My Digi love story! By Venomon. Hi I am Venomon this is my story I got ideas from Cuteveemon, Lord Pata they helped me get this idea.

Renamon and Guilmon

Just a reminder: I DON'T OWN DIGIMON

Chapter 1: Hard Hit

"Renamon wake up" Rika said impatiently. Renamon was sleeping in her room for more than her usual time which concerned Rika. "Fine if you won't wake up yourself, I'll just have to do it" rika said whispered/talking. Rika went and filled a pail of water up to splash Renamon awake with, as she turned the corner with the pail of water, a familiar voice said "what are you doing rika" which of course scared her to death which caused the pail to fly up and splash her instead of Renamon. "Mother I was trying to wake up Renamon" said rika furiously, "so I see but Renamon's been out late for the past few days, she's bushed let her sleep she needs her rest" said Rika's Mother "oh alright for just 15 more minutes that's it" said rika soaking wet and angry. I'm going to change and then I am going to the park to see Takato". "Okay then but be back at 9:45 pm" said her mother. Renamon yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, as she went to go freshen up. She saw a note on her door.

Dear. Renamon if you see this, I am probable at the park and please get here by 1:30 okay or more hard training. See you soon and also please go to bed on time.

Sincerely Rika

Ps. you are grounded from going anywhere from 9:30 pm - 6-55am from now on.

As Renamon finished reading the note she looked at her clock to see what time it was. It was 1:27 she was going to be late. As she went out of her room she ran into Rika's mother. "Oh sorry, I am very sorry" Renamon said to Rika's mother, "it's alright Renamon you can get up now, but I do have a question for you" Rika's mother said to her. "Um… You have a question for me?" Renamon said with an urgent tone. "Yes I was wondering why your so sleepy and coming home at 3:00 am in the morning" Rika's mother said concerned. "w-well I have been portroling city for new evil digimon and checking up on everyone else" Renamon said lying with a calm voice. "Okay I believe you Renamon but you know that you can talk to me about anything" Rika's mother said with relief. Renamon left Rika's house and teleported to the park with 30 seconds to spare. Renamon jumped over 3 trees at time until she was at the lake. "Few made it" Renamon said while taking a few long deep breaths. Renamon got a bad feeling as she walked to wards the lake, CRASH!! She jumped out of the way as a tree was sent directly at her. She heard snickering and grumbling from the direction the tree came from. As the dust started to setill, Renamon's attacker appeared in front of her it was ….

To be continied…

Who is Renamon's attacker and why didn't Renamon sense the enemy find out in chapter 2: Fire of Love.

I hope everyone liked it. This is my first fan fiction I have ever written. I think I did a pretty good job but I can't wait for the reviews and comments. Plz leave them if you hate it or anything about it just tell me and give me some ideas on it see yeah.