My first ever Donna fic! Really short but still...yay for me!

Dedicated to my mother who thinks Tennant is the best Doctor and that Donna is the best companion ever. I disagree.

Title is from a Kim Possible episode. I thought it fit well with the story :)

0.2 seconds.

Thats all the time it took for the Doctor to realise that what he was looking at was extremely important.

The furious young ginger-haired woman who stood in the doorway of his room, in a long purple dressing gown shook a singed piece of cloth at him.

He could smell it from where he was sitting on the bed. He frowned slightly and got up to examine it closer...and was forced to duck as the palm of a hand flew at him.

"Oi! What was that for?!"

"Your bloody clothes machine destroyed my favourite shirt!"

Ah. So thats what that blackened item was.

"Well don't blame me, Donna. What did you have the dryer set on?"

"Oh don't you go implying that this is my fault!"

"I wasn't! I wasn't! I was just asking. Can I take a look at it? Please?"

Donna calmed down slightly and tossed the ruined shirt into his hands. "I put it on the exact same setting as you showed me before and this is what happened!"

The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and ran it slowly over the shirt, raising his eyebrows as it informed him of a foreign substance present in the ragged folds of Donna's shirt. "Um, Donna? When exactly did you last wear this shirt?"

"Back on that neon purple planet where we ran from that orange slime monster alien. Why?"

The Doctor shoved the screwdriver back into his pocket and grinned slightly. "Theres a lot of residue from that purple planet on this shirt. Thats why the machine destroyed it! Because it wasn't supposed to be introduced into the TARDIS' systems."

"Is it dangerous?"

"Nah. The most it'll do to you is cause watery eyes, sneezing, a lot like having hay fever"

Donna glared and snatched the remains of her shirt from him.

"Fine, but you still owe me a new shirt. So stop this ship on some kind of shopping planet next! And no using that weird psychic paper to pay for it. I want to see the money coming out of your own pockets!"

She stalked out of the room and down the hallway...but not before he heard a loud sneeze.


"Oi! Shut it, spaceman!"