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Ch.41 - Legacy of Devils: Endless Waltz

The sound of the jutsu's clash ranged all throughout the surroundings of demon world, causing a massive feel of pressure under their power with the surroundings being effected by it. The hands currently pushing to get the victory in this fight were glaring at the other, even though they were both being blinded under the light. Naruto struggled to push through, as his arm was currently receiving massive chakra burns that were slowly healing but not enough to keep his mind off the pain. Sasuke on the other side was going through the same treatment but his left eye was the subject of injury, since his right eye was closed to help his focus with his left eye that was still pumping chakra into his jutsu, his left eye bleeding so profusely that whites of his eye was now fully red and looked ready to burst at any moment.

However, both teens weren't giving up now.

'I won't loose, I must see my child.' Naruto thought to himself as he pumped all that he had left into his attack,unknowingly causing an imbalance in his jutsu.

'I have to live if I want my revenge.' Sasuke thought as he pumped in the final amount of chakra he had into his jutsu and his eyes, also causing a imbalance.

Both jutsu reacted to the new chakra and some the flux began to overload, but both teens didn't even pay a glance to it.

They were only concerned about the enemies' death.

The jutsu's soon began to react to the unbalanced fusion of power and was now starting to react, both techniques taking on a bright white color shining over both teens, whose eyes were still focused on the other.

"Naruto." Sasuke said in a low voice

"Sasuke." Naruto responded in a low voice

The blasts then exploded in a resounding shock wave that shook all of demon world. A huge cloud of smoke completely surrounded the two teens for quite a while until the smoke slowly began to dissipate slowly enough to reveal the heads of both Naruto and Sasuke, both were snarling in pain with Naruto's headband blown off his forehead and a large scar going along his forehead with blood leaking from his head and going over his eyes. Sasuke was a little worse for wear, as his forehead was also scratched up with blood leaking in currents from his now hollow left eye, which exploded sometime after the explosion and another scar over said eye.

Sasuke coughed up blood before he looked at Naruto with his sole remaining eye "Why...W-why i-i-s...is... it that y-y-you -w-w-won't f-f-fall?" Sasuke said as the smoke cleared and revealed why he asked this question. The smoke cleared well enough to reveal that Naruto and Sasukes moves both hit their marks but each one held very different results.

Sasuke's chidori managed to succeed in piercing Naruto's right pectoral muscle and was just sigh of several inches from cutting cleanly through the right collar bone and rendering the arm completely useless. But Sasuke wasn't even attempting to aim for Naruto's pectoral muscle, as he was aiming strictly for Naruto's heart and crushing it in his lightning covered hand, but Sasuke was stopped at the last second by the force of Naruto's. Naruto's attack managed to make it first to Sasuke, and while it didn't make the same damage that Sasuke's technique did it make the must devastating. Sasuke's chest was literally blown to pieces, leaving his heart and some of his bones exposed with rich blood leaking from the wound.

Sasuke coughed before his feet buckled and soon fell onto the ground, pulling his arm out of Naruto and the wound, which was now beginning to heal except for the scar for some odd reason. When the white haired teen felt the arm of Uchiha Sasuke leave him, he fell down on one knee with blood leaking from his mouth. Naruto felt a heaviness overcome his body but surprisingly all he felt was gladness for finally proving to the Uchiha that he was nothing and will always be nothing.

Naruto got up from his knees and walked over to Sasuke while holding onto his shoulder in gritted pain, but he would hold on long enough in order to properly tell Sasuke what he needed to say.

"What's up teme? I told I would win this right?" He said with Sasuke coughing up blood again before glaring with his lone eye

"Y-y-you s-s-ss-son of a b-bitch." He said as he tried to move his arms but found that he couldn't, mainly because of all the chakra he exhausted and the blood in his arms almost run dry. Naruto frown slightly, knowing that this guy was still trying to fight with a broken body, but knew that this would be the last time they would ever see each other, so he would try get as much as he can from this moment.

"I would kill you right now, but I think that this would be a better punishment." Said as he bent down on one knee and looked Sasuke in the eye." Uchiha Sasuke, Double S-class rouge shinobi from Konohagakure and former legacy to the Uchiha clan. As the Hokage of Konohagakure, it is within my power to official banish and confine you within the ultimate prison of demon world. It is also within my power to issue, the now official, disbandment of the Uchiha clan." He said with Sasuke looking shocked but couldn't respond due to his lungs trying to keep air in it "Your name, your clan, and your legacy is no longer an entity. I have stripped everything your clan once possessed and all of treasures have been given to your brother, Itachi." Naruto said, surprising Sasuke.

"So...Itachi will...keep the...clan name...running. Funny how...the killer will...keep the life...going." He said while struggling under the pain, but was soon surprised when he heard Naruto speak.

"Actually, Itachi choose to change his name after he and his wife took over Amegakure." He said with Sasuke looking shocked at that, since he never would have thought to look there with the history Ame had with Konoha. Naruto saw Sasuke's confusion and choose to give him the answer he wanted "Itachi felt that when he married his wife Konan, that he would truly start his life right by dropping the accursed name of the Uchiha clan and its fame over its pointless bloodline. Itachi asked that we destroy any and all information regarding the Uchiha clan in order for him to properly rebuild his life with his beloved wife and daughter." Naruto said with Sasuke looking even more surprised, since he was sure that Itachi would never allow a child to be born with their blood. Naruto saw that the Uchiha had nothing to say at this point, so he simply got up from his downed position and began to walk away.

"This is goodbye forever Uchiha. If by the unlikely chance that you return to konoha, say hello to my descendants for me." Naruto said with Sasuke coughing again before he looked to the sky of his new home.

A sky that he would get used to for the next thousand years before he would get his chance to return to the human world in a thousand years

"Goodbye, Naruto." He said to himself, since Naruto was long gone

(Timeskip - Three years later)

The world was now a brighter place then the way it was nearly three years ago after the war ended with the annihilation of the Otogakure village along with the death of Kazama Sotachi and the end of Uchiha Sasuke. Konohagakure has changed aburtly in the aftermath of the war, mostly because of new buildings being built nowadays and the newly added sixth face to the mountain of kages. Said face was that of the famous white haired teen now man that was the main reason for their victory against sound and all other villages that wished to get a piece of the leaf.

Said teen now twenty-one year old, white haired Hokage was currently situated in his office, lying down on his couch with his two year old daughter, Namikaze Hyuuga Reisei, currently resting on his chest and his hand resting on her back to hold her close to him. The white haired man changed majorly in appearance as his hair was now longer then it was three years ago and now reached his shoulders along with his beard still remaining on his face. Said white haired man was currently gazing at the ceiling with a somewhat blank stare, as he was currently reminiscing over all the shit that he had to go through for so many years

The white haired man couldn't possibly be any happier then he was now that he had his daughter, as the moment he held the little girl in his arms was the moment that the two became inseparable.

Well only until her mom had to feed her and when ever she crapped in her dipper, but all other times you would never see the two separated for long. Normally she would be with her mother whenever he had to go to his job, but today was different for one reason and one reason only.

Hinata was pregnant again with their second child, their son.

Naruto currently had at least eight kids with three more on the way, with Hinata being the first with his first daughter and soon to be born sixth son, Kurenai being second with his first son, Haku being third with twin sons, Anko being fourth with twin girls, and Tsunade being fifth with triplets: two girls and one boy. Tenten was currently six months along with a baby boy on the way, Temari was now four months along, and Yugito was a month along. He and Tayuya were currently awaiting the results of the pregnancy test, but he was sure that she was pregnant. The last was Shizune, with both currently working on having their first child together, although Naruto was sure that they would get one in as little time as possible. It was a tough transition for him to go from a man with multiple fiancés living under one roff, to a husband with multiple wives and allot of damn kids plaguing the house.

Plus it appeared that there was an unspoken competition between the wives of how many kids they can have with Naruto, since they apparently was jealous of Tsunade for having three kids at one time, placing her at the top for having the most with Naruto. This was probably why all the threes hunted him like a drug and made sure they got theirs everyday. Naruto was sure that if his hair wasn't already white with Kyuubi being able to restore his hair cells, then he would literally go bald with white hair going along the edges.

But it wasn't bad at all, as he had the Shadow clone jutsu at the ready to give each one enough attention.

His thoughts also went back to remembering the day he got married to his fiance's and the fact that everyone inn the village attended. The village as a whole was thrown for a loop when they attended his wedding and they all saw that he was marrying close to ten girls with some being big names with the major shocker being Tsunade, who simply stood with a large smirk the entire time during the wedding. When the council saw this, they wanted to make an attempt to impeach Naruto as Hokage but that was before Tsunade revealed that their marriage was legal due to them both being the last of their clans and a union between the two was an attempt to resurect both under a new name. All in all, it was a move that forbid the council to have any other form of reaction besides being shocked. Naruto shook his head when he remembered the honeymoon he had with his wives, as all night long they hungered for him and luckily he did the smart thing in giving them all shadow clones to use as fuck slaves all night while he and Hinata relaxed together since she was still pregnant with their daughter.

While his home has indeed changed tremendously from being a teen with live in girlfriends to a husband with multiple kids from multiple wives, he was still very much involved with his friends with each one now married. Lee and Kin got married the moment the war ended and damn near six months later she gave birth to their second daughter and not even a year later came the birth of their third daughter with their fourth daughter coming a year after that one. Kin was currently in the hospital after finally giving birth to their next child who was twins, another girl and finally a boy. Naruto asked Lee the third time Kin got pregnant why they don't slow down and just raise the ones they have now, and all he responded with was "We will keep going until I get my son, then maybe we'll tone it down to five times a week."

Neji and Sakura got together after the war ended and got married a year later with couple having their first child, which was a baby girl that was the mirror image of Sakura with Neji's eyes and a little bit of his head structure. The couples were extremely happy together, as Sakura finally felt that she got the perfect one she wanted, which was funny because she always assumed that it was in Sasuke that she saw it but in reality she knew that it was really Naruto that had it. She did indeed regret not taking him when he was open but when it came to Neji, all her regret turned to joy. Neji himself was happy with his life now, as Hinata decided that he should be the one to run the clan after uniting the clan as a hole finally and rid themselves of the caged bird seals in favor of a seal with the same propertes but instead it didn't cause pain. Hinata also stripped the Hyuuga elders of all their powers and had them all thrown in jail after learning that they ordered her mothers death now assasination. Allot of change came to the Hyuuga clan afterwards and only a truly bright future looked their way after being reformed for the better.

Shikamaru and Chouji were also married men, with Shikamaru finally telling Ino that he loved her and Chouji finally getting off his fatass long enough to ask the ramen shop girl, Ayame, out on a date. Shikamaru was now a full fledged jounnin instructor with Ino decideding to keep her main focus on the flower shop and a little less on her shinobi life, but that didn't mean she wouldn't turn down a mission every now and then. The couple, surprisingly, had two children, a son and a daughter, both of which held a fusion of their parents looks with their hair being a blonde/brown mix and their eyes being a teal color for some odd reason. While Shikamaru was still the same lazy bastard he's always been, he was now a little more on his feet since he had to be the primary bread winner in their household. Chouji and Ayame were currently expecting their first child, after spending their first couple of years together and expanding Ayames fathers ramen shop after the man decided to retire and hand the keys over to his only child. Together the couple made an expansion on the business by adding more to the menu along with adding in a grill for barbeque, as well as expanding the building so that they may add in some tables and chairs, thus making it more of a resturant and not just a stand. From those things alone being added, sales spiked tremendously and soon the Teuchi stand became one of the highest profitable restaurant in the village. Chouji decided to let off a little on his shinobi life, following Shikamaru's lead and became a jounin instructor so that way he wouldn't have to take so many missions. Life was good for the two best friends, as they couldn't wait to live their lives with the ones that they love.

Naruto laughed to himself at the fact that everyone he knew was now married, even Shino and Kiba after Shino met a girl named Isaribi from the land of the sea and Kiba met a girl named Yakumo. Their weddings were extremely funny and somewhat weird, since all of them were complete polar opposites of the other but yet they could still find love towards the other.

'Its hard to believe that so much has changed after that war.' Naruto thought, listening to the sound of his daughter resting on his chest. He was quickly brought out of his thoughts when the door was quickly opened by a frantic Neji, who was panting hard but was able to prevent the door from slamming against the wall lest he wanted to wake up his second cousin.

"Hey man, whats up?" Naruto asked with Neji only saying three words through his hard pants

"Hinata…..Hospital…..Baby." He said with Naruto suddenly sitting up before he ran towards Neji and handed him Reisei.

"Take care of my daughter, I'll be back." He said before vanishing in a burst of speed. Neji looked on in shock before he saw the baby spur herself awake with a whimper going across her lips, causing Neji to get a scared look on his face

"Please Reisei, not again don'-" It was to late, as the little girl gave off a loud pout loud as well as filling up her dapper, causing her to cry and make Neji groan in pain "Why is it that Naruto can always dodge this at the right time. Maybe I need to start using my Byakugan to see when she is about ready to blow." He said to himself before he left the room to change the baby girl.

(Hospital – One minute later)

Naruto arrived to the Hospital to find the doors were already open for him with a sign above the door saying "Room 365 Hokage-sama." He already knew the reason for this, simply because he's already blown through them enough times to get the message across. The hospital also wondered how Naruto can react to one of his wives giving birth since he's already gone through this eight times, but that in itself just showed that he was trying to be a real man and be there for his wives no matter what.

The white haired teen ran towards the third floor in record time and to his slight surprise saw Hiashi and Hanabi standing in front of the room containing Hinata, with Hiashi smirking at his son-in-law.

"I take it you guys came here to see your newest family member?" Naruto said with Hiashi smirking at him while giving the white haired man a hug.

"Of course son, what kinda father would I be if I wasn't here for my daughter and son in law? Besides, I can't wait to meet my grandson" Hiashi said with Hanabi smiling at her brother in law before giving him a quick hug.

"You should already know that I want to see my new nephew, so don't even bother asking." Hanabi said who was inwardly jealous that Hinata managed to bag someone like Naruto at such a young age, when she herself was still in her premature stage. But it wasn't all bad, since she was now dating Sarutobi Konohamaru, who was almost the exact same thing except younger.

She also hoped that he was as good as Naruto in bed, if from what she heard from Hinata is indeed true.

Naruto nodded his head before he walked into the maternity ward and immediately had to place his hands over his ears to block the loud screams of Hinata.

"NARUTO YOU DAMN BASTARD, HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME A SECOND TIME. WAIT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, I'M RIP YOUR COCK OFF WITH MY BARE HANDS THEN I'M GOING TO CLOSE ALL CHANCES OF YOUR SPERM GETTING A CHANCE TO GET ME PREGNANT AGAIN." Hinata yelled in her usual tirade of angry pregnancy threats, which would consistently involve severe body mutilation and the chances of removing his "Siamese twin" as well as his "United front".

'Damn, you would think that after Anko's threat, there wouldn't be a step further afterwards.' Naruto thought to himself as he remembered all the threats he received from his wives during their pregnancy. Haku threatened to freeze his balls so that his sperm would die. Kurenai threatened to castrate him slowly with a jagged edged rusty kunai while he watched. Tsunade did the usual crush his balls to dust then literally grabbing his member and plucking it off his body like a twig on a tree. But Anko, she just threatened to summon a snake and make it go through him anally and eat anything that it would come into contact with them leave through his nose. After hearing that, Naruto almost bailed on her, but he stuck through it and afterwards Anko apologized in a….well lets just say that they both couldn't move normally after the day when they could have sex again.

He slowly walked over to the area where he could hold Hinata's hand, while Tsunade and Sakura worked on getting the baby out as fast as they could, all the while looking at Naruto with sympathy. Sakura then walked over to the white haired man and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Perhaps you shouldn't have married all those girls and gotten them pregnant. It would have saved you all the vocal abuse." She said with Naruto smirking at her.

"Like your one to talk about vocal abuse. When Ame was born, you threatened to rip Neji in half then feed his body to wolves." He said with Sakura blushing slightly.

"That was just because of the pain, you try holding a baby for nine months and tell me how you would feel." Sakura said with Naruto smirking again.

"Okay, I'll do that but you try living with someone that's pregnant for nine months and tell me how you feel. This is nothing new pinky." He said with Sakura pouting and placing her hands on her hips.

"I thought you weren't going to call me that anymore? You said that you and me are cool again." She said, remembering the nickname he gave her when they were children.

"I said I wouldn't call you that as often since Neji asked me, but that doesn't mean I have to stop completely." He said with Sakura smirking as well

"Fine Baka, be that way. Come on, Hinata's been waiting for your hand." She said with Naruto walking over to Hinata and took her hand in his. Almost instantaneous, a huge grip overcame his hand nearly causing him to yelp in pain while Hinata looked at him with a look that would cause the Kyuubi to piss himself.

'This is going to be a long one.' Naruto thought to himself as he heard Hinata scream again and tightened her grip with Naruto scowling in pain 'Oh yes, this will be a long one.'

(Hours later)

After being in labor for so many hours, the time had finally come when Hinata has given birth to her brand new son, who was now letting the tears fly and wailing hard. Hinata wiped a tear off her eyes as the baby was a perfect mix of her and Naruto with his eyes being hers and his hair being a bright silvery white.

Almost like Starlight

"Hey Naruto-kun, I think someone wants to meet you." She said with a happy smile on her face but to her surprise saw that Naruto wasn't even in the room. She then looked around for a moment before her eyes caught the sight of a huge hole in the wall.

"I take it you don't remember huh?" Tsunade asked as she stood beside the, now, mother of three.

"All I remember is Naruto taking my hand and that was it." She said with Tsunade sighing before she spoke.

"Well when Naruto took your hand, you were entering a frenzy of yelling and cursing at him as well as threatening him with bodily. You then went into the most painful section of the birthing process, in which you somehow gained enough strength to toss Naruto across the room and into the wall behind me." Tsunade said with white eyed woman blushing with embarrassment, while thinking of a way to make it up to Naruto.

Maybe something to do with lingerie and whipped cream

Both women were thrown out of their thoughts, as they looked towards the sound of groaning and saw Naruto come out of the wall with his hand on his head.

"Damnit, you would think that after eight damn times I would get used to this shit." He said only to hear the sound of chuckling, causing him to look towards the sound of chuckling from Tsunade.

"Keep getting used to it Naruto-kun because I'm next in line." She said kissing his cheek before whispering in his ear, causing him to straighten up in surprise.

For a woman at her age, she sure does have a naughty imagination

He quickly shook his head before he looked towards Hinata and froze up for a moment when he saw his new son in the arms of Hinata, crying lightly since he was only but a few minutes old. Hinata smiled brightly towards her beloved husband and slowly ushered him over to his new son, who was still going strong on his crying.

"It looks like our little dude is quite the wailer." Naruto said as he was handed his new born son, and almost instantly he felt the connection with the new born baby. Just like Hinata, he too saw how his son reminded him a little starlight which was awesome since almost everyone of his child had some type of connection with an idea. He and Kurenai's son had her black hair and light blue eyes that reminded him of lightning in a dark night. Thus his name Raiu came to mind and Kurenai said that she loved that name and thought that it fit their son tremendously, and knew that he would live that name to the fullest.

His twin sons with Haku were paternal twins, so they each were clones of their parents with Haku enjoying all the positives that motherhood entitled. They didn't have to worry about names since Haku already knew what she wanted to name one of her sons, and Naruto couldn't agree more. She named the one that looked like her Zabuza and the one that looked like Naruto Aisu, two names that fit the boys perfectly.

His twin daughters with Anko looked exactly like her with their hair being a mix of purple and white with their eyes being the only thing that separated them, as one had dark blue and the other had dark brown. As such he named them Kyuuka and Kasumi, with the brown eyed one being Kyuuka and the blue eyed one being Kasumi. Those two names were great in the eyes of Anko, who rewarded the day after forgiveness sex day with thank you sex. His triplets with Tsunade were two more of the cutest baby girls he ever laid eyes on, with each one bearing resemblance of both himself and their mother. Two of the triplets were identical twins with full snow white hair and brown eyes while the third of them stood out as being Naruto's reincarnation, with Tsunade's blonde hair and Naruto's blue eyes. When Naruto laid eyes on the boy, he could only laugh at the pure irony of having a son that resembled his old self perfectly. He decided to name his daughters with Tsunade, Tenka and Rikka while naming his son Kaisou.

All in All, Naruto had a hand in naming his children and this one would get the perfect name to describe himself.

"So Naruto-kun, what should we name the baby?" Hinata asked with Naruto smiling to himself

"How's a about Seiun?" Naruto said with Hinata raising an eyebrow

"Seiun? After your dragon friend?" Hinata asked with Naruto nodding his head

"Yeah, it really fits him perfectly." He said with Hinata thinking on it for a moment before she nodded to herself

"Why not, it's a beautiful name to begin with." She said receiving a quick kiss from the white haired man, who handed the newly named Seiun back to his mother.

"Listen, I'll be back a little later with Reisei so she can meet her little brother. I know she'll be happy." He said as he walked out of the room but not before looking towards Hinata "I love you babe." He said before he left the room. Hinata had a small smile on her face, as she held her son close to her chest.

"You'll become a great legacy, Seiun, I just know it." She said before she fell asleep.

(Epilouge Timeskip – Fifteen years later)

A lone figure ran through the streets of Konoha in a black blur, wearing nothing but black with white hair and white eyes. He was a handsome young man for his age, getting a couple of looks going his way as he ran by but he didn't have time for that, as he had to make it to the building or else.

'Damnit, I have to get there or else dad will kick my ass again.' He thought as he turned up the heat and soon appeared before the building he was searching for 'Yes, made it.' He thought as he ran through the doors and towards the room with the double doors. He quickly opened the doors and rushed inside, without even looking and accidently bumped into a person standing still. The teenager grabbed his head in pain before hearing a loud shrill voice of the girl that he hit by accident.

"Damnit Seiun, watch where your going when you run into a room." The girl said identifying the teenager to be Seiun, Naruto's first son with Hinata. Seiun then looked up and saw the person he bumped into and blushed lightly since he knew the girl.

"Sorry Kagayaki, I wasn't looking." He said with girl sighing as she helped him up to his feet. The girl identified as Kagayaki was a tall girl that looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old with long blue hair tied in a pony tail along with some strands going over her left eye and which was charcoal black. She wore an outfit that consisted of a tight long sleeved shirt that showed off her C-cups well and stopped above her belly button that had a tattoo design of a sun along with some black cargo pants to go with it. The girl was very beautiful for her age and while many guys would offer her dates, she would turn them all down in an instant since her heart belonged to the teen she was holding.

"Don't do it again or else you won't be making out with me for a while." She said as she gave Seiun a small peck, which he returned without hesitation. Both were about to get into it but were stopped by the sound of someone coughing, causing then to separate from each other but both still holding hands.

"As much as you two idiots amuse me, I'm afraid that you there is no time for that as I am sending you both on a mission." The Hokage said with Seiun smirking.

"Finally, something for me to do other then sleeps all day." He said with Kagayaki muttering 'idiot' under her breath while the Hokage simply smirked at him

"I recommended for you to be added to this years chunin exam being held over there so maybe now you can stop bitching to me about not adding you." He said with Seiun smirking at the man before him.

"Come on old man, since when do I complain about anything?" He asked, only to be hit in the back of the head by a new entrant.

"Try everything idiot since I'm the one you do the majority with." Said the newest entrant who looked like an older female version of Seiun

"Damnit Reisei, when will stop doing that?" He asked only to get hit again by his full older sister. Reisei grew up to become a splitting image of her mother, expect with her hair, which held the indigo color but with white strands going through it. Reisei was cuurently viewed as the sexiest kunoichi in the village, always wearing outfits that showed off her voluptuous curves and large bust, but not to the point where it pissed off her dad since she was a daddy's girl. Growing up under his roof was staggering during her teenage years but she knew that his strictness was expectable due to his status amongst the shinobi world. She also knew that it was because she was the oldest of twenty kids, all of whom she loved tremendously, and knew that she needed to be a proper role model to them.

But that didn't mean she couldn't pick on her little brother

"Because you won't stop being the same pig headed moron dad was when he was your age." Reisei said before looking towards the Hokage, who smirked at her.

"Good terminology Reisei, but anyway I want you all to head over there stat, the exams start tomorrow." He said with the teens nodding before they turned and walked towards the door, not before Seiun turned to the Hokage.

"Hey dad, I'm going to kick ass." He said with the Hokage smirking

"Good luck son." He said with Seiun walking through the doors.

Naruto then turned his seat around and got up to overlook the Konoha that took the thirty-six year old white haired man fifteen years to achieve in his now eighteen year term as Hokage. He still looked the same as he did when Seiun was born, but instead his beard was replaced with a goatee and his hair was a long enough to reach past his shoulders. Allot of the policies that once plagued this glorious village was now extinct and everyone was now seven times happier then they previously was. The economy was flourishing well enough to allow Konoha to send constant funds to Sunagakure incase they ever hit a small jam. The communities now held a more peaceful feel to it, even in the poor district, and while there was still thieves plaguing the street it wasn't enough to cause any kind of panic. The shinobi program was rebuilt along with the academy that helped insure less gennin deaths as well as bringing in new medical shinobi's in the process.

Naruto truly felt the happiness his heart desired to have when he was a kid growing up in the streets, trying to make a name for himself and become the legend that he now was today.

"I take it your proud of how our son turned out?" Naruto asked as he watched Seiun run towards the gate with his girlfriend and sister in tow. A figure soon appeared in his room and when the light came to her, it revealed a now fully grown Hinata that still looked like she did when she hit twenty one. The indigo haired woman then walked over to her husband and rested her head on his shoulder, which came with his hand snaking around her waist.

"Yeah, I'm pretty proud of how he's turned out to be, seeing as how you're his father." She said with Naruto chuckling to himself as he watched his son land on top of the gate and shouting to him "I'M GONNA BE HOKAGE DAD, JUST YOU WAIT." This in itself made the white haired man smirk to himself as he held onto one of the women he truly loved in this world.

'Yeah, you better do it kid. You better do it.'


In the dark confides of demon world, a hooded cloaked figure walked through the plain wielding a huge zanbatou shaped sword on his back. The man appeared to have been walking through this plain for quite sometime, and appeared to have taken on many wounds with the shape his clothes were in, but yet he still moved on through the darkness. He was soon stopped by the sudden appearance of three large demons, each one licking their lips with excitement as they looked at the figure before them.

"Look at this boys? A human somehow found his way here." One of the demons said with the other snickering at the prospect.

"Yeah, it's been a long time too since we last seen one. How long has it been since we made one our bitch?" The second demon in the group asked with the third one shrugging his shoulder

"I don't know, but the last thing I remember was raping it to the point in which it cried for death. Sweet memories." The third one said with both of his comrades laughing as well. However, they were cut off when the figure spoke, causing all three of them to take a step back for a moment.

"I am nobodies bitch, but you on the other hand are mine." He said as he pulled back his hood to reveal his spiky jet black hair that reached his shoulders. He then took hold of the sword on his back and held it before him with a smirk on his face "I am Sasuke, and I will be your killer." He said with lone Sharingan eye peering through the darkness with his left eye covered by a makeshift eye patch to hide his hollow eyehole.

It was then at that moment that all three demons let out a small laugh with one of them speaking up in place of the others "Are you serious? How can you honestly expect to beat us with one eye?"

It was then that one of the demons arm was suddenly fell off by a fast blade, making them look towards the fallen appendage in wonder. It was then that the demon that lost his arm would soon loose his head, as it suddenly split in half and caused blood to ooze out of the opening. The other demons looked shocked and were ready to run until the swordsmen appeared behind them holding onto his sword and resting it on his shoulders.

"Naruto called this a punishment? This is possibly the best thing he could have done for me." He said before both demons exploded in chunks, leaving their blood and body parts littered on the ground. Sasuke however continued walking towards the place that he has been determined to find for the last fifteen years.

To find his way home.

'Naruto, you may think that you rid me from the world but you are sadly mistaken. I will find my way out of here and when I do, I shall get my revenge.' He thought before he looked to the sky 'But until then, I will enjoy every second that I can from being here.' Sasuke said as he walked further and further away into the nothingness.

Sasuke would never find his desired location nor would he truly care, as he endlessly fought his way through the confides of demon world, gaining the nickname "The Tri-comma eye". This place would forever be the land he called home, a land that held his endless waltz.

This was the tale of two boys, both born with an unquenchable hatred for each other that they enjoyed every moment they had when they fought. One found everlasting peace and prosperity, the other found everlasting combat and pain. This is the tale of these two men: Naruto and Sasuke

Two men that were…..

Playing the Four Devils

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