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A shot of adrenaline pumped through Adam's veins. It had been only two months since he returned to being a full-time civilian, but that instinct was still there.

He slammed on the breaks, wincing at the screech his tires made as he swerved expertly to the side of the road. He jumped out, not paying any attention to the heavy rain pelting him from the sky above, focusing only on the cars he had seen dive into the ditch.

He quickly jumped down, sliding a bit through the mud, and ran a hand through his hair as he looked at the horrific sight before him.

"Oh my god..." he said aloud to himself. He heard this echo behind him. Adam quickly turned his head around and saw another man standing behind him, looking at the sight before him. "CALL 911!" he yelled. The man quickly pulled out his cell phone and dialed, bringing the phone up to his ear.

Adam carefully walked toward the car that was closest to him. It was a Ford Explorer, overturned. He blinked a few times before peering into the windows and thought about what he had witnessed.

Someone, speeding through traffic and the rain, clipped the Explorer from behind, causing it to run into the car in front it. A Volkswagen Jetta from the looks of it. The driver of that car slammed on his or her brakes, hydroplaned, and somehow turned over, running into a car in another lane. That car, a small one that Adam couldn't think of off the top of his mind, flipped over a few times. A couple of other cars didn't make it out of those lanes to avoid the crash and in turn, slammed into the Explorer.

And all of them landed in the ditch. Except for the car that caused the accident.

Adam ran to the window, crouched down and looked inside. A man was sprawled over the wheel. Adam pounded on the window, trying to see if the man was conscious.

"HEY!" Adam yelled. He pounded on the window some more and wiped the raindrops from his eyes. He could feel his clothes getting soaked through, but at the moment, he didn't care about it. Adam looked up as if the skies would give him some sort of answer. "HEY!" He pounded a bit more on the window.

The man in the Explorer moved his arm and his head a bit.

"GOOD!" Adam yelled, not knowing if he could be heard. "JUST...HANG TIGHT, OKAY! THE AMBULANCE WILL BE HERE SOON!"

The man slowly turned his head and looked out the window. Adam could see blood coming down from his forehead. He heard the sirens of the ambulances and the police and prayed that they would reach the accident scene soon. He tried to smile as best he could through the window and hoped to give the man some reassurance before moving onto the next car.

Adam half-ran and half-slid to the Jetta that was a little further up. It was perpendicular to the Explorer, facing the highway. He looked in the car and saw the person already trying to get out. Adam exhaled in relief, and ran forward as the door to the Jetta opened. An older woman tried to get out.

"No," Adam tried to say, coaxing her to get back in the car. "You might be hurt."

The ambulances and numerous police cars pulled up. Adam glanced up at them and counted the cars that he saw. A total of four cars. He furrowed his brow as he looked at the cars. He could've sworn that there was a small one, a silver car, but he didn't see one.

Paramedics jumped out from the backs of the ambulances. Adam pointed to the Explorer. "I think he's still alive in there, but I don't know what kind of shape he's in." He pointed to the Jetta. "She was trying to get out." The paramedics nodded and hurried, three to each of the four cars.

He looked at the scene before him and figured he had at least done all he could do. He slowly tried to walk back up the ditch, noting how dirty his shoes had gotten from the mud and grass stains. He wondered whether or not he should get back in his car and drive off or talk to the police, seeing how they were trying to direct traffic to go into the furthest lane away from the ditch. He looked back at all of the cars. He still thought that there was another car.

"Excuse me, sir." Adam's thoughts were interrupted as he looked at a police officer standing before him. "Can you tell me what happened here? Are you a witness?"

Adam nodded. "Yeah..."

"Why don't we step over here."

Adam followed the officer to a place a bit further up, getting out of the paramedics' way.

"So, can you tell me exactly what you saw? From the very beginning."

Adam nodded again. He took the next 20-30 minutes telling the police officer everything that he had seen. "I wish I had gotten that car's license plate. It cut me off earlier and..." He trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"And he made you mad," the officer finished, looking at Adam.

Adam shrugged his shoulders. He pointed back to the accident scene. "I'm sure there was another car, though."

The officer furrowed his brow and looked at the accident scene. "Hang on one second." The officer met up with a few of his colleagues and spoke amongst each other.

Adam began to get a bit restless, waiting for the officer to come back to talk to him. He was already standing there for about 20 minutes. He started to look further down the highway, noting how there were absolutely no cars on the road and started to even walk a bit further. The police had succeeded in closing down the interstate so that they may be able to clear the accident and investigate exactly what happened. Adam wasn't exactly sure if he was allowed to be there, but the officer hadn't said anything against it so far, so Adam stayed. He wanted to make sure everything was going to be okay. He looked back in the direction of the ditch and saw half of a bumper. It was silver.

He ran down the ditch again, knowing that the small car that he had seen would be down here. He wondered how the police could've missed this although it wouldn't have been hard, with the wind and the rain that felt like hail. He squinted his eyes and thought he heard crying. "HELP!" he yelled, running further down. Adam took a few more steps into the mud and saw that this car was thrown even further than the others. It seemed like it was somewhere in the thicket of bushes and trees that lined the outside of the ditch, alongside the highway.

He saw smoke, but couldn't tell if it was actually smoke or his eyes deceiving him. He pulled aside some branches and found what he was looking for. A small Toyota Yaris, halfway up a tree, facing downward. "How in the hell did this happen?" thought Adam. He took a step back and saw the police closely behind. One of them started speaking into a walkie.

"Help..." he heard. Adam took a step back toward the car. The officer that spoke to him earlier put a hand on his shoulder.

"No, the car's unstable. It might flip over and land on us all. We've called for a couple of coptors to come. You've done a great deal. Thank you."

Adam looked at the officer and looked back at the car. He squinted his eyes, staring deeply into the front windshield. He saw a young lady, with long brunette hair. He couldn't make out her face through the rain-splattered windshield, but continued to look at the car.

"Please Adam. We could handle this."

Adam looked at the officer, forgetting for a moment that he had given his name. He didn't say anything, but looked back up at the car. He recognized the miniature guitar hanging from the rearview mirror. He looked back at the young lady he saw in the driver's seat.

"Oh my god," he said softly, his breath getting caught in his throat.

"You've got to leave, Adam," the officer said sternly, becoming impatient. He began to push Adam towards his car.

"No. I can't leave," he said. He looked back at the car. "KIMBERLY?"

At the sound of her name, Kim's head popped up. Her eyes widened at the familiar face. "Adam? Please help me!"

Adam nodded. "I WILL, KIM!" He looked at the police officer. "That's one of my friends. Her name is Kimberly Hart."

"Oh, no you've really got to leave, Adam."

"No," he protested. "You don't understand, she's one of my friends."

"I do understand and there's nothing you could do here."

Adam pursed his lips and looked back at Kim. "Are you hurt, Kim?" he called.

"N-no," she answered. "I'm scared."

"You've got to go, Adam," the officer insisted. He motioned for one of the other officers to come.

Adam reluctantly allowed the officer to lead him away.


At the sound of Kim's voice, Adam turned. "I can't just leave her."

"Adam, you can't help her here. Just leave it to us, we'll get her out."

"I can't leave her here."

"We'll help her. You have to get out of here."


"How old is your friend?"

"She's 19.."

The officer made a note of it and gently, but firmly pushed Adam away. "Go." He motioned for two of his officers to help him leave.

I know that scenario is completely unrealistic, but hey, it works with the story, right? So, please let me know what you think! I'm on a break from school so I'm getting back into writing and updating my other stories as well.