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Matchmaker, Matchmaker ~ When Sakura and Syaoran break up after a huge argument, who would be better to play matchmaker for them than… Yue-san?! S&S, T&Y/Y =P Enjoy!

Lance: What are we doing here again?

Jyou *Rolls eyes*: Miss Authoress here got the brilliant idea that we might help her persuade angel-boy to stop hiding under the bed. He's been hiding there since he found out about this story… poor guy doesn't want to be cupid… (Jeez, I wonder why.)

Lance: I was thinking that the white stuff wasn't a new type of plug cord…

PM *apparently not listening*: Yue, the story isn't that bad! Stop hiding! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*Jyou and Lance snort, Yue mumbles curse words*

Jyou *taking time from spinning around on the chair to look critically at the bed and part of the white mane of hair that apparently did not make it under the bed*: It still amazes me that he could fit under it with his wings.

Lance: He probably folded them up… *spots some white feathers* No, wait, never mind.

PM: Yueeeeeeeeeeeeee, come outtttttttttttttttttttttt!

Yue *voice muffled from the dust bunnies that live under the bed…* NO!

Jyou *jumps up*: Bunnies?! Where?!

PM: You baka geek-boy, not those bunnies. *turns to the audience and smiles charmingly* Jyou dear has a fear of duckies and bunnies, ever since the duckies and bunnies from my webpage made it their short-term goal to each get a piece of him on their pitchforks.

Lance *jaw drops*: Duckies and bunnies with pitchforks?! Jeez, what's their long-term goal?!

Jyou *sullen*: Taking over the world and making all humans their slaves.

Lance: *thinks thoughtfully* I wonder if I can join them…

PM *groans* Anyhow, since Yue still refuses to come out from under the bed, we will continue this pointless conversation at the end of the story! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

*Jyou and Lance knock PM out and shove her body into a closet*

Jyou: Uh… sorry?

Lance: Don't be sorry. We were just doing a favor to humanity… So enjoy the fic… I guess…

Couplings are, as mentioned, Syaoran and Sakura, Touya and Yukito/Yue, Clow and Yue, and mentionings of one-sided Sakura and Tomoyo. Most of the story is told from Yue's POV, but there are sections in 3rd person. Also, info comes from a mix of both the anime and the manga… =0

Many thanks to Kei Kazama for correcting my lovely misuse of Japanese. :D


Rated PG for language and yaoi ( to be technically correct, shounei-ai, so if you don't like, don't read!)

I can't believe this is happening to me…

It's easier to concentrate on keeping my composure than bringing myself to look at To-ya. With my luck, he'll probably have that evilly irresistible puppy-dog look that will make any of my remaining will crumble.



Excuse me, but do I look like the type of person… being… whatever… to do this?!

"The kaijuu has been so unhappy since…"


"She's been crying every day! Is this anyway to treat your friend?!"

Oh. Great. Guilt trip. How low can you get?

"Besides, don't you like her?!"

He just won't give up, will he?

"I said no."

"She's your friend, isn't she? These are the kinds of things that friends do for each other!"

I simply do not believe that this is necessary to prove friendship.

"No," I shot him a hopefully exasperated look (it's possible that it could have been one of those looks that made him automatically know that he was winning, and I certainly don't want that!), still careful to avoid his own face, "Why don't you do it yourself?! She's your sister."

"And she's your mistress. Besides, I'll probably end up killing the gaki. Even though they're not on speaking terms, I don't think the monster would like me to do that."

It took all my self-control not to roll my eyes. Help…

"Besides," To-ya continues, "You promised me that you would protect her."

I would have sweatdropped, but the moon-guardian is too dignified for that… although Ruby Moon might be an exception to that. However, I am not that crazy pink-haired butterfly. Besides, that's just low. I am her guardian, not her baby-sitter. She is old enough to take care of herself, is she not? Matters of the heart are not my priority. No. Zip. Nada.


I should have known that something was wrong when Touya asked Yukito if he could see me.

"Please… I really need you to be a…"

It's been a while since Clow's descendent and mistress broke up (for reasons that are still fuzzy to me), but I never expected to get caught up in this! I'm the moon guardian! Not a…


"NO!" I believe I'm screeching, but I don't care anymore.

N-O! NO! What is so hard to understand about that?!

"Don't make me beg!"

"You're already," I snap back. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! There is a certain line that separates the rational requests and simply 'are you out of your freaking mind?!' requests, and trust me, this is in the very, very, very far end of insanity.

"Yue…" To-ya's voice is quiet as gentle fingers grasp my chin to tenderly turn my face towards him, "I just want her to be happy… even if it's with the gaki, even though he's taking her away from me… I still want her to be just as happy as I am with you and Yukito…"

He has that look.

Damn, I hate that look! Turn it off dangit!

"To-ya…" the name escapes my rebellious lips in a pathetically plaintive tone, and I fight the urge to scream in frustration.

Of course, I might just settle for smacking him in the face with that lamp over there... just to get rid of that horrible smirk that is tugging at his lips.

He has the exact same look on his face that Clow had… that evil… evil… evil look on his face that says "I won and both you and I know it."

I shake my head as best as possible, which is made more difficult since he's still grasping my chin. But if I open my mouth, I know I'm going to say it…

And then… that person… that… ugh! He pulls me closer until our lips are just touching, and then he kisses me.

I can feel any resolve to keep up my reputation as a guardian of the cards and not Cupid reincarnated start to slip away as the sweet seconds pass by.

To… ya…

He eventually pulls away, and gives me a devishly innocent look. He's waiting, and I know it all too well.

"Uh… no."

He's still watching me, carefully showing no emotion on his face. No anger, no exasperation… nothing.

"No," I repeat firmly. So he's about to learn that bribes do not work against the moon guardian!

He's still staring.

"No!" the desperate exclamation is high-pitched, which made me mentally slap my forehead and call myself every name under the sun and moon.

That slight smirk is showing up on his face again, although he's still watching intently.


"No, I won't."

I sound pathetically sulky, even to myself.

And. He. Still. Won't. Turn. Off. That. LOOK!!!

"To-ya…" I whine sadly, "No, I won't. Forget it." I cross my arms and try to glare back at him with my best imposing "you're not going to get me that way" look.

Which doesn't exactly work when both he and I know that I'm going to do it.

The seconds ticking by feel like hours… if it wasn't for the fact that I can sense the cards, I would be absolutely sure that the time card was having a hand in this…

"All right!"

Excuse me, was that my voice. MY voice?! I feel like burying my face in my hands and crying helplessly. Or digging the deepest hole possible and hiding in there for the rest of my life…

I must look very wretched, which causes To-ya to softly caress the right side of my face. I refuse to look at him because it's my silent protest for him doing such an evil thing to me…

Or maybe I'm just sulking.

Sometimes, I'll never understand Sakura's 'onii-chan'… how is it possible for somebody with no more magical powers to be able to cast such a powerful spell?

Inside, I'm seething. In a couple minutes, I'll probably be seeing red.

No, wait, that isn't right.

I'm already seeing red.

"Why me?" I finally demand, sounding rather Nancy Kerrigan-esque*, torn between melting into his caress and shooting him with an arrow.

And I'm not talking about cupid's arrows.



"I just felt like it," Touya finishes.

Excuse me while I find a blunt wall to hit my head against.

"Arigato," To-ya's voice is filled with gratitude and… triumph?

That does it.

The cold facts make me jerk my head up only to find that the huge smirk has taken over his face.

He is so dead.

I turn away so as to make him think I'm still sulking. Those ivory white strands of hair fall just over my eyes so he can't see them glow briefly, and a couple moments later, I hear a painful yelp.

It's like music to my ears.

Onii-chan is now unconscious, thanks to a very big 2,000 page encyclopedia.

That's odd.

I was trying to use the desk-lamp.

Oh well.

I fall back into Yukito's mind as white wings cocoon my body. For a brief moment, I see the world through Yukito's eyes and share the same mind, but blissfully, the moment quickly passes and I'm back in peaceful sleep.

* For those of you whom don't know, Nancy Kerrigan is the 1992 Olympic bronze medallist and 1994 Olympic silver medallist in lady's figure skating. However, the expression 'why me?' occurred when during the 1994 Nationals (a bit like the qualifying for the Olympics and World Championships), Kerrigan was hit on the knee with the type of club that policemen carry around by the ex-husband of one of her biggest American rivals. Her injury forced her to withdraw from the competition, although she was later granted a berth to the 1994 Olympics, unfortunately pushing out Michelle Kwan, who had finished second at Nationals (there were only 2 spots on the women's team). =D I guess you've all noticed I'm a huge skating fan, ne?


Yukito blinked away the slight drowsiness that always accompanied the transition from Yue to himself. For a moment, he collected his bearings before he heard a soft moan.

The snow-bunny could only stare at his boyfriend, who had a huge bruise spreading rapidly on his forehead, the heavy encyclopedia right next to him.

It certainly didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what had just happened.

He sighed and carefully helped Touya sit up straight. The taller man groaned loudly and cracked an eye open to look, "Yu… ki?"

His usual huge, sunny smile flashed across his face, "I take it that it didn't go too well?"

"Iya. I got him to agree, at least."

"With a few bruises for your pains."

"Yeah," grimacing, Touya gently felt the bruise, "But it was easier than I had expected. I never thought that Yue would be so…"

Yukito could not stop himself as his other mind temporarily took over, his brown eyes gaining a faint bluish tint. The desk-lamp shook slightly, and both tensed, Touya intelligently not saying anymore.

Eventually it stopped shaking, but just as Touya was sighing with relief, the lamp suddenly seemed to leap up upon its own accord and slam into Touya's face again.

"Ow!" with the yelp of pain, he fell back to the bed. Apparently, Sakura's brother was going to be having two bruises adorning his face for the next few days, one on each side of his face.

Why'd you do that? Yukito sighed to his inner self. As expected, he got no answer… but… he could swear that the usually composed moon-guardian humming.




Next thing I knew, Tomoyo was hugging me round the waist. It's lucky she wasn't looking at my face, which is probably about as red as a tomato. For once, the sable-haired girl is not holding her camera, a rare occurrence from my past experiences. She's squealing happily, and I cannot for the love of Clow understand what on earth she is squealing about, but I only have one question.

How did she know where I would be?

She notices my tension and thankfully lets go, although she's giving me this calculating look. I can just see the gears in her head turning! I do hope she's not planning to dress me up as she does Sakura.

"I want to help you get Sakura-chan and Li-kun back together!"

I sweatdropped.

And how did she know about that?

As if psychic, she quickly answered my not-spoken-out-loud question.

"Touya-san told me what you're doing! I think it's a great idea! Those two are meant for each other, and they're miserable without each other!"

Oh, this time, Touya's definitely not getting hit with an encyclopedia.

I wonder if mistress would understand if I 'accidentally' dropped the roof of her house on him…

Well, probably not, but I can dream, can't I?

"And I thought that you might need some expertise!" She stresses the word as she continues to explain happily, apparently not noticing that I was slowly backing away from her, "So I'm going to help you!"


I let her ramble for a bit longer, growing more desperate to escape at each word. I believe that by this point, I want to drop the roof on myself.

Finally, I feel my sanity reaching a breaking point, and I cut her off in her vivid description of what type of wedding dress she would be making for mistress when she was married to Clow's descendent (getting a little ahead of herself, isn't she?).

"Why… did Sakura and Syaoran break up?"

Like I said before, I was fuzzy on the details. And besides, Tomoyo is Sakura's best friend and she should know the details of their argument, right?

The question has the same effect of pressing the mute button on the TV, or offering Cerberus pudding to shut up. Tomoyo immediately ends her soliloquy on how pretty Sakura is going to be at her wedding.

There is a long pause, and I start to wonder if I should take the raven-haired girl's wrist to make sure she's still got a pulse. She's apparently breathing though.



The surprise in Yue's eyes was very obvious to Sakura's best friend, although he tried to hide it. Whether he was surprised that it was Eriol that had led to a messy break-up or that the English descendent was no longer in England but back in Tomoeda, she wasn't sure, but it was probably one of the two.

"Hai," she affirmed, "Li-kun saw her with Hiiragizawa-kun one too many times, and he blew up at her. Then she got so mad because she felt that he couldn't trust her, and it went downhill from there…"

Tomoyo sighed sadly as she remembered the story being told in loud outbursts from her Sakura-chan through tears. Some people might take advantage of the situation and try to show the distressed party that they would be better off without the offender and with themselves, but Daidouji Tomoyo was definitely not that type of person. She had said it before, after all…

"I… I'd rather the person I like be happy than share my feelings. I want it to stay that way, always…"

"… You're saying you don't want your loved one to like you?"

"Of course it would make me thrilled to be loved. However, I want my loved one to be happy, as happy as possible."

That was why she wanted to help. She knew all too well that Sakura was happy with Syaoran, and she was not going to allow anything to prevent that! Especially a silly argument with no basis whatsoever. Besides, Syaoran should know better than to have just blown up at her like that! After all, Eriol was still with Mizuki-sensei, and his angry accusations could not be justified. Of course, she understood. Who would want to see their loved one with somebody else?

But she's happy, and that's all that matters to me, she chided herself.

"Eriol is back from England…"

"Hai. He came back a while ago, while Tsukishiro-san and Touya-san were at college," at the pale expression on his face, she quickly guessed what he was waiting for, "And Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun are back too."

Oh. Great. The terrible twosome.


So that is what this is all about… again, Clow's reincarnation is causing trouble. I sigh and blow a stray strand of hair out of my face, which, predictably, falls right back into my eyes. Although, I suppose, that would make sense.

It seems to go that the descendent of Clow may inherit his irrationality…

A scowl overtakes my face at that annoying memory.

However, Tomoyo takes it as if I am scowling at her, and she murmurs, "I want Sakura-chan to be happy…"

Of course. Sakura… Sakura is like Yukito, as neither of them are ever complete without that beautiful sunny smile lighting up their face.

While I ponder this, Tomoyo suddenly brightens and begins to ramble again.

"Of course, I will help you then! And I'll video-tape it all too! It'll be another big hit, Sakura-chan and Li-kun getting back together with you to help them!"

Is it any wonder that I want to sink to my knees and yell, Why?! Why?!

"Ah, and my special outfits! Granted, I never did anything for anybody besides Sakura-chan and Kero-chan, but I'll think of something for you! Maybe bunnies like Tsukishiro-san! Or how about hearts! Since you're going to be their matchmaker! A matchmaker needs to wear hearts!"

That dreaded word again!

"Oh! I know! Hearts are good! Definitely hearts! Lots of hearts! Maybe red and pink with white lacy borders and… Yue-san?! Where are you going?!"


Note one to self:

Make Touya suffer greatly and painfully.

Note two to self:

Make Touya suffer very greatly and very painfully.

Note three to self:

Kill Touya so he suffers greatly and painfully.

Note four to self…


Next thing I know, the not so stuffed-animal version of my technical brother lands right in front of me, causing me to nearly fall off the tree branch that I was already precariously sitting on. Either way, I have to struggle to look as composed as I usually am, quickly wiping away that look of surprise and replacing it with irritable annoyance and impatience.

Usually, when I gave them that look, they would wisely take off. Unfortunately, Cerberus was never intelligent enough to figure out that concept, and I believe he gets the equivalent of a sugar high every time he succeeds in getting me pissed off at him. Which happens pretty often, now that I think of it.

He's laughing hysterically, his sleek lion body shaking with laughter. I let him go for about ten nanoseconds before I shove him off the tree branch. He collects himself just before his body hits the rose bushes, spreading his wings and flying back with a greatly subdued attitude. I have to hide a smile of my own when I see the small thorns stuck to his tail, which he doesn't notice.

Cerberus growls at me, drawing his teeth back and glaring. It would have been pretty impressive if he had been more bite and less bark.

"So…" he tries to look at me with a casual look, "Going to play matchmaker, Yue?"

I glare back.

The elegant golden lion starts to laugh again, "Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You got to admit, Yue, you'll do anything for onii-chan! I never thought… I'll see you as… cupid! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Although you've already got the arrows of loooooooooooooooooooove!"

I swear, I'm going to take one of my 'arrows of love' and shove it up his…

"What do you want," I growl. Of course, I will be mature and will not take the opportunity to pull his tail or shove him into the rose bushes again.

"You… cupid… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

I am slightly less than amused than him. Of course, it's hard for anybody to be at the moment. He's laughing his head off, the tears of mirth falling down his face as he continues to take breathers from his hysterical laughing only to interject random comments about cupid.

Rolling my eyes, I try to block out the laughter.

I am calm.

I am calm.

I am going to kill him!!!!

No, wait, that will not be moon-guardianly of me. I will remain calm… I will remain relaxed and composed and I will not shove an arrow into his…

"Oh, that was good. Oh yeah," Kero finally stops for a moment, only to burst out laughing again as soon as he sees my face.

I am really beginning to wish that I had just knocked myself out when Touya first brought up the matter. I would be in a lot less trouble if I had done myself that favor. Remind me to do that next time. Kill self before Touya can do so for you.

I sigh and continue my futile attempts to keep out Cerberus's laughter.

It's not working.

"Okay. Okay, I'm really done this time," Cerberus takes in a deep breath before he stretches casually, claws flexing dangerously close to my hair. I quickly move the silver strands away from his paws, which makes him sulk and myself smirk inwardly. That old prank isn't going to be working on me anymore! After all those hours of untangling those horrible snags when he felt like resting his claws in my hair!

"Yue, I heard from onii-chan what you were doing for Sakura."

Why, oh why, oh why, oh why did To-ya have to tell everybody?!

Of course, I am much too composed to wail in frustration, so I continue to glare at him and say in the calmest manner possible, "Yes?"

"And I thought I might know something that might help you…"

That causes me to let a small amount of surprise slip into my eyes. Cerberus help? Is that word even in his vocabulary when it doesn't involve pudding?

Is it any wonder that I'm automatically suspicious?


"Well… I was thinking about Sakura and the gaki…"

"Yes?" I repeat tensely. Something's up, I just know it.

"Annndddddddd," he stresses the word, "I was just remembering something."

I can feel the bottom of my stomach drop out. He isn't going to bring up the incident, is he?

By the cheesy grin on his face, I believe he is.

That evil…

Cerberus carefully rests one of his paws into some exposed white material, digging his claws in. I can just hear the material being ripped, which means that I'm going to have to fix it, but does he care? Instead, he guffaws at my baleful expression and proceeds to dig his claws in deeper to prevent any escape.

"Remember that…"

"Don't. Say. It," I growl through clenched teeth.

He's grinning now, "Clow was so mad."

"It wasn't my fault!" my voice is shrill in protest.

"And then you got mad because he was being, quote on quote in your own words, 'irrational'", my idiot technical brother continues, completely ignoring me.

"I had a right to be!"

"But… I was thinking that since you already had so much experience in dealing with these types of matters… after all, you went through it yourself…"

"You… you… baka sun-guardian!"

"So I suggested to onii-chan that he might persuade you to help Sakura and the gaki through their… let's say… misunderstanding," he's grinning charmingly, which means he must not be realizing that my expression is calling for his silver blood all over this tree branch. So this is all his fault?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

"What, you didn't want to get your own paws dirty?" I spat out, ready to get up and find a convenient torch to set his tail aflame when he finally gets off my clothing only to lay his paws on my chest, pushing me back into the tree branch.

"You have to admit you're the perfect person to deal with it."

"I am not somebody's relationship counselor!" I screech into his ear, causing him to wince. Serves him right.

"Yue, you haven't been home to see what it's been like for her," his voice is so serious that I temporarily relax and stop my struggles to push his heavy body off me. Must have been all the pudding, "She's so sad, always crying! Don't you remember how you felt when Clow…"

"I do now." Thank you for that reminder, that absolutely unnecessary reminder for an event I was hoping to forever erase from memory without using the erase card.

"So you should relate!" he roars into my face, which results in a very smelly cloud being shoved into my face.

He really needs to brush his teeth.

"And, you should be able to help," he finishes calmly.

"We solved it on our own, I do not see why they cannot solve it by themselves too," I reply.

"Now that's just cruel."

"Is not."

"Is too!"

"I am not getting into this with you, Cerberus."

"Ha, so you admit it! You are being cruel!"

"You overfed, pudding-stuffed-animal…"

"Overbearing, arrogant, stoic snow-bunny…"

I'm already doing this, and I see absolutely no reason why I need to get into this any further. I snap my mouth shut and decide to do the correct thing and not answer, instead settling on sending him a murderous look.

"Humph. You'll thank me for this one day. Besides, you know how long it took you and Clow to make up after the incident."

"I don't see what that has anything to do with it!" I'm very, very, very quickly losing every ounce of self-control.

"Still… I can't just forget what you looked like when he… he… bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! And now you're playing… playing cupid… mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" the fat sun-guardian starts to laugh hysterically again, in the process relaxing his grip slightly on my chest.

Consequently, a few minutes later, I'm flying from the tree branch to search for Clow's descendent or mistress, and maybe I would feel sorry for Cerberus but he brought it on himself anyway.

I mean, honestly, he should have opened up his wings before he had impacted the thorns, not after.

His howls of pain and bloody murder reach me just slightly, but I pay little attention to it. But I had better get moving because it probably won't be good to be anywhere near him once he gets all the thorns out of his body.


Yue sighed as he gracefully maneuvered himself through the gaps between the close-knit trees. It had just been his luck to end up flying into a forest, hadn't it?!

A loud curse as his long hair caught on a branch.

What was next?! Little green men from Mars who needed a human… um… kinda… specimen to take back to their home planet? Flying pigs reciting Shakespeare? Cows dancing to the macarena? Or…

"HELLO YUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" a certain pink-haired butterfly-wing moon-guardian being suddenly fell out of the tree and stuck its face right into his.

"Ack!" startled by the sudden appearance of his psychotic half-brother… sister… being… it… thing… whatever…, Yue lost all control over where he was going and his head slammed painfully into the tree trunk in front of him. Then his unconscious body plummeted to the forest floor, although, quite miraculously, he was quite unhurt except for the fact that he was unconscious… which isn't that bad, is it?!

"Oh my god, I killed Yue!" Ruby shrieked in its best impression of South Park (a show the genderless had never watched) as the butterfly-winged guardian fluttered down towards him.

"You idiot," Spinel grumbled as he landed next to the very much unconscious moon-guardian, "He's not dead." He prodded the body… "He's just unconscious, thanks to a certain flighty butterfly."

"Humph," Ruby snorted, "It wasn't my fault."

Spinel Sun just got a deep growl in his throat as he nudged Yue's body into a sitting position (This is becoming a common pattern, ne?), back propped up against a tree trunk.

"Anyhow, Suppy, I know just how to wake him up!" the psychotic moon-guardian shrilled loudly, nearly causing Spinel to scream himself from her high-pitched voice.

(Two miles away in a certain residence where a certain gaki lived, the glass on a certain picture frame which had a certain picture of him with a certain girlfriend he had been staring intently at broke. So did basically every other glass item in the two-mile radius.)


"But Suppy…" Ruby pouted, sticking out her lower lip, "Don't you want him to wake up?"

"I don't trust your plans."

"Okay, fine! Just let him stay unconscious! Just let us go back to Eriol only to tell him that we…"


"WE knocked out Yue and just left him on the cold forest floor because of a CERTAIN SUGAR-ALLERGIC PANTHER wouldn't let me wake him up."

"I still don't understand this 'we' business."

"Oh, forget it!" Ruby ignored Spinel as he dove for cover, its gloved hands reaching for Yue's face. The unconscious moon-guardian didn't stir once as Ruby straightened his head, brushing away some of the strands that fell in his face (they too, immediately fell back because heck, that's what bangs are!!!).

Spinel Sun shivered involuntarily at the look on her face.

It was a look that one might have associated with the one that Cerberus got whenever he was within range of pudding.

As Ruby brought its face closer to the other moon-guardian, it suddenly struck the sun-guardian what she was going to do. He quickly leapt up, attempting to stop such a horrible fate from occurring, but he wasn't anywhere close enough to help him.

He could only watch in horror as Ruby Moon licked its lips before closing all distance between the two faces and then proceeding to kiss the very, very, very, very poor moon-guardian on the lips.

Then he quickly hid behind a convenient tree (not that it was much of a big deal, there were trees all over the place) to await the chaos that was soon to occur.

PM *still pleading* Please Yue! Please come out from under the bed?! It's intermission! No more torture for now! Please, please, please, please, please, please!!!!

Yue: NO!

PM *still begging*

Jyou: Dang this is pathetic.

PM *shoots them a glare* YOU'RE NOT HELPING!

Lance: *shocked* We're supposed to?!

Jyou: This isn't in our contracts!

PM *rolls eyes* Never fear, readers! I will get Yue out from under the bed by the end of this story if I have to threaten to chop off his hair!!!!

Jyou: How are you supposed to do that if his hair is under the bed and you can't reach?


This was originally going to be a one-shot, but it's already about 7 pages, so I thought I might as well just post this up as the first part. Where this story is going, I have no ideaaaaaa whatsoever. I'll probably be wrapping it up in the next part or may end up getting to a third part, but that will probably be the max. I don't know when the next chapter is coming out because I'm getting pretty busy with a week of tests coming up, so I'm hoping I can get the next part up before Christmas, or it'll be in January cause we're going on a trip.

I'm sure a majority of this story doesn't make any sense. I guess I was just happy to write this story because I've been suffering from writer's block from the past six months or so, and this is the first sign that I'm somewhat getting over it.

Anyhow, just as a precautionary warning in case you don't see the rest of this story up by January, I'm still going through writer's block, so I might not be able to write anything for a while. I have about a page written of the next part, but that doesn't help take away from the fact that I don't know where this story is going. *shakes head* Why is it that I never know where I'm going in humor stories until I get there?!