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Matchmaker, Matchmaker

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~ In which Insanity Ensues ~

As I turn to face Syaoran… the cause of my torment… a million biting remarks come to my mind. Unfortunately, I do not say any of them, as that would probably offend Sakura. She is looking at him with wide eyes, but at least the tears are gone and her mouth is opening and closing somewhat akin to a goldfish. I continue to watch passively… considering my luck tonight, Clow's descendent will now accuse Sakura of cheating on him with me… I would roll my eyes, but that is not in my nature. Still, considering Clow's erratic behaviour (among other things) and extraordinary deafness… I happen to know this for a fact, I would not be surprised.

Still, it will not prevent me from giving him a one-way ticket to the moon.

Okay, so I'm having a rotten day. First there was that damned annoying manipulation from Touya. He will die in his sleep tonight. Tomoyo and her ridiculous fashion advice (face it, she does not have any), as well as being a hell-bringer of news. I had been hoping that with the moon-mistress, Clow's reincarnation would not be gracing us with his presence… and not to mention his guardians. Then there was Cerberus, who needs to have his feathers plucked (I, very dignified of course, volunteer for that duty), Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon… I grit my teeth at the genderless's name… I do believe I will be performing a favour to the world if I cease its existence…


I try to remain calm and fight down the extreme urge I have to literally throw her into Syaoran's arms, tell them to kiss and make up, and fly away to exact my revenge… I mean, profound duty to make certain people and guardian's lives utmostly miserable. Somebody must do it.

Syaoran looks at Sakura, then at me, then back at Sakura, before speaking in a very monotone voice:

"Are you two getting together?"

Sakura sweatdrops and I hear a loud bark of laughter. I turn, fire in my eyes as I glare furiously at Clow's reincarnation, who is doubled over laughing. This leaves me in a predicament.

Who to kill first and how to do it?

"Eriol-kun," Sakura brightens as his psychotic guardians also appear, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I wanted to see how the two of you were getting along. It's mainly my fault that you and Syaoran got into a fight in the first place," He explains, the smile on his face showing absolutely no remorse.

"Were you sorry that you passed down your exasperating genes?" I snap peevishly, causing him to smile at me.

"Still touchy about that incident?"

I hear Ruby snickering in the background. Even Sakura, who's still hugging onto me as if I was a life saver (And I'm not talking about the candy… although Yue is very sweet too… *PM giggles*), and Syaoran are smiling.

"You started it."

"I did not."

"Did too."

"Did not," he insists.

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Yue, where were you? Yue, why are you spending so much time with Michelle-sensei?" I mimic… and from the look on his face, he's finally starting to remember, "Yue, are you cheating on me with a married woman who has two kids?"

"I never said that!"

"Well, I must admit I didn't get the exact wording right…"

"It was another lifetime ago!"

"And then," I continue, "You subtlety hint to Tomoyo to hint to Cerberus to hint to To-ya that I would be an ideal choice for a matchmaker! Even when you're dead, Clow, you're still as exasperating as ever!"

"Are we interrupting a lover's feud?" an innocent voice asked, and we all turn to glare at two ghosts.


Nadeshiko Kinomoto smiled down lovingly at her daughter, her smile warm and gentle, "Your magical powers have been getting stronger, Sakura."

"And as for you, Eriol-kun," the other ghost turned to address Clow's reincarnation, an evil glint in her violet eyes, "Your exact wording was 'Yue, are you cheating on me with a married woman who has a son and daughter?'. And don't try to argue! I remember!"

"Michelle," Eriol glared, "You always were too nosy."

"As nosy as you were crazy, Clow-kun."

"What is this, a reunion?" Ruby muttered before clinging onto my arm, nearly cutting off my blood circulation in the process, "Did you miss me?"

"Did the world stop turning?" I growl back.

"I left the peace of the afterworld for this?" Michelle-sensei grumbled. Apparently, she hasn't changed at all…

"Wah," Ruby pouted, "So mean!"

"Why are you all here?" Sakura asked, looking at her mother, "Okaasan?"

A translucent hand brushed the chestnut colored bangs off her face, "I wanted to see how you were."

"I'm fine now," Sakura smiled. I angrily try to shake off Ruby, who is happily sighing into my ear.

"As for you," Michelle-sensei turns to Syaoran, "I had hoped that Clow wouldn't have passed down his psycho genes…"

"I resent that remark," Eriol glowed, "I was, am, and always will be perfectly sane."

"Which is why you thought Yue and I got together?"

"Do you have to keep bringing that up?!"

"I'm a nosy dead person. Of course I do."

"This is just too kawaii!" Ruby shrieked, still connected to my arm, "Too bad Touya-kun wasn't here to see it!"

I literally feel my heart stop. Oh god, if he were here… first of all, I would kill him. Then I would probably kiss him, make up, and then kill him again.

"If you two have stopped arguing?" Nadeshiko frowns at Eriol and Michelle-sensei, who end their bickering to look up at her, "This is not the time and place for you two to argue!"

She turned to Sakura, "Daijoubu?"

Sakura smiled, contrasting with her mother's as gentleness gave way to a brilliant glow, "Un! Yue-san was here for me."

"Yue?" Nadeshiko blinked to look at me. Despite the kindness in her eyes, I feel like shrinking away.

"Sweet as ever, if I can say so myself," Michelle-sensei winks, fingering her silver butterfly staff, "Your daughter is in good hands, Nadeshiko-kun." She looks at Syaoran, who looks like he wants to dig a hole and crawl within for the next few centuries or so.

"Both of them."

The laugh is soft and sweet, leaving a pleasantly warm feeling in the air.

"I don't doubt it, Michelle."


Attention temporarily drawn away from Clow's descendent; he has managed to come within arm length's distance from Sakura. She loosens her grip (in the process prompting Ruby Moon to tighten its grip as I resist the urge to slam the psychotic butterfly into a tree).

"It's okay, Syaoran-kun."

"No it isn't!" the Li sorcerer replies, "I shouldn't have accused you. You've earned my trust more than enough, and I was foolish to forget that."

"You were just being protective," Sakura gently frees herself from my grip, flashing me one of her sunny smiles. In a way, it's like letting a part of yourself go as she takes Syaoran's hand.

"KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Ruby screams, finally letting go of me to grab the two of them, hugging (or should I say squishing?!) them together, "You two are so cute!!!"

Sakura blushes, hiding her reddening face in Syaoran's shoulder. Syaoran looks frustrated, as if ready to use one of his Chinese charms to blast the moon-guardian into another dimension. Frankly, I can't blame him.

Meanwhile, Spinel is trying to drag Ruby off Sakura and Syaoran, who are now turning a particular shade of blue. Nadeshiko is speaking to Eriol, both of whom are sweatdropping as Eriol finally realizes that creating Ruby Moon was a mistake beyond all mistakes.

I quickly slip away, not at ease with so many people (even if two of them are ghosts), preferring to watch from the sideline. Sighing as I watch Sakura (despite the lack of oxygen, she still looks so happy), I prepare to make the change to Yukito, who I am sure would be more comfortable in my place.

"Where do you think you're going?"

I sigh and turn to face Michelle-sensei, noticing with some amusement that she's a bit see-through, "Ohayou Michelle-sensei."

"Hello to you too, Yue," she sits on a tree stump, learning on her staff, "I suppose this lesson was a bit more painful than most of my other ones…"


She points at her forehead. I gently and hesitantly touch my own, discovering a painful bruise from where I had previously smacked into the tree.

I can't help but chuckle grimly.

"I forgot about that."

"Well, it has been a long day," she agrees, "Other than that, how do you feel?"

"Annoyed mainly," is the unhesitant response. She rolls her eyes, looking faintly aggravated, "Anything else?"

Blinking, I think for a moment longer.

"Relieved, mainly. Relieved that they've gotten back together, I guess."

"And maybe relieved that you've put Clow's memory to rest?"

I shoot her a dirty look, which she returns with an innocent look that is completely destroyed by the evil smile on her face, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't be so naïve, Yue," she replies gently, "You've been torn. Is loving the reincarnation's son betraying Clow's memory? I do believe this incident was perfect in forcing you to resolve your own differences. Clow, considering how irritating and vexatious that man could get, loved you very much. That was why he was so protective, just as Syaoran is with Sakura. But Clow is dead. I see him on my vacation days in the afterworld when I'm not taking care of my family. Eriol and Fujitaka are not Clow."

"I know that," I snap peevishly.

"I know you know," Michelle-sensei looks at me, "But you were never completely able to let go."

She brushes a hand against my face, pushing away my bangs, "Touya loves you very much too. And we both know you love him very much too. But you haven't been able to show it as well as I know you can. That is why I suggested Eriol-kun that you help resolve the differences between Sakura and Syaoran."

"You… Eriol… what?!" I jump up, glaring. She makes a funny noise, somewhat akin to laughter, before she bursts out laughing.

"Yue, that look on your face is classic!" Michelle-sensei giggles, "Oh god… Maybe I didn't do it to teach you a lesson!"

After I've tried to strangle her, in the process realizing that she's already dead and thus cannot be strangled, Michelle-sensei quickly composes herself to shoot me a look tinted with giddiness.

"I'm still your teacher, Yue!" she reminds me (or more appropriately, cackles), "No matter how much time passes, I will always be your teacher. And you always will be my student."

"Heaven forbid…"

"And this," she ignores me, "Was a lesson. I've taught you to control your powers, but I've never taught you to control your emotions! Of course, I'm quite sure that Clow-kun could have used these lessons more than you, but he asked me to educate you, not him!

"You've been drifting away, Yue. You show your affection only grudgingly, you've never showed Touya exactly how much you love him, still pining after Clow-kun. Of course, the similarity between the incident and the fight between Sakura and Syaoran played a key role, but I thought you would be able to learn something from it as well."

"It doesn't make it right still," I grumble darkly, causing her to laugh again.

"Very little is ever right, Yue."

"Would killing you be?"

"You forget, I'm already dead."

"Inflicting bodily harm?"

"Save it for Ruby."

I raise an eyebrow as she smiles, patting my head as if I was a puppy. She giggles at the look of absolute loathing on my face.

"One more thing, Yue," she suddenly speaks up as we watch the sun rise. I manage to suppress a groan as I look at her, all my pain and agony showing up in my expression. She smacks me lightly, "Don't give me that look."

"I am at your command, Michelle-sensei," is my sarcastic answer.

"Don't be pert," she wags a finger at me, and it is my turn to smile slightly at her, "There it is. That pretty smile I miss so much. But that isn't what I wanted to tell you."

She looks at Nadeshiko, who is now waiting for Michelle-sensei to leave with her, before turning back to me and giving me a victory 'V'.

I blink.

"Revenge is very sweet," Michelle-sensei smiles very pointedly at Nadeshiko, who sweatdrops.

"I guess Touya does deserve it after the torment he'd put you through," she admits, grimacing, "But make it up to him afterwards, hear?"

"A thousand kisses should do the trick," Michelle winks.

"Ja ne Okaasan," Sakura whispers (when did she get here?), "Cause we'll see each other again, right?"

She then turns to face me, holding onto Syaoran, and gives me another brilliant smile that seems to come so easily for her.

"Arigatou Yue-san."

I look at her for a moment longer before a small smile manages to slip onto my face.

"Iya. Thank you, Sakura."

Before she can relieve the shock and stammer out anything, I spread my wings. Flying towards the fading moon, I can hear Spinel Sun and Psychotic Ruby screaming at each other, Eriol's yelling drowning them all out as he attempts (miserably) to shut them up.

And above it all, Sakura's delicate laughter leaving behind the twinkling memories like the stars that sparkle in the night sky.

~*~ Epilogue ~*~

A very grumpy Cerberus grumped down the stairs. It had taken him ALL NIGHT to get those blasted thorns out of his beautiful fur, and it had hurt a lot! Just wait until he got his hands on Yue, that double-crossing, cruel, stoic, and… and… and… EVIL moon-guardian! Ooh, just wait until then!

Barely acknowledging the rumpled Sakura and Syaoran, he stalked to the kitchen, destination set on the refrigerator… ah… pudding…

Pudding! Some people said laughter was the best medicine. Others said it was Tylenol! But if anybody bothered to ask the sun-guardian of his humble opinion, he would quickly reply that it was pudding! PUDDING! LOTS AND LOTS OF PUDDING! He needed to calm his nerves after the pain and mockery Yue (that evil… EVIL… EVIL… BEING!) had put him through, he was going to need a LOT of pudding. A mountain of pudding! And then he'd make oniichan cook, pull Yue's hair, bite the gaki's finger, stuff Suppy full of sugar… and… and… and…

He reached the refrigerator, the place of his salvation. There was always tons and tons of pudding! Sakura was very nice and always sure to buy him a lot of pudding!

Quickly, he opened the refrigerator door, golden eyes shining as he quick as lightning rummaged through the contents in search of his glorious snack.

His face fell as he realized that there was none to be found.

"Nanda?!" he whimpered, quickly doing a double check of every single shelf… but there was none to be seen! How… how… how… how could this be! He had been so sure that there was a MOUNTAIN of pudding just that night, surely even he could not have eaten all of that pudding! Of course not! He had spent all last night getting those stupid rose thorns out of his sleek and gorgeous fur! So then…


He started to run through the entire kitchen. Pudding! I must have my pudding! Where is my pudding! This is cruel and unusual punishment! How could anybody do such a thing?! My pudding, I want my pudding! Where is my pudding?! My pudddddddinggggggggggggggggggg!

"Uh… Kero-chan?" Sakura sweatdropped as she watched the giant lion get stuck in the shelves under the sink in the search for the missing pudding.

= PM's note: *still wearing Sherlock Holmes outfit* I'll help him! *gets knocked out by Yue before she can take a step* =

"Huh?" Cerberus asked innocently as he tried to get himself unstuck, failing horribly in the attempt.

Sakura and Syaoran sweatdropped and sighed before grabbing the great sun-guardian by the hind legs and pulling with all their strength to get the guardian out. After a couple minutes of pulling and yelping (Sakura and Syaoran doing the pulling, Kero the yelping), he came out with a pop!

"Ugh. Yue's right, you do need a diet," Syaoran grumbled, shooting a venomous look at the sun-guardian with unbridled disgust.

"Wha?! What are you talking about?!"

"Um…" Sakura looked surprised, "I thought he told you."

"Told me what?"

Before she could reply, a note written in extremely neat hiragana and kanji characters caught his eyes. He growled and pounced on the letter, eyes widening as he read it.

Dear Fat Sun Guardian:

You are getting much too fat for your own good. Soon you will be the guardian of the weight, not the guardian of the Clow. What kind of behaviour is that for a guardian? I have gotten rid of all your pudding, putting Sakura under the strict orders not to buy anymore for you before you become so bloated that your wings can no longer support you.


Kero's jaw dropped to the ground.

"That… that… that… that… EVIL!" he roared, ripping up the letter. He could just hear his younger brother laughing his head off at the expense of HIS pride!


~ DrM: BWHA HA HA HA HA!!! ~


Touya groaned slightly as he shut his eyes even more tightly, trying to block out the morning sun. He felt so stiff, why did he feel like he was sitting up?!

Before he could contemplate his situation, he heard the faint sound of somebody moving beside him.

"Wakey, wakey," a soft voice teased.

Touya's eyes immediately opened as he stared into the eyes of the moon-guardian, smiling at him.

"Yue?" he asked dumbly.


"Uhhh… what are you doing here?"

"I thought I should tell you that you no longer need to kill the gaki."

"Oh," he felt a slight pang of disappointment but managed to regain his composure. He moved to get up… before realizing that his wrists were tied around the tree trunk, and he was sitting on a tree branch about 30 feet up, "What the?!"

"Have a nice sleep?" Yue smirked, a mischievous glint in his amethyst eyes.

"What are you doing?!" Touya practically shrieked, realizing that his previous torture of the moon-guardian might have done some permanent damage to the gorgeous being's sanity.

"Repaying you."

"You've tied me to a freaking tree!"

"Your point?"

Touya stopped struggling as he realized it was quite hopeless. He had no clue about what had happened to lead him to this predicament, what had caused the 180 degree personality flip in the moon-guardian, and what drugs the angel had been taking last night. The only concrete fact he had was that currently, he was stuck quite high up in a tree with a deranged moon-angel who had previously been hitting him with lamps (and considering dropping houses on his head, but Touya didn't know that…).

"It's spring," Yue reminded him happily, "The weather is warm enough for you to stay here all day. Unless it starts raining, of course."

"Are you crazy?!" Touya stared at him in shock, "What has gotten into you?!"

"You only have yourself to blame," Yue leaned back, looking very much at ease balancing on the tree trunk. It would have been cute, seeing the normally stoic guardian sitting casually on a slippery tree trunk, somehow managing to keep his immaculate white clothing clean as his legs swung back and forth, a blooming smile on his face. Except, of course, the teeny tiny fact that the extremely evil and revenge-lustful look in his eyes that made Touya want to take back ever considering persuading the guardian to play matchmaker.

"There's a full moon tonight."

Touya blinked, surprised at the sudden non sequitur.

"Do you want to watch it with me?"

"Uh… sure…" Touya stammered, waiting for the catch.

A pause.

"Am I going to be tied up until then?" he asked (or should I say whimpered?) hesitantly.


Touya glared.

"On what?!"

Yue stuck his face very close to Touya's. Touya felt his heart leap into his throat as he realized for the millionth time that conversation exactly how beautiful Clow's creation was, and he could still barely believe that he could be facing a being of such perfection.

"You owe me a thousand kisses."

~ Owari ~

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