This story might confuse you if you don't read this.

Okay, so Roger and Mimi were childhood friends, and they met one day in a park in the city when Roger was 6 and Mimi was 4. Roger was with his mom and Mimi was with her mom as well. Mimi looked at Roger with curious eyes… then hit him in the head with a chunk of hard wet sand. Roger looked at Mimi and tears started coming down.

Mimi didn't know she was going to hurt him, so she went over to him and said, "I'm Sorry"

"It's Okay," Roger said, "Let's go play, I'm Roger"

"I'm Mimi Lets go!!!"

And so that's how Roger and Mimi's friendship began. Little did they know they would do almost everything together for the next 15 years. Go to school, get out of school, firsts, and lasts, they did it all. They were the best of friends.

* ********


"Roger!!!" Mimi laughed. Roger was on top of her tickling the life out of her. They were both in Mimi's loft chowing down popcorn and junk food. This is the usual Friday night with Roger and Mimi. The TV was blasting at full volume, the music was on, and Mimi was making a whole other noise.

Mimi looked up at Roger suddenly, and stopped laughing, "Hey want to stop killing me and watch some crappy TV?"

"Sure," Roger said, grabbing Mimi's hands and bringing her in front of her red couch. He sat down, and patted the ground next to him, signaling her to sit there. She sat and grabbed some popcorn.

As they watched the TV, Roger crept behind Mimi, then sitting on her couch. He pulled her hair out of a ponytail and started brushing it with his fingers. He then got close to her ear. Mimi gasped.

Roger whispered, "Did you know that your hair glows brilliantly in the moon light?"

Mimi laughed and hit Roger playfully, "Yes I know, you have only told me at least 100 times since I met you"

Roger just nodded and went on brushing her long curly hair, she really is beautiful, but I don't like her at all.. I know that, Roger thought. He just wished he could tell her that, without making their friendship weird. Maybe he would tell her one day. Just maybe..

"Roger?" Mimi climbed on top of Roger and looked him in the eyes, "Are you okay? You're kind of in a daze."

"You would never know," Roger said then caught himself, "Oh sorry I mean... I meant… nothing… nothing. So want to do anything? What time is it?"

Mimi laughed, "Roger its 2 in the morning."

"Shit!" Roger sighed, "If I go into my loft now Mark's going to be scared out of his mind."

"So stay here I got an extra couch."

Roger didn't know if he could stay here, "Mimi are you sure?"

"Sure, why not?" Mimi asked suddenly, "It's not like anything is going to happen. We are best friends right?"

Mimi smiled at Roger then and Roger knew he couldn't back out now, "Sure I'll stay… oh god Mark's going to kill me for this."

Mimi laughed and grabbed a pillow from her bed, "Here I always have an extra just in case."

Roger looked up at Mimi suspicious, "In case of what?"

Mimi Looked down and blushed, "That is my business not yours"

Roger looked at Mimi. Her eyes were concentrated on the ground. He grabbed her chin suddenly, "Mimi I'm not going to make you tell me anything. Don't you know that?"

Mimi couldn't look at Roger. Her eyes strayed to the window.

Roger knew she wasn't going to budge so he let her go and went to find a blanket.

"Hey I got a blanket if you need one," Mimi called, her eyes now fixed on the floor.

"Okay, then, where is it?"

"Underneath the couch pillows. You have a choice between a blue blanket or a green blanket. But, you can always use both."

Roger looked underneath the pillows and saw 2 blankets. It was awfully cold so he took both. Just in case.

Roger plopped down on the couch and fixed the pillow and threw the blankets over him.

"Goodnight Roger," Mimi called, sitting on the couch across from him.

"Night Meems," Roger called then looked at Mimi, "Mimi? Where's your blanket?"

"I don't have one," Mimi said shivering.

"Awh no meems, you need a blanket, take one of mine."

Mimi laughed and coughed, "Roger one of those blankets couldn't cover you even if you tried! You're too tall and muscular!" Mimi laughed.

Roger didn't want Mimi getting a cold, "Mimi I'm serious, and you can't get sick you need a blanket."

"I don't have anymore blankets."

"So come here we will share okay?" Roger asked, then caught himself.

Mimi looked at Roger, she knew he wouldn't hurt her.

Mimi walked towards Roger, and he opened up the blanket so she could climb in next to him. When she was fully under the blanket next to Roger, she realized how warm Roger was, so she nuzzled next to him more.

Roger couldn't help but smile down at Mimi. Roger moved the pillow more to Mimi's side, picked up Mimi's head a bit and let her rest on the pillow more.

Mimi turned around suddenly, startling Roger, "Goodnight Rog," Mimi said kissing him on the cheek.

"Night Meems," Roger said looking up and closing his eyes.

As they both fell asleep the night sky twinkled brightly. The night wind blew. Roger dreamed. Mimi dreamed. Everything fell into place.