UN Resolution, by ElfenMagix

Gunslinger Girl and its characters are (c) Yu Aida.

UN Resolution and its characters are (c) ElfenMagix.

Chapter 01: Nostradames' Tale

As if it were written some years before by some mystic story teller, Fernando and Rachel's indoctrination were probably the 2 hardest years that they ever faced together. But now they have a choice to make between a country to adopted them as one of their own for saving their countrymen's lives or to a nation they once called home. It has been over 2 years since Fernando was ordered to take part in an information and services exchange with the SWA's Section 2. 2 long years where his beloved god-daughter would be mortally wounded and transformed into a cyborg, to do another's country's dirty work. A double set of years they had made many friends and countless of enemies; enemies who for the most part are pushing up daisies. And with time, comes change; not in the passage of time, but in Rachel's Maturity from a girl into a woman: from 13 to 15, she is slowly shaping into the beautiful lady she will once be with a few adjustments made to her cybernetic parts. But she, and the rest of the SWA will have to pass through another test that the gods will throw at them: them versus the world.

During the summer saw the end of WW3, a remnant of the former war against terrorism. Many brave people died in that war, many more innocent lives that should not have, did. But that does not mean that the terrorists have been totally eliminated, just only switched their tactics to a political way of doing things. There are still a few small factions that continue to do things the old fashion way; as crime and social discontent still plague humanity.

Every so often Fernando takes Rachel through her routine: Swimming on Monday, Gymnastics on Wednesday, Martial Arts on Thursday, and Glider/Small Aircraft piloting on the weekends with the others. Just once in a while, when a mission pops up its ugly little head, does that schedule breaks down and they are forced into training for it. The Alessandro/Petrushka team has been doing their job of shaking down low end grunts of organized crime, Hillshire/Triela has been concentrating on investigating leads and bringing certain individuals of ill repute back alive for questioning. The others depending on where their missions take them.

Every once in a while, a newly elected Padania Republican member of the senate starts to ask questions about SWA Section 2 funding. The National Party who are privy to the SWA Section Activities defend the funding and the medical research that they conduct, keeping the cyborg anti-terrorist squadron under tight wraps. But every once in a while, the Padania Republican senators gather together and conduct surprise inspections of the facility of their own.

To the public and the senators of Parliament, the SWA has been a research facility conducting experiments in cybernetic implants of children who have been seriously injured or terminally ill. To the Prime Minister and a select few members of Parliament who is allied with him, they know of its covert activities: hunter/killer child cyborg squadrons selected to go after the Padania and the Five Republics Terrorists. When a video disc of a dying cyborg arrives at a Padania Senator's desk do things start to get out of control. Senator Manichi has been a good and hard working man for his constituents, thus when asked about the video, he promised that he would investigate, and take it to the top levels of government.

On a portable DVD player the scene plays out on a small 20cm screen: a man wearing a suit and glasses, with bandages over several injuries sits by a young girl who seems to be otherwise fine, but connected to life monitoring machines recording very low levels of life. As he sits by her, he seems to be in deep thought and depressed about the girl. She slowly wakes up and sees the man and starts talking with him.

Girl: Mister… What happened? Do you hurt anywhere? Are you injured?

Man: I'm alright… Its no big deal. I'm OK.

Girl: But… you look like you are suffering.

Man: Yes… you are right.

Girl: In that case… I will… Tell you a story. This story… gives your courage even if you are sad. Mister… Do you like pasta?

Man (covering his eyes to shed his tears): Yes… Very much.

The girl started to recite her story to the man. She reaches out to hold his hand while she told her story.

"Once upon a time… there was a country called the Pasta Kingdom. In this country lived… a prince who loved pasta. Everyday he would eat nothing but pasta. But … (she breathes heavily for a moment as the strain was getting to her) But there was only one fork… in the whole kingdom… The Prince who always, always ate with the same fork thought… He would like to change it sometimes. So he began his quest for another fork.

The villagers he interrogated told him… that only the royal family the privilege to eat pasta… and the law forbade them to eat pasta. What a surprise. The prince had found another fork… But no friend to eat pasta together. At this time there lived an evil dragon in Pizza… the neighboring country…"

For the next 1/2 hour, despite pain and weakness, she tells the man of the story of the Kingdom of Pasta and of the adventures of the Pasta Prince. With every breathe she took, every word she said, she got weaker but she continued onward to finish her story.

"…The prince was overjoyed… because now he had many friends with whom he ate pasta. The prince was not lonely any longer."

Her hand slips off his. The last of her strength and will depleted, the story ended. She dies peacefully. He begins to cry. The video end when a finger presses the stop button.

Senator Manichi: Who was that girl, and the man next to her, Prime Minister?

Prime Minister: I would not know, Senator Manichi.

Senator Manichi: I was told that you did know them. I conducted research, and there are no records of a girl of her description dying at any hospital in all of Italy within the time span this video was made.

Prime Minister: What makes you think that this was even an Italian Hospital?

Senator Manichi: With all due respect sir, If you continue seeing the video, a hospital staff arrives much later to remove the girl and the man, and clean up the area. The staff all spoke in fluent natural Italian.

Prime Minister: Seems to me that you have a mystery on your hands. But I know nothing of this girl, the man or what has transpired on the video disc. Maybe you should ask, what's her name? Patricia – something or other.

Senator Manichi: Who's Patricia?

Prime Minister: She is the author of "The Kingdom of Pasta" story, which the girl recited.

Senator Manichi: Is that so? But what would she know?

Prime Minister: Probably nothing. But it would be touching to let her know that some young dying girl recited her story to some old guy.

Senator Manichi (as he picks up the DVD player and puts it away in his bag): Hmmmmm…

Prime Minister: And one more thing, Senator Manichi…

Senator Manichi: What would that be?

Prime Minister: Though I would prefer that you do not bother me with such trivial matters, I must ask you to remember that the vote on the budget for several construction projects to the South are on for tomorrow. I would appreciate any assistance on swaying the North to vote to pass the budget.

Senator Manichi: I see… I will do what I can.

Prime Minister: Just remember, these construction project is to help all of Italy, not just the South where the actual building would occur. Taxes and tolls on these projects will greatly benefit us all.

Senator Manichi: I see your point.

Prime Minister: If it passes, I will immediately sign it, and we can all go out and celebrate. How is that for party unity?

Senator Manichi can only nod. He then silently gets up and leaves the office with a very bitter taste in his mouth. The Prime Minister sits at his desk, pulling out a cheap cellphone from his pocket. After pressing a few buttons on it, he puts the phone to his ear, "Follow him."