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Chapter 7: Aftermath: Smut Part

Zallerion tried hard not to gloat. He was delirious that his scheme worked so well. Every time he spent in the company of the ethereal creature there were always moments when he wanted nothing more than to press the lithe body into any available surface in the vicinity and stake his claim. However, that wouldn't be wise. If the sylph wouldn't acknowledge him willingly, it would be all for naught. He couldn't be possessive and dominant on these early stages. Though, he doubted that the flighty creature would ever obey him without question or belong to him irrevocably and fully. Sylphs were loyal first and foremost to their own wishes and desires. It might sound selfish, but the fact was that sylphs were equally respective of the wishes of other people. However, they never would allow that appreciation to come conflict with their own freedom.

That's why he couldn't have used force and bluntness to ensnare Harry, but instead kept his distance. And now…

"Are you certain?"

"Very much so."

The sylph's smile was blinding and had a devastating effect on the elrue's self-control. The little voice in the back of his head futilely screamed at him that they were both still weak both physically and magically and this really wasn't the time to indulge into carnal activities, but Zallerion shut it up without much effort.

He stood up and brought the light body of the sylph with him. His kiss was admittedly hungry and harsh, but he waited so long… And it seemed Harry didn't mind his forceful nature, sighing in bliss and welcoming his tongue into the coffee-scented mouth.

Never had Harry, both being human and sylph, thought that he would welcome a dominating partner. He wove his arms around Zalle's neck and pressed his body closer to the taller male's. The violent abuse of his mouth was strangely exhilarating and hot. Their kiss send sparks through his entire body, made his blood boil and eyes roll back into his head. He gave up the control but felt freer than ever. This state of complete abandon could only be compared to how he felt when dissolved and becoming one with air. And yet this was much different. Much more intense. The fire that was missing in his relationship with Ginny almost from the start, burned white and hot, causing tension to rise in his lower abdomen and his flesh harden.

Unable to contain himself, the sylph let out a soft whine and moved his hands to the mass of silky straight silver hair, that reached Zallerion's midback. Inadvertently, he touched the tips of elrue's ears. This innocent action caused the proud creature to jerk, moan and sag a bit in his arms.

Harry was thrilled, he wanted to know what else he could do to his one and only to produce such effect, to crush the barriers of the elf's arrogance and bring pleasure. His mind wondered briefly but vividly how that warm and hard body that he felt under Zalle's casual morning clothes, looked like. Just a passing thought and voila! - his favorite elf was divested of the aforementioned fabric in the blink of an eye. And what a glorious bronze-skinned body that was! The sylph again wondered what it would feel like to press his own naked body against the hard chest and the firm cock he acutely felt through his light toga. And surely enough, his skin was immediately free of all the constraints, his attire melted into the air.

The sylph gasped at the sudden feeling of bare skin on bare skin. He felt the other's blood rush and heartbeat thunder more acutely than his own, the swelled cock pulse against his own fluttering stomach.

Zallerion came to from his brief relapse of attention only to discover the naked state of their connected bodies. He distanced himself to look into the haze-filled emerald eyes and managed to ask in a hoarse voice:

"I take it we're not stopping at a mere kiss?.."

The answer was a throaty laugh that caused his cock to jump up, while his own gaze and mind were hopelessly drawn to the endless abyss of expressive pools of green that held a reassuring answer to all his doubts.

"Make me yours… And I'll be yours forever..."

These words sent a full-blown shudder through the elrue's body.

"If my mea so commands, then so it will be…"

Harry didn't even know what prompted him to say such corny yet at the same time weighty words. They just slipped from his lips passing both his judgment and consciousness. But the confused sylph-wizard didn't have any time to ponder on the topic, as he was literally swept off his feet and carried bridal style to the bedroom.

Zallerion laid him gently atop the sheets and sucked greedily on his neck. Harry moaned and his body arched upwards.

In a minute or so the man abandoned the spot leaving behind a vivid bruise not that Harry knew that, he was just glad and sad for the break from squirming in pleasure. However, the sadistic beast with which the sylph learnt to identify his dear bondmate, didn't allow him any time to catch his breath and moved his mouth down his jugular to his chest and nipples, leaving hot and wet trails on the skin with his tongue.

"Mnghhhh…" if he was in the right mind, Harry would have probably been embarrassed at all the sorts of incoherent noises that his mouth chose to produce under the sweet torture. His virgin body was all too receptive to the knowledgeable ministrations. It seemed that Zallerion was either a prodigy in the field or that ancient elrue knowledge contained more than dry facts and history.

The elf sucked on his left nipple and Harry's body jerked once more, his arms tried to escape the strong hands that held him down. To no avail. Confined – not good, should he blast the perpetrator…

His thought process was interrupted again as Zalle' moved to lavish his right nipple with attention. He bit gently on the hardened bud, and the sylph softly cried out.

"Gads… St… Stop teasing. Zalle'! Or I'll… I'll…"

He was unceremoniously turned on his stomach and pressed down by the heavy body. His cock was now deliciously touching the fabric below and he felt the ominous hardness between his butt cheeks.

Zallerion stilled and his heavy breathing ruffled the hair behind the sylph's right ear.

"You sure are impatient, mea… We barely started…"

"Shuddap, I am ready, we can leave the arousing games for the next time."

"Hm-m… Next time? Will it be soon, mea?"

"Just get on with it, you are almost there…" Harry lifted his butt and rubbed his crack against the eager cock, leaving no questions about where "there" was.

"Don't hurry, I still need to prepare your beautiful virgin ass…"

Harry groaned. "Just do it slowly, my body will adjust…"


"Do it!"

Well, Zallerion couldn't argue with such confident creature, or at least that is what he tried to tell himself. He longed to bury his aching cock into the lively and beautiful body beneath him. And so he did. Slowly.

He was in fucking heaven and didn't know if he could abstain from ejaculating on the spot. The elrue, through his dazingly sharp pleasure, hadn't immediately heard the whines and gasps coming from the young male he was sheathed in.

"Harry? Are you alright? Do you want me to stop?" he asked trying hard to regain his bearings and concern.

"No-o, huh-aah… Everything is just p…perfect, just keep going…"

The elrue gladly complied.

Remembering the intense wishing with which he got rid of the clothes, Harry wished for his insides to be coated with slickness to ease the process. Still, it was painful, but as he told Zallerion, his inhuman muscles flexed and adjusted quicker than what would be considered normal. When his lover was fully inside him, the hurting lessened considerably and only little pain on the edge of the pleasure of being filled, remained. The elrue moved slowly at first, but the pace was thankfully gradually rising and…

"Holy Christ!.."

The hard flesh inside his ass touched something that sent jolts of pleasure through his whole body and his half-hard cock jumped to full alert in a second.

Zallerion just chuckled breathlessly and withdrew his cock altogether. Trying to remain calm, Harry questioned:

"What are you doing?.."

"Mea, turn on your back. I wish to see your face when you come."

That he could do.

He turned on his back and drew Zallerion into the much desired kiss. Harry was soon again filled with the pulsing flesh, his legs were crossed on the small of elrue's back. Zalle's tongue drove deeply inside his mouth in accordance with thrusts that left Harry undone in throws of passion. The climax was so near yet escaping every time.

The sylph's hips moved up towards every thrust meeting the intruder eagerly, his long hair was once again living the life of its own, writhing on the sheets like a mass of black-and-white snakes.

"Mpphhg…" Harry freed his mouth to mutter a pathetically week plea: "Harder…"

There was no need to ask that from the elrue. He himself was on the verge of coming and went both harder and deeper, throwing the sylph's legs over his shoulders. He was so close…

Zallerion reached down to the hardened cock of the sylph and jerked it simultaneously with driving deep inside his bondmate's anus. Harry cried out and shuddered. Zalerrion barely registered the cock softening in his hand, as he drove his own orgasm into Harry's spasming inner muscles.

Frankly speaking, Zallerion never before had sex, as well as his bondmate. He, of course, jerked off sometimes after his transformation both out of curiousity and necessity when he was hard pressed not to attack the flighty sylph, but the real experience and pleasure was so much higher and richer. He couldn't wait for the repetition of this beautiful action.

He kissed the drained sylph gently, who was blinking up at him both sated and tired.


"Love you, Zalle'…"with that not so unexpected confession Harry cuddled up to him and immediately fell asleep. The elrue didn't mind. They were both still tired from yesterday and now also from sex. Holding his beloved's body close to him, Zallerion easily slipped into restful sleep.