-8- CHRISTMAS PARTY (part 2) [The Kissing Game] -8-


The most hated word is PRIDE! 'Coz when you have it...

A few more games were played before the foods had arrived. The teachers are preparing it to be served.

"Okay, we will have one more game before we eat." Shikamaru said while looking to all of them.

"I want the participation of...Neji and TenTen," he paused and looked around. "Naruto and Hinata," he said names when his eyes pass the participants he calls. "Hmmm... Sasuke and..." He look around as if he's taking his time picking the most suited girl to be paired with Sasuke because he knows everybody wants that position.

I hope it's me... It was Sakura's silent prayer while sitting quietly, not looking at Shikamaru, for him to notice her.

How was that possible? I don't know too but heavens, it is indeed possible!



She looks up at Shikamaru.

I didn't mishear it, didn't I?

"Neji and TenTen, Naruto and Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura, come on!" Shikamaru called them loudly.

She heard name right, but she felt shyness' discouraging her.

The two pairs are already there in the center. The very shy Hinata, the very angry TenTen and Naruto (he's angry while looking at Shikamaru. Shikamaru just shrugged his shoulders), and Neji, who didn't mind them all and wait for this game to start.

Sasuke's still seating, not making a sign that he wants to join this game.

You always don't want to be the first to do step to be with someone.

Sakura's having a second thought now.

"Hey, we're hungry, just come here already!" Shikamaru's irritated voice made Sakura stand and step towards the center.

Sasuke also made his way.

"Okay, this is called 'The Kissing Game'."

Everybody gasped and look at Shikamaru with a not-so-good-expression – fiercely.



All the girls are shock! Just what kind of game is this?! Shikamaru didn't even warn them! They are minors for heaven's sake! Who thought this game?! (hehe:p)

"Hey, relax," Shikamaru calmed them. "I have three lipsticks here and I'll give it to the boys (the participants)," he said and give each one of them a lipstick. "The game goes like this – the boy will place the lipstick into their mouths and they will put a lipstick to the girls' lips without using their hands, got it?" He asked the three boys.

They nodded.

"Then the girls will kiss the face of the boys. The lipstick should mark on their faces. Only the face, okay?" He asked the girls.




They are all blushing with the thought of the game and how it will turns out!

This is their great chance to kiss their crushes! They could kiss them as much as they want!

Well, not really. (:p)

"Whoever got the highest number of kisses (kiss marks) in one minute wins."

What a Christmas gift...! Sakura and Sasuke thought with excitement in unison.

"It's okay, Hina-chan," Sakura pat Hinata's shoulder as she sees Hinata's going to faint in any seconds now. "It's just Naruto!"

"H-hai... Arigatou Sakura-chan." Hinata's face is redder than the tomatoes. Why, it's Naruto, her crush, who is her partner in this embarrassing... yet, exciting game! Only idiots wouldn't understand her.

"Maybe Hinata doesn't like me to be her partner?" Naruto's faked worry face shows. "Sasuke, it would be better if we change partners, what do you think?"

Sasuke didn't have his second thought and said, " – BAKA!"

Naruto was shock.


"Are you ready?" Shikamaru asked them while holding a timer.

The boys put the lipsticks on their mouths.

"Timer starts... NOW."

The boys quickly put the lipstick to the girls' lips.

Oh my...! Hinata didn't carry the situation and fainted just as Naruto's face went closer to hers.

"HINATA!" Naruto's panicked voice shocked every single bird that's just stopping by in their windows.

The others also helped Hinata and Naruto while Naruto carried her to the infirmary.

The game is still on. Well, they already know and expect that Hinata will pass out so the two pairs were left competing.

Neji put the lipstick to TenTen's lips. And while he's still putting her the lipstick, Sasuke also put the lipstick to Sakura's lips.

"Oh my GOSH!!!"

"OH MY!"



All the girls are really jealous of Sakura. Well, who wouldn't? Sakura's really too intimate with Sasuke at this very moment and she can even kiss him any moment by now.

And kissing Sasuke is everyone's dream!

What a stupid game! Sasuke thought while trying to keep his mind and body in control.

You're so aware of what others think that you can't do what you want.

On the other hand, Sakura's really shy and blushing to the highest level!

She could feel the warm yet abnormal breathing of Sasuke and his scent.

A lot of different emotions and sensations came all over her body that tickles her.

Sasuke cupped her face with two hands for him to make sure he can put the lipstick carefully, correctly and tidily.

After a few seconds of putting of lipsticks, Sakura took her deepest breath and began kissing Sasuke on his face.

She kisses him on the part of his cheeks, of his forehead, of his chin, of his... oh, Sasuke needs to put a lipstick to Sakura's lips again because the lipstick's faded.

He trembles and really having a hard time putting the lipsticks to Sakura perfectly. He feels the pressure and nervous are rising.

He could still feel Sakura's soft lips all over his face!

While Sasuke's putting the lipstick again to Sakura, Neji and TenTen are having a trouble.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Neji nagged at TenTen. He's waiting for TenTen to kiss him.

"What?" TenTen said calmly but grumpily. "Do you think I will kiss you?!"

"What?!" Neji couldn't understand her. "Why are you mad, anyway?"

"Baka!" TenTen said then left.

Neji was left confused.

So before Sakura could ever kiss Sasuke again, the girls stop her before Shikamaru does.

They couldn't take it anymore. Sakura's the only living species who are happy while the others are breaking into pieces.

But thanks to TenTen, she made the long waits way shorter.

"Hey, that's enough! You won!" The girls said.

"I know!"

"We know!"

Sakura's and Sasuke's irritated voices made them silenced.

"Sakura and Sasuke wins." Shikamaru declared.

Why did it have to end so soon... Sasuke and Sakura thought in unison... again.

But on outside, Sasuke's face shows the other thing as if he was disgusted in the game and he was just forced to play with it.

You always try to hide your feelings.

"Here's a teddy bear for the prize." Shikamaru handed Sakura the same cute little teddy bear which he also gave to the other winners earlier.

"Wow, it's cute!" Sakura squeezed it lovingly.

It's a remembrance of Sasuke and me.

"Hey, give me that." Sakura's day dreaming was distracted by Sasuke's voice.

He grabbed the teddy bear to Sakura.

"I gave one to Hinata, but I thought I'd also want to have one."


He is not going to give the teddy bear to her?!

He shrugged his shoulders.

"I hope you don't mind." Sasuke said and grinned.

"But I'd also want a teddy bear!" She said with a saddened face, an exaggerated one.

"Tch! This doesn't suit you." Sasuke said calmly.

"What? That doesn't suit me?!" Sakura's voice becomes louder and grouchier. "And what do you think, that that suits you?!"

Sasuke sighed harshly.

Everyone could see his boredom and annoyance.

You're not happy.

"Okay, if you're really desperate to have this, then here!" Sasuke placed the poor little teddy bear on one of the desks roughly.

You're afraid of losing someone but also afraid to show it.

So that's it?! After he made her mad?!

"No thanks! I can buy the same as that so it's yours!" Sakura yelled to his face then walked away.

"Hey! The foods are served! Where are you going?!" Shikamaru called for Sakura but she ignored him and walk straight towards the door, outside their classroom.


You don't want others to know that you're hurt.

Sasuke was left pissed off.

He just wanted the teddy bear because it is a remembrance of Sakura. An item that is special to him.

You're afraid of letting someone know she's special.

Maybe he just asked for it inappropriately and she misunderstood him?

Why she wouldn't? He's being rude!

Now what?

NOW WHAT?! She's out of nowhere now, out of his sight.

He wanted to follow her and say sorry to her but his pride's grabbing him and pulling him back from that thought.

You are Uchiha Sasuke. And an Uchiha will never do that.

And in the end, you will lose everything without even trying to have it...

UP NEXT: New Year's eve. The last chapter.