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-area switch-
(pov change)

CHAPTER : Wedding Dance/ Air Band

(normal pov)

As the wedding vows of Guilmon and Renamon were said everyone cheered. Renamon smiled and tears came to her eyes and were whiped away by a claw.

Guilmon smiled and traced Renamon's face with his claw "Are you sad?" he asked her.

Renamon shook her head "no...i-im just so happy" Renamon said shacking.

Guilmon Smiled and nuzzled her. "so am i lets enjoy the rest of the wedding. okay Rena. I love you"

Renamon Smiled and nuzzled back and kissed him "i love you too you big lug." laughing at Guilmon's frown then stopped "but your my big lug" She finished.

Guilmon smiled and kissed her back. "i know now lets have some fun!" he said laughing.

Renamon Threw the buqa into the group of girls.

Then a Familiar yell of success came from a red haired girl.

The new Married couple turned around and started to laugh.

Rika had caught the bouqay with her right hand and Takato was wrapped in her left Arm. They both realized everyone was looking at them but instead of blushing and steping away to make things look like nothing happened. Takato kissed Rika and they lasted for 1 minute before they realized that Takato's mother and Rika's mother were taking pictures of the cute couple. they blushed but stand by each other.

"To The Digital World" Terriermon shouted distracting the people stareing at Rika and Takato.

-Digital world- Area Clear valley-

As everyone who was at the wedding walked through the digital portal and into the valley for the reception they found a stage with insterments and speakers and benchs also some reason a judge table... with former Digi Destined as judges Matt on the far left, Mimi in the middle and Kari on the right. The Judges got up and walked over to the Group.

Renamon was confused and wondered if they were brought to the wrong area.

Rika walked towards the front and glared Diffencly at the 3 Adults infront of them. "Who are you and what are you doing here, Your not supposed to be here their was supposed to be a wedding reception set up!" she yelled at the Older Digi Destined.

Matt smiled "Well to answer your question we just finished setting up the stage for the Wedding Dance/Airband that we were told to set up for Renamon and Guilmons Wedding."

Rika looked at him and knew he was telling the truth. she then turned around and glared at everyone. "Okay who did this! this was not what was planned!"

"I did this as one of my gifts to the new married couple... Rika" a voice said over the speakers. everyone turned and looked at the stage to find non other than.

"Yamaki?! what do you mean this was your idea what happened to the whole reception that was set up before?" Takato asked.

"It's still here just moved over there" Yamaki said pointing to the their left.

There was the wedding reception still set up and everything in its place.

"i didn't want to waste your work so i decied to move it out of the way excatly the way it was left. so why not sit down over here and enjoy or Partake there are rules."

"Rules?" Terriermon asked.

"Yep Rule #1 anyone can do the airband. Rule #2 there can be any combenations as you want for your band members and solo's, Rule #3 songs must be Approprate and will go through the judges to deside and okay, Rule #4 you can only use someone as the lead singer at the maximume of 3 times, solo does not count also only can do 2 solo's each so those are the rules." Yamaki says to everyone as they sit down on the chairs set up.

"Now Lets BEGIN" Yelled Yamaki as he yelled into the microphone and gestured to the stage...

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