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The sun was shining brightly in the sky. There was a light breeze in the air, making it cooler than it looked. Kim wrapped her sweater tighter around her. She followed Jason as he led the rest of the group toward the site of the old Command Center.

It had been a long time since she was here. Last time she visited Angel Grove, she didn't even come to the Command Center. Except then, they started calling it the Power Chamber since the original Command Center had blown up or something.

Adam grasped Kim's hand into his. She smiled up at him as they walked, step in step, with one another. Nobody was saying anything. There was a sort of melancholy feeling in the air.

Tanya had seen Adam kiss Kim earlier and while, it looked like a friendly, casual kiss, she could not help but wonder what, if anything, was going on between them. She and Adam had flirted a lot when they were in high school, but it never amounted to anything more than that. She supposed she was a little too shy, he was a little too shy, and they never actually admitted their feelings to one another. If there even were actual feelings between the two of them before.

But she didn't want to bring it up just now. She realized that there was a time and a place and it was most definitely not the time nor the place. Tanya shielded her eyes from the sun as she followed a small path behind Katherine. Clouds of dirt were thrown up around them, but it did not matter.

"This is it, guys." Jason's slow, deep voice stopped everyone in their tracks. "This is where the Command Center once stood."

Kim's eyes filled with tears. "I can't believe it's gone. Seems like...seems like just yesterday Zordon pulled us from the Youth Center."

"And you complained about your hair in the helmet!" Trini said, smiling through her tears.

"Would that really have stopped you from becoming a ranger?" Zack asked, a bit confused.

Kim lightly hit Zack's shoulder. "Zack! Of course not! I was just kidding! That was the single most coolest thing we had ever done."

"And the one of the most dangerous," added Jason. "We were just doing a grown person's job."

Everyone fell silent. They all looked at each other uncomfortably.

Tommy shook his head. " wasn't a grown person's job. It was our job. Us." Tommy stepped forward and faced Jason. "Zordon chose you...all of you...all of us to be rangers for a reason. He chose us. Us. Teenagers to save the world from Rita and Zedd and Master Vile and Divatox and whatever else. We...we were still innocent. We still cared. About each other...about the world. Adults...they've seen too much. They...they've got other things to think about. All we really had to worry about was school. But us...we've seen too much now. We've grown up. And that's why none of us are rangers anymore."

His words hung in the air for a bit. It seemed as if time stood still.

"Look guys, I didn't mean to bring the mood down...I just...Zordon meant a lot to all of us. And...he's helped us become the people we are today. I know that I don't regret anything. I would be a ranger again if I had the chance."

"Well, I think we'd all like a bit of the Power again, if we had the chance," Adam said with a wry smile. "But I agree with you. Zordon has helped us."

"So, what do we do now?" asked Aisha, looking around. She and the others formed a circle around what used to be the entrance to the Command Center.

Jason shrugged. "I don't know. I was thinking, hoping maybe that coming here would bring some closure. It was so sudden."

Trini nodded. "If there was anybody that I thought would live forever, it would be Zordon."

A new wave of silence overcame the group. They were each thinking of the moments that stuck out to them, the moments when they became Zordon's rangers.

Tanya bowed her head, thinking about when she first became a ranger. She had left her family and everything that she knew behind. And she was only a child. But she knew that it was meant to be. She believed that everything happened for a reason and her coming to the team opened a new family for her. She was an orphan, a lonely person out of place, and Zordon filled that void of having some sort of parental figure to look out for her.

Katherine was also thinking about when she first became a ranger. She always felt like a bit of an outsider of the group. She was new to the group and she was from a different country, but everyone always included her and were all very welcoming. She always felt bad about how she even came to know everyone. She did horrible things to everyone, especially Kimberly, but they've always been so nice to her. She knew that she was under an evil spell and that no one held any of her past deeds against her, but she couldn't help but always remember when she stole Kimberly's Power Coin. The same Power Coin that Kim entrusted to her when she left. Katherine was always a bit afraid of Zordon. She knew that Zordon and Kim had a special relationship and that Zordon was the father figure in place of Kim's absent father. But he never brought up any of her actions when she was under the spell and he certainly never held it against her.

Adam, Aisha, and Rocky were thinking about the Sword of Light and the power transfer ceremony. They remembered when they found out that their new (at the time) friends were rangers and how they pledged that they wouldn't reveal their secret. Each of them thought about how they silently vowed that they would never tell a soul. And they each thought about how they never imagined or even thought that they would become rangers. Zordon placed his trust in the three of them, believing that they would never tell anyone the true identity of the rangers. And later, he trusted them enough to become rangers.

Adam always believed that he would've been too shy to be a ranger. Sometimes, he thought of himself as the "background" ranger because always preferred to take a backseat to Tommy, Billy, Rocky, and Jason, when he returned to the team. But he saw now that he liked to observe others and he while he was quiet, it made him be strong in his own way.

Aisha had grown up with a desire to help others. When she still lived in Stone Canyon, she was always volunteering for something and she remembered how she always forced Rocky and Adam to help out, even though she knew they didn't really want to. Even though she wasn't a ranger for very long, she was glad to have the opportunity to help others.

Rocky loved being a ranger. He never thought he could live up to the "legacy" that was the original red ranger. But he realized that he didn't have to live up to Jason. They weren't the same person. And the others didn't look at him as if he replaced Jason. So he always tried his best to make everyone laugh, even if it was at his expense.

Tommy, perhaps, loved being a ranger the most. He knew it and everyone else knew it. He had taken the loss of his powers the hardest and always put his duty to serve the team over everything else. He didn't know how to handle the loss of his powers, so he disappeared. When he lost his green ranger powers, he left Angel Grove. When he gave up his Turbo powers, he threw himself into his racing. He didn't stop to think about anyone else. It's not that he didn't care for them; he did and he would lay down his life for any one of his friends if it came down to it, but he missed being a ranger. And he still did. Zordon always knew there was some sort of void in Tommy's life. He had put pieces of his life together while he was a ranger - found a group of friends that he fit in well with and even found his long-lost brother. But there was always something missing in his life. And Zordon helped him deal with it.

Like Aisha, Trini had always had a desire to help others. She was a very compassionate person and she always put others before herself. It was a shared trait between all the yellows, Trini believed. She was very patient and kind and a good friend. And as a ranger, those qualities seemed to magnify tenfold. Zordon saw that she was the glue that held the team together. She was close with every person on the team and made it her business to take care of everyone.

Zack always felt like he had something to live up to. Prior to being a ranger, he was always known as Jason's best friend or 'that dancer guy.' When he became a ranger, he felt like his life had direction. He wanted to help people, to save people and save the world. And with Zordon's help, he did that. He grew up. He became more mature and people saw him more than just Jason's best friend. They knew him as his own person.

Everyone knew that Kimberly and Zordon shared a special relationship. It was the closest to a father-daughter relationship that he had with any of his rangers. She couldn't even think of everything that she had been through with Zordon. The only thought that came to mind was when they-she- almost lost him when Ivan Ooze tried to take over Angel Grove. It was then that she learned anything is truly possible with the right amount of love and power. She never imagined that she would actually see the day when she would have to say goodbye to him.

Like Kimberly, Jason also shared a special relationship with Zordon. Unlike Kimberly, Jason's was more of a mentor-student one. He helped him become a leader, helped him save the world. He never truly believed that they were kids who should be doing kid things. He was thankful to Zordon for everything.

"Hey guys!"

A new voice interrupted everyone's thoughts. A cloud of dust seemed to be rising up toward them.


Jason's face broke out into a smile as he recognized the familiar voice.


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