Roger looked around the hot golden sand. The gold twinkled in his eyes and he followed the hills to the horizon, holding Mimi's and as they began to enter the palace.

"Well its beautiful here isnt it?" Mimi smiled holding in a giggle.

"Yeah," he said bitting his lip, "Where the fuck did my guitar go?"

"Over there," She frowned, "Why do you always need your guitar? I swere your getting more and more like Mark everyday"

"Im still here you know," Mark raised his hand from his camera.

"You just cant ever let go of your guitar," she said ignoring him.

"Well I would like to hold you right now but I don't think the 'kings' little servants would like that," He said rolling his eyes over to Mereb, one of Radames closest servents, who was keeping a watchful eye on the couple.

"hey," Mereb nodded, "I really don't mind, im not a bad guy, I wont tell Radames anythiing, promise"

"Your sweet," Mimi smiled walking over to Mereb, "What's your name?"

"Mereb," He smiled taking one of Mimis hands and kissing it, then looked back up at her, "Im one of Radames servants," He laughed, "I think you could have figured that out by now"

"Yeah we did," Roger said taking Mimi into his arms, kissing her forehead, "You seem okay, just never kiss Mimi's hand again, thanks."

"Alright," he laughed and whispered into Mimi's ear, "Protective much?"

"Very," she smiled and looked up to the confused Roger, "I love him anyways"

Mereb smiled, "Well we should get going, Radames told me to bring you to his room," He smiled, "Alone time for the happy couple," He ran down the narrow hallway and opened the last door on the right, "Go on right ahead, ill call you later for dinner," He said as Mimi and Roger went inside the room.

"What about me?" Mark questioned.

"You can just roam the palace," He smiled closing the door, "I don't have much to do, you can just come with me upstairs or something if you want."

"Sure," He smiled and took after Mereb.

"What to do," Aida looked around the red velvet hallway. Gold crytals hung from the wall, old paintings of pharoahs and important people hung from the white parts of the wall. She whiped a tear from her eye, and saw two figures coming towards her view.

"Hey are you okay?" Mereb asked running towards her, "Need a towel?"

"no its okay," She forced a smile, "Im alright"

"Whats your name again?" He asked, "I didn't see you earlier, when the new slaves came in"

Aida shivered at the world 'slave', "Aida,"

His eyes widened with happiness, "Aida, I kno-"

She covered his mouth and grabbed Marks ear, "You don't know me, Mereb."

"Yes I do princ-"

"Do not speak of me, no one can know who I am, if anyone finds out im dead meat," She looked at Mark, "That's for you too Camera boy"

"Okay I promise I wont tell, but can you just explain? The last time I saw you, was during my abduction, a few years ago," Mereb pleaded when she took her hand off of him.

Aida nodded pointing into a open room, "Lets go in here ill tell you okay?" she looked at Mark who was rubbing his bright red ear, "sorry about that by the way."

"No problem," He rolled his eyes following Aida into the room.

Mereb followed Mark into the room and locked the door, "So lets begin."


Radames walked around the palace, following the familiar passageways to his room. Once he found the room he opened the door to find Roger and Mimi safely asleep in his bed.

"Oh how sweet," He spoke, "Wake up lover boy, cutie pie"

Rogers eyes fluttered open, "what do you want?"

"This is my room," Radames answered quick, "Both of you get up, I want to show you the place.

"Okay fine just get out, Mimi needs to get something on," Roger looked over at Mimi, "I don't want you to be here when she gets changed alright?"

Radames cheeks burned, "yeah yeah sure," He said and bolted out the door waiting for them to come out. The animal patterns on the wall looked like a moving picture to him. He followed the elephants footprints as it led to the mighty nile.

"Okay were here," Mimi smiled, "What was it you needed us for?"

"Don't worry Roger, im not here to seduce your beloved Mimi," He snickered flicking Rogers nose, "I just wanted to show you guys around the palace, you'll be around here long enough anyways. Just so then you know how to get around you know?"

"oh!" Mimii shrilled, "Fun!"

Roger rolled his eyes, "Okay she wants to go, so ill go, where first captain?"

"Just follow me," Radames looked around, "Mereb!"

"What master?" He shouted from above, Aida and Mark at his side.

"Can you come down, to help us," His eyes strayed to Aida, "Just bring Mark, only him with you."

"Whatever you want master." He bowed, and his figure moved out of view.

"Why don't you want Aida here," Roger questioned.

"I just don't alright?" He said quickly turning around.

"You can talk to me If you want to," He said poking him in the back.

Radames didn't answer and shrugged him off, "Mereb?"

"Im here," He said coming into view with Mark.

"Okay can you go show us the palace," He sighed at merebs confused look, "I know I live here, but for right now, im in the mood for a tour as well, you might know something more then me."

"Sure master," He bowed.

"Don't call me that," He rolled his eyes.

"yes, master."

Radames grabbed Roger to the back of the tour line, "I don't know alright?"

"I think your starting to feel something for you lady friend here," He snickered.

"No," He looked down, "Im not even her friend, I just want to get to know her more. Do not give me any looks, Davis."

"Alright alright so lets go get to know her," He pointed up the stairs.

"Really?" he looked at mereb.

"Sure ill help, I want to get to know her too, since im going to be here for a while," He smiled, "Don't worry I wont steal her from you"

"Shut up, I don't like her, if you didn't notice im betroved to someone already," He coughed, "And I love her."

"Lieing bastard," Roger coughed.

"Whatever," He replied, "Mereb, Roger and I are going to go upstairs alright?"

"Sure," He smiled and walked away with Mimi and Mark.

"Thanks," Radames whispered when they got to the top of the spiraling staircase.

"No problem," his eyes looked for Mimi downstairs.

"She loves you you know," He looked at Roger, "You have nothing to every worry about."

"I know," he looked down at his shoes, "But im still afraid she is going to leave one day, I don't know"

Radames looked at the pain in Rogers face, "Don't worry, just don't think about that please."

He nodded, "Wheres Aida?"

"That room over there," His throat tightened, and he felt a sturdy hand on his back.

"Lets go in," Roger said and opened the door.

"Aida?" Radames called.

No answer, the room remainded quiet and still.

"Aida?" Roger questioned, "where are you," He lit a candle.

Aida sat on her bed, clinging onto her knees for dear life. As she looked up from her knees, Radames noticed the fire in her eyes.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah im okay," She said looking down, "What do you both want?"

"We just came to talk," Roger said sitting down next to her, "is that alright?"

"Sure," she smiled a bit looking up at him, "I'd like that."

Roger smiled at her, "I didn't get to talk to you much before, tell me about yourself."

Radames was baffled by his ability to talk to her so freely, "Yeah please Aida."

Aida looked at Radames, the fire returned to her eyes, "Well I don't have much to say."

"Okay lets start with whats your favorite hobby?" Roger asked patting her back.

"Sailing," a smile formed on her lips, "I would always go sailing with my father"

"That's pretty cool, I never went sailing, I was always with my guitar," Roger smiled, "I couldn't find a song for a while. When I found mimi, I finally found my song."

"That's sweet," She looked down.

"Hey im going to go get my guitar," He winked to Radames, "Ill be right back."

Before Radames could say something the door slammed shut.

"What do you really want?" Aida's eyes looked over at the open window.

"Just to get to know you," He looked down, "Im not a bad person."

Aida didn't answer, her eyes remainded intact with the window, her eyes showed her longing to be outside.

"Listen i-"

"HELP!" Roger shouted from below.

Aida's eyes looked towards the door, as she ran out the door and down the stairs, towards Rogers voice, "What wrong?!"

She ran into Radames room, where Roger and Mimi were staying earlier and her eyes widned at the sight.

"Who the hell is this?!?" Roger screamed through kisses, from a woman that was not Mimi.

"ROGER?!" Mimi screamed running into the room, "Are you oka-"

Her voice was cut off when she saw a beautiful girl making out with Roger on the spot.

"Mimi!" Roger shouted pushing off the girl on him, "This is not what you think it is, I have no idea who the fuck this is, she came onto me!"

"Don't tell me you didn't miss me Radames," She kissed his forehead.

"Radames?!" He walked away from her, "Im Roger, nice to meet you. Now tell me, Who are you?"

"Your not Radames?" She questioned, "you look just like him… are you lieing to me Radames?"

"Im NOT radames!" He pointed to his chest, "Im ROGER DAVIS. I just got here today," He looked towards the door, to find Radames walking in, "THAT'S radames!"

"Oh Radames!" She squealed, "I missed you!"

"Amneris?" Radames looked at her, "I just got back, I didn't know you would be here…"

She kissed him, "What you didn't want me here?" She looked around the room, "I thought you would have missed me."

"Oh I did miss you Amneris," He sighed looking over at the confused Roger who was apologizing to the annoying Mimi, "I just wasn't expecting you."

"Oh well im sorry, ill get going to my room then," She smiled," Your happy to stop by anytime, sweetie," she smiled seductively, "Whose the new slave girl?"

"My name is Aida," Aida spoke from the corner.

"Yes that's Aida and she is going to be your new helper," he smiled at his new plan.

"Im what?" Aida exclaimed.

"Yes Aida, you and Amneris will be good friends alright?" He pleaded.

"Sure, id love some help, what are you good at, Aida?"

"Well I love to sew, we nubians know some of the finest sewing secrets," Aid a answered.

"Oh my god!" Amneris squealed, "You really know me Radames!" She ran into his arms and kissed him, "Thank you so much!"

"No problem Amneris," He smiled at her, while his eyes locked with Aida. Hurt and pain circled her dark brown eyes.

"Ill get going now," Aida announced leaving the room.

"Ill go too, I want to get to know this Aida girl!" Amneris squealed running out of the room.

"Yeah so did I," Radames whispered. His eyes filled with regret, as Roger patted his back, holding Mimi at his side.

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