"Beast's Castle?" Luxord asked.

"Beast's Castle," Xaldin confirmed.

Luxord nodded and turned his gaze back to the shimmering surface of the water. The dragonflies twirled around the roses and tulips, some landing on the marble fountain that Luxord was sitting on.

Xaldin watched one in particular that seemed to love to make Luxord's eyes light up in just the right way that made them look absolutely breathtaking. A light wind played with Xaldin's dreadlocks, pushing them over one of his broad shoulders. Luxord's earrings made a light clang as they clacked against each other.

Besides all else it was quiet. Not uncomfortable at all. Peaceful. Luxord looked at Xaldin and smiled. Xaldin quickly turned away.

"What?" He asked.

"Make sure you come back," Luxord replied.

Xaldin turned to him.

"What do you care if I come back or not?" He asked.

"If you don't come back than whom will I have to play Blackjack and Strip Poker with?" Luxord asked.

Unfamiliar warmth spread across Xaldin's cheeks as he turned away.

"Don't be ridiculous. You have IX, II, and VIII," Xaldin muttered.

"They're not as much fun as you, dear," Luxord said.

The warmth only got hotter as Xaldin crossed his arms, turning away from the young blond gambler. Luxord laughed lightly.

Silence took them over once again.

"Be careful," Luxord muttered.

Xaldin looked over. Luxord had his face turned so Xaldin couldn't see.

"It's a simple mission. I'll be fine," Xaldin said.

"What if Sora appears? What then?" Luxord asked.

Xaldin stood from his seat and walked next to Luxord. He put a hand on his shoulder.

"I suppose I'll just have to kill him then," Xaldin said.

Luxord looked up to him. Purple and blue. Clashing. Colliding. Blending. Crystal Blue. Shining Amethyst.

"I'll be back. I promise," Xaldin said.

"Your promise is just words. If you can't put your heart in it, it means nothing," Luxord muttered, his gaze falling back to the water.

Xaldin was silent. He took his hand off of Luxord's shoulder and turned away. His footsteps faded. Luxord sat there for a few seconds and then opened a dark corridor to his room.


"Seeya Xaldin!" Demyx shouted, waving rapidly to the big man.

"I will see you when I get back," Xaldin said, making sure to mess up the boy's precious mullet.

Demyx gave a shout of protest and quickly went to fixing it.

"Catch you later?" Xigbar asked.

"Of course," Xaldin answered giving him a quick smack on the back.

Xigbar gave a laugh and checked to make sure his spine was still in place. Xaldin smiled and turned to the exit of the Alter of Naught. Luxord was standing there. His back leaning against the wall, gaze fixed to the wall opposite.

Xaldin made his way over. Xigbar quickly shooed Demyx off quickly following behind.

Xaldin stood in front of Luxord. Luxord made no sign to show that he acknowledged Xaldin's presence, even though Xaldin was standing right in his line of vision.

"I have to go," Xaldin said.

"Go," Luxord said.

"Is that all you have to say?" Xaldin asked.

Luxord looked away. Xaldin nodded and started to walk away. Luxord felt like he should say something. Do something. But he didn't. Xaldin promised…