Can you believe what you see? Can you believe in the living? Can you believe in me? Can you believe in this?

What you see here is your false home. What you see there is a blank stare. What I see is sadness repeating.

Don't forget the days that lie ahead. Don't injury your heart. Don't apologize for the past.

I want you to stare at me, the real me. I want you to forgive yourself, for your whimsical side. I want you to try and understand the other me.

What I want to see, are the shapes in the dark. What I want to hear, are footsteps as they hesitate. What I want to know is where I belong.

What's shaking is your heart. Bringing it closer is the shadow of darkness. The one shivering is the fake me.

Regrets you cannot stop. A story with no apologies. Carved into that, is the other me.

What I'm forgetting is your warmth. The sound of sad footsteps keeping repeating themselves. A small little memory draws you to the door.

What cannot be saved is a single falling teardrop. What cannot be stopped is a cry of despair. What is coming is a chain of hatred.

What was sought for was a comfortable haze. What is heard is the malicious sound of rain. What was drifted away was the door to darkness.

What confuses you are the footprints of regret. What chases you are the gazes of suspicion. What wanders through is your other self.

The sound of footsteps are whispers from the past. What you see is just reality in the mist. What you hear is forgiveness for you.

What has arrived is the evening twilight. What has been lost is the darkness of time. What has met in the middle is the space between the past and the future.

What is being hunted is a resolute image. What is being sought is an exit into the light. What has been provided is the usual sadness.

What you'll find is the price of your kindness. What will fall is the labyrinth into sadness. What will begin to burn are your feelings of hatred.

What you lost sigh of is your way back home. What you can't keep is the promise you made with me. What you cannot erase is my memory.

What you'll eliminate is the fragrance of memory. What you'll see are the scars of hatred. What you'll hear are the echoes of footsteps from the past.

What you seek is a bit of comfort. What you see is a gallery of hatred. Where you fall is far beyond the darkness.

What you touch is a quivering image. What resonates are the echoes of sadness. What you smell are your smoldering memories.

What you pass is the usual fork in the road. What you run to is the darkest of corners. Where you end up is the downside of destruction.

What captures you is a lingering memory from the past. What lures you in is a bogus image of the future. What you find is nothing more then cruel deception.

What are carried out are the thoughts of happiness. What are avoided are the promises between friends. What are left are the moments of confusion.

Where I started to run was my usual way home. What caused me to struggle was this message of misfortune. What I opened was a scrapbook of deception.

The blood that oozes out is from the memory of your past. What you notice are the severity of your sins. What is left is your resolute future.

Where I wondered off to was that unforgettable classroom. What echoes is the clicking clock of despair. Where I'll end up is the beginning of the end.

Can you believe in this?

A/N: Again, this is all the poems Rika says during the previews strung together into one poem. I know there isn't anything done differently, but I just thought I'd be fun to put it all together and hope all of you who read this enjoy it.