the reason why we are here is because we need you." Dante said with Naruto looking confused at that

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked with Vergil stepping up

"What he is saying is that we are here because you are the only one that can help us in accomplishing our goal. You may not know this but we figured out that you are our distant cousin through our father." Vergil said with Naruto still looking confused. However before he could speak Kyuubi beat him to it

"Wait a minute I recognize your scents now. You're the sons of Sparda." Kyuubi said with the three men looking at Kyuubi strangely

"How do you know that demon?" Nero spoke this time with Kyuubi laughing up a storm

"I was once Sparda's Devil arm along with the other nine bijuu. He once fought the others and me before he betrayed Mundus and came to the Human world. After he sealed his power away, he learned that my brethren and I were escaping so he left to this world and split me and the other nine into different areas. As far as I know after that he left after siring a child with a human." Kyuubi stated with Naruto getting more confused at what was being said

"Hold up who the hell is Sparda and what the fuck does this have to do with me?" Naruto asked with Kyuubi speaking again

"Sparda was one of the strongest demons to ever live. He was a devil demon and he worked for the dark prince Mundus who was trying to attack and conquer the human world. Sparda would later betray him by sealing the gate with both his blood and the blood of a human priestess along with something called the perfect amulet. To further insure that the gate would not open again he sealed his power with his sword called Force-edge and sealed it in the gate. He currently held me and the other great nine as devil arms but he couldn't hold us completely since he sealed his power away. Therefore, he left his home and came here where the human were experimenting with using what you call "Chakra", he then released us in different areas and while we were demons, we took some of his influence and didn't harm any humans. We later learned that Sparda sired another child though we never met the kid. I guess you're that ones descendant." Kyuubi said with the other three nodding there head's confirming what he said was true

"The fur ball is right kid (Kyuubi growls). You are the descendant of our fourth brother Kazama. We discovered that he was here in this part of the world so we came here but during the time, we were dead. So through the years, we waited through his descendants to see who would awaken his power so that we too can give him or her ours. That person appears to be you." Dante said with Naruto scratching his head as he absorbed all this information into his skull.

"Okay. In a way that is pretty cool. Everyone always called me a demon so I think its time I show them what one can do," said Naruto grinning evilly at the thought of retaliating further against Konoha in his own unique way that would make those assholes on the Councils shit themselves.

"That would be kind of cool. Those fools in your village mistreat you and the Hokage let's them get away with it because of the fox here. Dad wouldn't have tolerated it and neither should you so were going to help train you with everything we know and so will the fox," said Vergil seeing the Kyuubi look at Vergil as if he had grown his own set of tails.

"Why should I?" said Kyuubi, as helping humans was beneath his standing as a demon.

"Because, that way you can get some payback on the village. When Naruto uses that power to make them all miserable it will be like you getting your revenge on his behalf. Besides, you owe dad after you caused that incident a few hundred years back that nearly got him beaten up by a bunch of near angry women and his wife.," said Dante making the Kyuubi let out a dark chuckle as he remembered that incident.

(Flashback) (AN: This wasn't written by me, it was written by a good friend)

Sparda was relaxing at a hot spring while having the Kyuubi's power sealed away in gauntlet form, but the fox had become bored, and used its power to send a flash of fire to burn down the wall between the section of the hot spring for male and female occupants. With Sparda being the only one on the male side, the females that were on the other, who were wearing little to nothing, accused him of being a pervert, and tried to attack him. Fortunately, Sparda still had some power left in him that was beyond human, and got away barely before the women could pound the crap out of him.

(End flashback)

"Okay you got me there. Fine, I'll help him, provided that down the road he kills a few of those more daring villagers. You know, the ones that try to beat you up on your birthday, or on any day they see fit that no one is around to protect you," said Kyuubi, as he didn't want his vessel to take hits anymore, and not hit back like some pacifist thinking that people will learn their lesson later on.

Screw later on, they needed to learn their lessons NOW!

"Anyway back to the matter at hand. What does is that you are one of the last members of our clan, although our blood has diminished over the generation to the point where our demonic blood has become a unique form of human blood." Dante said with Naruto raising an eyebrow at that

"What do you mean exactly?" Naruto asked

"I'm saying that you're our last descendant and we wish to change that. It's pretty funny how weak your devil blood is compared to ours but I have a feeling we're about to change all that." Dante said with the others nodding their heads as well

"Wait if you're my ancestor do you know who my parents are?" He asked. The old man was not going to tell him so he would have to ask the next best thing

"Well kid we don't know who your parents are; we just know that you hold our blood. What we are planning to do is give you a Rebirth of sorts." Dante said with Naruto looking a little sad

"Rebirth? What do you mean by that exactly?" Naruto asked with Vergil stepping up

"He means that we're going to make your blood as strong as ours. Our power consists of many things with the first being healing and regeneration. Our bodies are able to take stabs through limbs, organs; you know things that normal human beings would be permanently weakened from. We also have another ability that allows our bodies to transform into something called the devil trigger but for Nero it's a lot different." Vergil said in a clam tone with Naruto looking a little confused at that

"What do you mean…Vergil right?" he said with the man nodding. Nero stood up and presented his strange right arm

"His right arm is something that you'll learn down the line but for now we must prepare you for the Rebirth." Vergil said with Nero stepping forward towards the boy and presented his arm.

"This is, in a way, my devil trigger." Nero said with Naruto staring directly at the arm. It looked like it was covered by a red and black armor, with the hand and the sides of the armor being a glowing blue. It was clearly demonic and held an inner power to it that the blonde could not even begin to comprehend. As the half-demon waved his arm in the air a slight astral arm followed it, both separate and connected to the half-demon's demonic arm.

"This," Nero said, brining his arm to his eyelevel, "is called the Devil Bringer, it's is both a part of me and separate from me." The blonde looked at him strangely. "You see, when I was a child I was possessed by a demon who wanted power and was willing to use me to get it. The people watching me at the time fought against the demon and were able to drive it back out of me with the help of my demonic blood. However, when the demon was removed it was soon revealed that my arm had taken a bit of the demon's power and used it to turn my arm into what it is today. Now I can use this arm to pull my enemies or myself to me. It's really fun to use once you get used to it." Nero said with Naruto nodding before he smirked.

Vergil then stepped forward presenting his sword to the blonde boy "From me you shall receive my most prized possession from my father." Vergil said presenting the O-katana "This is my weapon known only as Yamato. This is a sword my father wielded and used when he betrayed the demons to come into the human world. This sword contains my father's personal style called the Dark Slayer Style. It's a style that allows you to move at super high speeds and use attacks with very high precision and timing, however you would really need to develop more speed if you truly wish to use this style to the fullest." He said with Naruto frowning at that but agreed to it. Vergil then handed him the Yamato with Naruto feeling information storm through his mind and like that, he knew the dark slayer style

After all that was said and done Dante stepped forward with his sword, that was by far the coolest looking blade in Naruto's opinion with how sick and demonic it looked

"Well kid it's time to present the main course or in other words a family heirloom." He said presenting Naruto his broadsword, "This is quite possibly my favorite weapon from my Father called Rebellion. This thing has helped me slay many demons and has given me all my devil arms. Rebellion, while being a devil arm, doesn't have a true style other then one called double ganger and another called quicksilver but it does have much to give like its ability to purify and destroy hell gates. It holds a lot of attacks that I think you will love once you try it." He said handing Naruto the Rebellion. When the blondes hand touched, the sword he once again felt knowledge go through his mind and like that he knew how to use it. In addition, another thing that felt good about holding the blade was that it allowed him to use it with his right hand alone

"Okay then let's do it." Naruto said with a huge smile on his face with Dante and the other smirking at that

"Very well but for this to work completely it will require pain and lot's of it." Nero said with a frown but dismissed it when Naruto waved his arms

"It doesn't matter. Just make me as strong as you can." Naruto said with the others nodding

"Kit before you do this I need to tell you something important." Kyuubi said with Naruto looking his way but not before putting his new swords on his back, which he somehow learned to do from the blades themselves with Rebellion on the left side of his shoulders and Red queen on the right with Yamato held in his left hand

"Okay fox shoot." Naruto said with Kyuubi looking him in the eye

"I wish to also give you some gifts as well to help you out." Kyuubi said with Naruto raising an eyebrow with his three ancestors looking the fox's way to see what the fox demon was up to

"And, if pray tell, would these so called gifts be?" Vergil asked in his calm, cool tone that made Naruto look at this guy as if he was that robot guy from the terminator movies that was just so cool.

"Look I can tell that you don't trust me and I can understand that but let me ask you this, what harm could I possibly do to the boy if his seal forbids me from harming him?" He asked with the three half devils simply shrugging their shoulders knowing what the demon said was true "Anyway just to let you know I'm not going to try to kill you because that would never happen as this seal would absorb my soul and kill me, far to fast before I can even give you a scratch. Now what I wish to give you are several gifts with the first being the ability to use me as a Devil Arm, since technically your Yondaime defeated me but you hold my soul so it still counts. You'll get a lot of uses from my soul as well as my ways of being a trickster due to your own devil power." Kyuubi said with Naruto looking confused at that

"Devil Power? I have my own Devil power?" He said confused with Dante smirking at the fox

"Good call Fox as I was hoping he would get that from you." he said before standing in front of Naruto "Well kid, we wanted that to be a surprise when you got your first devil arm but since the fox is allowing you to use him then we will tell you now. We each have our on Devil power with Vergil and me having the ability to use Devil Arms and Nero using the Devil Bringer, but your power is called Devil Essence and that is a very good power." He said with Vergil speaking after him

"What Devil Essence does is that it allows you to absorb the abilities of any demon you kill, such as their personality, physical preference, their natural power and much more. With that along with the power to use Devil Arms, you'll gain much more use from the weapon. By the way." Vergil then looked Kyuubi's way "What is your natural power?"

"Pure Manipulation of the elements but he will only gain control of his two strongest elements which is fire and wind but in time he would have full control over all the elements. " Kyuubi said with Naruto looking giddy at the idea

"Deal. But what else will I receive from you?" Naruto asked with Kyuubi chuckling

"You'll gain allot of my abilities. First, you will gain my powers of regeneration, which combined with the devil power would make you virtually unbeatable in battle. You shall also gain some of my Fox like powers such as our ability to use illusions or what you humans refer to as Genjutsu, and other things that I know you will like. You will also get the ability to summon my sprit and use me to assist in battle when you need it. In all actuality you can use me like Nero did with his devil sprit." He said with Naruto thinking on it before he looked at the demon with eyes of determination

"I'll take the deal. I guess I can get used to the idea of being a half demon with the power I'll soon hold." Naruto said with the other three half devils nodding before they placed there hands on the boy and then closed there eyes

"Naruto just to let you know this will hurt but the pain will wear off when you wake up." Dante said with Naruto nodding and closing his eyes as well. Kyuubi then took the time to let his chakra out and wrap itself around the boy. Then Dante, Nero, and Vergil's eye snapped open but they showed nothing but white. They then started to yell with the red chakra now blasting upwards and made Naruto black out from the pain. He did not wake up after that.

(Two days later)

Naruto awoke from his slumber with his body feeling very sore. He did not even know neither how long he slept nor what time it was, but there was one good thing that came out of it. He felt something that he never felt before, completion. He felt that now with the knowledge of who he truly is and what he was truly capable of.

He liked it

He got out of bed and was surprised to see how his feet touched the ground in an instant, but he was still too tired to notice. He got up, walked over to his bathroom, and did his mourning routine before he saw his reflection in the mirror. Gone was his natural untamed spiky blonde hair and in its place was a dark silvery white that was puffed out and trim and reached the nape of his neck. He also saw that his face was now completely void of any baby fat he held and his face was now well chiseled. He also saw that whisker-like birthmarks were now so thin that you could barely see them unless you looked really close. He also saw a change in his eyes as he saw the pupil turned into a silt and the iris had a small red ring around it. He then looked more closely at his eyes and saw that they were still blue but were icy in color.

However, he saw that his swords were not on his back, which confused him until he looked at his arms. On his left arm, was a tattoo that completely covered his entire left arm. It was the image of Yamato on his left bicep with the image pale blue spiritual swords on his forearm. However, if one were to look closely at his wrist you would see the words "Tradition" tattooed on it.

On his right arm, it seemingly represented Rebellion that looked great. On his right bicep, it looked like a huge skull that completely covered it. On his right forearm were eight rows of what looked a person's ribcage. What completed the image was a broadsword in between the ribcage that pointed to another tattoo on his wrist that spelled "Resistance" in bold letters

The former blonde was now beyond shocked but something told him in his mind that this was a natural feeling as a member of the Sparda clan.

'Well what the hell do I do now? I need to get stronger if I want to prove that I'm powerful.' Naruto thought before he jumped when he heard a response

"Well you need to get some new cloths. Those bright "kill-me" Orange jumpsuits aren't going to cut it anymore." Kyuubi said, Naruto however regain his composure remembering the night two days ago when he got his family heirlooms.

'Okay I think your right on the cloths but I think I need a whole new change in both appearance and scenario. So I think I know the first location we go to' Naruto thought before he went to his closet and pulled out a pair of white shorts and a black t-shirt. The shorts were something he stole from a clothing store back when he was younger but he learned that they were too big for him to wear. They still were but he simply wore his headband like a belt in order to keep his pants from falling. When he also put on the black t-shirt, he was surprised at how tight it was as if he was wearing second skin.

He then left the house and walked through the streets that maimed and dubbed him the village pariah. As he walked through the street, he could not help but see all the attention on him but for the first time they were not glares but looks of curiosity. He let a small smile creeped across his face as everyone finally notices him. It was something he dreamed of for so long but for some reason it did not matter to him since he no longer gave a fuck about the villagers. This time he was in it for himself and himself alone

He walked straight to the Kage tower without even bothering listening to the guards that told him to stop. Instead, he gave a simply middle finger before walking up to the Hokage's door, which currently hid a certain old man from view. Said old man was busy doing paperwork before he looked up to see a white haired kid at the door of his office

"Hello young man, may I help you with something?" He asked with the boy smirking

"You can old man. I want to know who my parents are." Naruto said with Sarutobi's eyes widening

"Naruto? Is that you? What happened to you?" he asked, knowing that only Naruto would call him old. Naruto smirked as he closed the doors behind him and walked up to his desk.

"Well Old man it happened like this…." He then explained what happened two days ago. He explained about the meeting of his ancestors, him learning about his demon and the gifts he would receive, and the weapons he received as well as his bloodline. Sarutobi sat down shocked before he started to laugh to himself and look at the picture of the Yondaime and could not but look at the picture with a humorous grin

'Minato, you never cease to amaze me. Not even in the grave' he thought before he faced Naruto "Well Naruto-kun normally I wasn't supposed to do this until you were fourteen or gained the rank of Chuunin but I think that would do more harm then good." He said standing up and walking over to the pictures of the previous Hokage's but more specifically the fourth. He then removed the picture to reveal a safe. He then added in the combination and like that the safe opened to reveal some scrolls. He took out three scrolls, each a different color, and handed them to Naruto

"Those are from your father Naruto. I would tell you who he was but I think you should find out for yourself. Go ahead read them." He said with Naruto nodding and opening the scroll and began reading the contents within it

To my son Naruto. If you are reading this then I have long since fallen at the day of the Kyuubi no Kitsune attack and hopefully you are one of these three things

You are of Genin rank, Sarutobi is still alive, and you just gained knowledge of the Kyuubi no Kitsune within you. The second is that you are a Chuunin, Sarutobi is hopefully still alive but if not you met your Godfather and the Kyuubi no Kitsune is dead. Or the last one you are eighteen, Sarutobi has long since passed on to the afterlife and you are Hokage (hopefully) but my instincts were never wrong so I think you're the earlier of the three. Believe me Naruto I would have never considered giving you a hellish life if there was any alternative but there wasn't and I had no chose but to seal the Kyuubi no Kitsune in you. If you have not guessed it by now then I guess I should tell you. My name is Namikaze Minato but you may know me as the Yondaime of Konoha

Now I am sure you hold some hatred for me for what I've done, but try to understand something. I did what I did because I knew that you would be the best one for the job. I knew that with our bloodline you could use the Kyuubi no Kitsune's power to become the greatest ninja and accomplish my dream of being surpassed by a worthy successor. I knew our bloodline would help you in turning Kyuubi into a devil arm and use the power he used to try to destroy the village.

Now let me explain our bloodline. We are of the Namikaze clan or as our nickname states "The descendants of the dark knight". We each hold about three powers within our bloodline called Devil Arms, Devil Bringer, and my power Devil essence. The most common part of our bloodline is the ability to use Devil arms, which are weapons with demonic powers implanted into them. The Devil bringer is the second part of our bloodline as all we have to do is touch our first devil arm, which will send a surge of demonic energy into our arm and turns it into a demonic arm that allows us to pull enemies towards us or us towards them, either way the power kicks ass. The arm also multiplies our strength and can even manipulate time to a certain degree.

Then last but not least my personal favorite, Devil Essence which is a rare power seen within our clan. What Devil Essence does is allows us to absorb the power of the demon we kill, like say for example you kill a demon that holds the power over darkness, then Devil Essence will give the ability to use the darkness. And as a plus you get some of that demons properties and could even reflect your appearance around them. There are endless possibilities with that power.

Now on to other things such as the gifts. Sealed inside this scroll is a picture of your mother and me when we learned that she was pregnant with you. Also sealed in this scroll are my two personal weapons called Angel and Reaper. Along with that are the blueprints I have for another weapon but I think you should name it once you finished it. The last thing seal is a scroll containing my two my two personal jutsu's: the Rasengan and the Haraishin, though you may need training for that last technique.

Live long my son. May you become a legend beyond my level and maybe I will see you again someday.

Signed Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime

Naruto soon found a huge smirk on his face, as he looked towards Sarutobi "Well old man I think it's about time I make a change in scenery." he said with Sarutobi finding a smirk on his face as well

"I agree. It's time for a change as well."

AN: and break. Well I am glad I finally started a Naruto/Devil May Cry crossover. About a year ago, I did not even know what Devil May Cry was. I only saw the commercial for DMC 3 when I was like eight or nine once and did not hear about it again until DMC 4 came up. Well I am going to do as great as I can in this one. I might feature the Force Edge in this one but who knows. There will be some instant character changes but they would mostly be just the characters I chose to follow the way DMC works.

Now let me talk about the next thing, which is the manga. As you know Kishimato's been improving himself with his fans for the past hmmm…three months or so, with Naruto learning how to use Sage chakra, killing five of pains bodies, having pain show off his powers and sending Konoha straight to hell. Now there is something else I want to address, the so called "deaths" of Hinata and Shizune….DON'T BELIEVE IT!

First off, if Shizune was dead then we would have seen it more clearly but to say that the human path has the ability to "pull" out a soul is to much, even for Kishimato. Kishimato does know how to set limits, such as the Mangekyou needing to have the death of a best friend needed to activate it or the fact that each time you use said eye, you would lose your sight. He didn't have to set that up but he did. As far as I'm concerned Shizune is in a deep comma and won't get out until Tsunade helps her

Next up is Hinata, and I know this one is important because allot of the fans just up and gave up on their stories just because of her. First off SHE IS NOT DEAD, she's unconscious and I'll explain why I think that. First off Pain is able to push and pull objects towards him, so if he wanted to kill her, he would have used Buso Renkin to pull her towards him and then kill her in front of Naruto. Second they went off screen with the stab. If He wanted her dead, he would have shown where she was hit and declare her dead

This is S.O.S (same old shit) that other anime's have used to make the main character unlock his true power in an act of rage, and the only reason he did that was to give a good excuse for Naruto to go Six tails on Pain

Here's an example. In Dragon ball Z, Goku was about to leave planet Neamek after hitting Frieza with a spirit bomb. Frieza, somehow still alive, then shoots a death beam through Piccolo's chest, making it seem like he was dead. He then kills krillin with a move that makes him self destruct and cause's Goku to get pissed beyond reason's and lo and behold, Goku is a super saiyan.

Here's another. In Yu Yu Hakusho, during a little tournament, Kuwabara get's punched right through his stomach by Touguro, in front of Yusuke to make him get pissed and use his full power.

Last one, in Dragon ball Z, the character, Android 16, is killed in front of Gohan, who then get's pissed beyond reason and goes to the next level of super saiyan.

Other anime's have done similar things and some of them actually have the character remain dead while the others just kept them alive, and Naruto is one of the ones that would keep them alive, so just look at the situation of being 57% of her being alive as opposed to the 43% of her being dead

Until Next Time