UN Resolution, by ElfenMagix

Gunslinger Girl and its characters are (c) Yu Aida.

UN Resolution and its characters are (c) ElfenMagix.

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Chapter 28: The Big Salami.

Driving along the highway at a leasurely 75mph, Fernando led the way with Alpha driving the Porsche behind him. He glances down at the dashboard, looking over the assorted knobs and covered switches, counting more than there should be and noting each icon on them.

Alpha: Just like the Alfa, I see.

Rachel (leaning over between the seats): What you mean?

Alpha (pointing out the switches): Just the like the Alpha.

Rachel: Oh, the oil slick, smoke screen, machine guns and other neat things? Yeah!

Alpha: Machine Guns?

Rachel: Last switch without an icon on it on the right under the radio. But I think he removed them quite some time ago.

Alpha (reaching for the switch): hmmmm

The switch is pressed and the fenders behind the headlights flip over. A mechanical bed pops up over the openings, but no weapons were there.

Rachel: Yeah, he removed them.

Alpha: What else can this car do?

Rachel: It can turn invisible…

Alpha: You're bullshitting me.

Rachel: Well, not really. It just turns light blue and no survailence camera can see it for some reason.

Alpha: Eh?

Rachel: That is how it was explained to me.

Alpha presses the switch to retract the mechanical beds into the fenders. Such actions so not do unnoticed in the Alfa Romero.

Fernando (to himself as he eyes the rearview mirror): Remind me to disconnect the modified car systems when we're done.

Francesca: Uhm… OK.

Fernando: Actually, I was talking to myself.

Francesca: Well then, maybe you can remind yourself.

Fernando (looking at the gas gauge): How far to Genoa from… (looking at the assorted road signs) marker number 23?

Francesca: We stll got a long way to go.

Fernando: Fair enough.

Another 10 minutes of driving and Fernando pulls off the highway into a gas station and rest stop. It has been some 2 hours of driving and they in slow highway traffic and were still less than a third of the way to their desintation.

The girls jump out of the cars and crowd into the ladies' room on the side of the gas station. Fernando stands by the Alfa Romero, looking at the station attendants fill the gastanks on both cars. Alpha ducks inside the consessions store along side the gasstation, bringing back several large bags of assorted food items. Fernando reaches into one of the bags and pulls out a freshly nuked burrito. Alpha complains of the intrusion.

Alpha: You mind?

Fernando: You know that stuff is as Mexican as your cybernetic parts.

Alpha: I'm not buying it for its nationality.

Fernando (interrupting him, putting the burrito in the bag): Yeah, yeah. Its fast food. At least don't try to make a mess in the car.

Alpha: Don't worry. It will be cleaned up.

Fernando: And also – don't be pressing the buttons on the dash. You might end up pressing the ejector seat and be thrown out of the car outright.

Alpha: Why would you have ejector seats in your car?

Fernando: Every spy car should have it. Besides, use it only in emergencies.

Alpha: You must be joking.

Fernando: Alpha. When do I ever joke?

Alpha thinks for a moment.

Alpha: Fine. The car has ejector seats.

Fernando: Only the Alfa. You cant have ejector seats in a car with a hard top, unless you want cracked open skulls and brain splatter everywhere.

Alpha nods with a smirk before heading to the Porsche and putting the bag inside between the front seats. He glances at the gas station attendant pumping gas into the Porsche.

Fernando: I got this. You can go get me a bag of the same and the largest coffee they got- half the crème and twice the sugar.

Alpha (in his best Charlie Chan imitation): Allight Boss.

Fernando looks to the ground, covering his glasses for a moment and shakes his head as Alpha heads back to the store. The attendant tending to the Alfa removes the gas pump nozzle from the Alfa's gasoline tank intake. Pressing a button as he returns the nozzle to the pump, printing out a bill. As he steps up to Fernando, Fernando gestures to both vehicles with his right hand while pulling out a well worn VISA credit card from his pocket. The attendant goes to grab the card from his hand, but misses as Fernando palms the card and puts it away in his pocket.

Fernando (in Italian): I want to see both bills before giving up my credit card.

With a sour face, the gas station attendant walks over to the other one , leaning over to him and whispers into his ear, handing him the receipt. The other one nods as he takes the paper before the first one walks away.

Fernando walks to the gas station attendant tending to the Porsche as his friend walks into the store. He gives him a slight nod before reaching into his pocket and takes out his wallet. He pulls a 20Euro bill from inside and hands it to the attendant.

Fernando (in Italian): That's for you, your friend gets nothing for his attitude. I still want to see both bills before giving you my credit card.

Gas Attendant (nodding): Graci Signor

Fernando (in Italian): One more thing.

Gas Attendant: Signor?

Fernando (in Italian, opening his jacket and exposing his fire arm): Do right my be and I'll reward you generously. Do me wrong and I'll take it out of your ass.

The gas attendant nods nervious, then the gas nozzle pops, ending the flow of gasoline to the Porsche because of safety features in the system prevents gas tank overflow. They both look at the nozzle and then at each other. Fernando nods at him before he puts the nozzle back at the tank. Pressing a couple of buttons, the bill is printed out and given to Fernando.

Fernando takes both receipts and gives it to the gas attendant along with a credit card. He takes the papers and the credit card and takes it with him inside the gas station to process the bill. Alpha comes out with another bag of food, putting it in the Alfa before handing Fernando a large disposable cup of coffee.

Alpha: Here ya go boss.

Fernando: You mind cutting out the Charlie Chan crap?

Alpha: Hey, lighten up, will ya? I know things are stressed beyond their limits, but we need to not let it get to us.

Fernando: And I say can it. Bad enough we're out there and we might be not coming back, I can deal with that. It's the bullshit the girls are putting up... Liesel excluded.

Alpha: Well, maybe if you man up and take your responsibilities like a man, the girls would not be bad mouthing you.

Fernando: Thank you for stating the obvious.

The gas attendant returns with the credit card on a clip board and receipts for Fernando to sign. Fernando returns the clip board, taking his credit card and one of the two receipts. He shakes the gas attendant's hand, slipping another 20Euros into his hand. Soon the gas attendant leaves, saying "Graci" as he walks away.

Alpha: So what are you going to do about it?

Fernando: About what?

Alpha: Francesca first of all. Does she realize that this is a fake marriage for the mission or is she taking it seriously?

Fernando: She currently in mission mode, so I doubt she currently would realize it's a fake marriage even though she knows its fake.

Alpha: Then take her down from mission mode and ask her.

Fernando: No.

Alpha: No? Why not?

Fernando: I take her down now, she can forget the mission directive details we have been discussing.

Alpha: How long as she been in mission mode?

Fernando: Lets see. Since she was on her lone mission for about three weeks before I took her out of it. I have limited the access of mission mode on her at times but not entirely shut it off.

Alpha (counting on his fingers): A month?! No cyborg can run on mission mode for more than a few days!

Fernando: Francesca does not have any problems with it. And like you said, her 65 percent is better than most others at 100 percent.

Alpha: But having her in mission mode for so long can impair her normal personality functions!

Fernando: I am supervising her and if I need her in Mission Mode, then she will be on Mission Mode.

Alpha: She facing the possibility of cascade failure.

Fernando: And? That is a risk I am willing to take.

Alpha: On what reason are you basing Francesca's iniment failure on?

Fernando: Three days.

Alpha: Three days?

Fernando: Three days to complete this mission and to bring her down from mission mode.

Alpha: One glitch from her, and I'm taking over and shutting down mission mode on her.

Fernando: Try it, and I'll…

Alpha: You'll what?

Fernando: Look, as long as there is the possibility of one nuke out there, our asses are not worth the radioactive ash it will become when they detonate it. Francesca knew the risks when she accepted this mission, and she accepts me for making the right decisions for her since I took over. Now back down or else.

Alpha: I'll back down for now. But one glitch from her, and I'm taking over.

Fernando: Good. Now here comes the girls. Lets go.

Alpha walks over to the Porsche and opens the passenger door, leaving it open and he goes around to the driver's side. Instead the girls walk over and stand beside the Porsche and Alfa Romero. Francesca and Juanita walk over to Fernando.

Franceesca: Fernando?

Fernando: Francesca- get in the car. And you Juanita, in the Porsche. I'll deal with you in the last gas stop Genoa.

Juanita: But!


Francesca complies immediately out of fear from upsetting her handler/husband. Juanita stands there in awe. The passenger door closes with a slam. Hearing this, Rachel runs inside the Porsche.

Fernando: Alpha! If Juanita is not in the Porche when I drive away- leave her behind!

Alpha (looking at Juanita): Aye aye captiane!

Fernando shakes his head as he goes to the driver's door, closing it when he is inside the car. The engine is turned on and revved to up several times. Putting the Alpha in reverse, Fernando makes sure there was enough room to turn away and drive forward to the high way entrance. Alpha looks the remaining women: Liesel and Juanita.

Alpha: You heard Fernando, Juanita. You need to get in the car.

Liesel: Look Juanita, orders are orders. I am not one to want you to be left behind.

Before Juanita can say a word, Alpha lifts her up and throws her inside the front passenger seat, throwing the door close with a loud slam. He goes for the Porsche key fob and locks the doors.

Alpha: Sorry Liesel, you may need to get in the back seat with Rachel.

Liesel: As long as its behind you, I don't mind.

Alpha (as he opens the door): Fine.

He sticks his head in the car.

Alpha: Don't try to run, Juanita. We're all faster than you and I will tie you up and put you in the trunk of you do.

Stepping back, he relases the chair's hinge, making it fall onto the steering wheel. Liesel crawls into the back seat, making Rachel slides over to behind Juanita. Putting the chair back to its driving position, Alpha gets into the driver's seat, closing the door and slowly pulling away onto the high way. He picks up speed to try to catch up to Fernando and Francesca who are now miles away. They had enough in their tanks for another 250 miles. They only have less than 122 miles to Genoa. Turin was just another 75 miles. Both can be managed on a full tank of gas.

The exit to Genoa comes up after 90 minutes of driving. Alpha notices the brake lights on Alfa Romero light up in front of him and slows down accordingly. He follows it as it lazily made the lane switch to the exit lane from A12 to E80. Fernando makes his way around, following an electronic box giving him GPS Coordinal directions that he does not agree with. Soon he was on SP1, "Strada Aldo Moro."

Slowing down to match city traffic, he makes to near the shipping areas where many ferries float along the sea to destinations on a tourist brouchure. He finds the Genoa City Holiday Inn on the map and decides to take it to its location on 47 Via Milano. Getting on the cellphone, he makes basic reservations for a group of eight and parking for two cars.

It was early afternoon as they pulled up to the Holiday Inn's sponsored garage.

Fernando managed to get two spots for their cars at the far end of the parking lot though there were other parking spots along the way, Fernando wanted that the cars to be far away from the others and under a security camera network he can hack into.

In the hotel at the check in counter, Fernando calls in his reservations and then asks for the manager. The others were not too far behind him, looking over the place.

The manager arrives, looking more assured of himself and not caring about the rest of the world. Just looking at thim, Fernando knows there will be trouble. The hotel manager stand behind the counter, crossing his arms while looking at Fernando.

Hotel Manager: Come now, what to you want? You're wasting my time.

Fernando take his wallet and fans out the cards in them. From the fan of cards, he pulls out a Black American Express card, and a white, red, blue, green photo ID card.

Fernando: Now you're wasting my time. I reserved the large agent room suite on the top floor with the multiple bedrooms.

The manager's eyes open wide at the two cards, each with the power to empty out the building and have it rented for his own. He immediately turned to the closest PC next to him, typing in a room inventory.

Hotel Manager: I afraid it is already taken.

Fernando: Taken? What about the other rooms?

Hotel Manager: The whole floor is taken by the punk rock group UN Invading Task Force…

Fernando reaches across the counter, grabbing a fist full of shirt, he drags the hotel manager away from his PC and puts his M1981/84 to the manager's eye. The hotel manager whimpers.

Hotel Manager: Its not like you people rent the rooms all the time.

Fernando: You know what kind of private and top secret materials are stored there? It was I who reserved the rooms! Who authorized such the changed!

Hotel Manager: Please don't shoot me!

Fernando: Shooting you will be putting you out of your misery.

He throws the hotel manager to behind the counter.

Fernando: Pick up that phone and call them that they are going to be transfered to another floor. And you better hope they have not gotten into the stuff stored up there!

The hotel manager makes a call to several room at once as the whole floor is rented to them. But no one answers. Alpha arrives behind Fernando.

Alpha: Is there a problem?

Fernando: Yes, there's a problem. This bastard rented the agents' rooms to a punk rock group.

Alpha (tilting his head a bit): What?

Fernando: You heard me. Now we got to go up there and take over a room from a punch of punks. Hope you're into slam dancing. Now go get the girls ready for a raid. And steal a luggage cart from a bellhop to carry the luggage upstairs.

Alpha: Allight boss.

Fernando just growls for a moment, then turns to the hotel manager.

Fernando (in a growling tone, holstering his gun away): I'll be back for you later.

In a minute Alpha got the girls on hidden alert and a luggage cart for the assorted baggage as they waited for Fernando. He arrives in less than a minute, grabbing onto one of the rungs on the cart and hauls at to the nearest elevator. There was some of the richer clients there with a couple of bellhops carrying their bags. They tried to step into the opening elevator doors, Fernando throws the luggage cart inside and pulls out his gun at them.

Fernando (as Alpha and the others got into their own elevator): Go get your own elevator, this one is mine.

They slowly raise their hands and start taking off their valuabes, not paying attention to the closing elevator door. Fernando takes his set of keys from his pocket and shoves it into a keyhole instead of button for the tenth floor on the top of the hotel. A quick turn of the key sends the elevator going up.

It takes longer than necessary as Fernando thought of this 'Slow Boat to China' of an elevator needs to hurry up! Another couple of minutes it stops on the top floor. The doors open, Fernando steps out into the doorway with gun drawn in front of him. Checking out the hall, there were several in suits at the end of the hall, not noticing of his presence. They cant do much of anything as the loaded luggage cart comes rolling at them at a high rate of speed.

They lay on the floor unconscious with assorted luggage and the luggage cart on top of them. He silently trots off to check on them, Alpha steps outside and signals for the girls to come out into the hall.

As the others approached Fernando, the doors open, and several men in black step out into the hall armed with enough fire power to overthrow a small nation. Fernando slowly turn around as he takes off one of the dark glasses from the fallen men, realizing that he, so must the others be, Japanese. A Japanese agent from the group walks up them.

Japanese Agent: If you weren't a national hero, I would have you arrested for assaulting my agents.

Fernando: Agent Michio Sekaru, why aren't you selling Toyotas or remaining safe within the walls of your superfortress building you call an Embassy?

Agent Michio Sekaru: Easier to follow that black Porsche of yours

Fernando: And how you got your crew into the American Agent rooms?

Agent Michio Sekaru: You Americans make it too easy to be American Agents. I read the book, "I was a teenage CIA Agent"

Fernando: You may be successful doing that here, but in America, you wont be. Now what do you want?

Agent Michio Sekaru: Same thing as you... The missing nukes.

Fernando: You know the Italian government has the ones I found.

Agent Michio Sekaru: You found 21 or so. Consider the R-36 Soviet missle only carried 10 warheads, the SS-18 M5 carried 14 and the R-36MUTTH can carry up to 38 wareheads. Thing is how many missles were stripped of their warheads and sold on this black market, or in the case of the R-36MUTTH, where are the other warheads? I would fear another Hiroshima and will do my best to secure that threat.

Fernando: So you want a piece of the action?

Agent Michio Sekaru: How you Americans say it? Fuck yeah.

Fernando: Unless you part of a UN, NATO, or American Nuclear Recovery Team (ANRT), then no. I'm also advising you to leave the premises within the hour unless you want to explain to my supervisor why you're following us. And take your bugs with you. I'm going to release an EMP to insure our privacy.

Agent Michio Sekaru: One hour then.

Fernando (looking at his watch): No more, no less as of now. Alpha, ladies, lets go.

Alpha (beating the others): Where to?

Fernando: Getting an EMP Device from the transport, where else?

Alpha: Oh.

Juanita: but we don't...

Several hands covers Juanita's big mouth and take her to the elevator.

Fernando waits for the elevator to go down a couple of floors before making himself know.

Fernando (turning to Juanita): What ever happened to covert operations being done covertly?! I swear woman, if I did not know you from high school, I would swear that you were a double agent like Jao Lynn. Now you are to shut up and stay shut up until I tell you to talk! You understand me?!

Juanita could only nod as a tear rolls down her cheek.

Fernando: You better remember that this dangerous game we play, we play for keeps. We win, we live another day. We lose, we push up daisies, and I aint pushing up daisies. You better understand that you almost blew our cover!

Juanita could only close her eyes and nods as tears flow out.

Fernando: Ladies, take her to the little girls room to freshen up and then wait in the hotel café. Alpha and I got a few things to do.

They nod as the elevator slows down to stop on the ground floor. Fernando takes his key out from the switch as the others makes themselves more presentable. They split into two groups, the ladies take Juanita to the women's room in the restaurant facility then then take a seat for the group, ordering coffee and pasteries. Fernando and Alpha head to the cars in the parking lot. It takes them as long to get there as it does to make their order.

Alpha: Why we are here?

Fernando: Sometimes you need to shut up and observe s to what is going on.

Alpha: Hey! I'm not Juanita. I don't know why you put up with her so much unless you two are screwing or something.

Fernando rummages through the cars, pulling out a couple of black boxes with blinking LEDS on them from the center consoles and inide the dash board. He hands them over to Alpha. A high pitch whistle can be hear as it goes higher in frequency. Going into the trunk of both cars, another two smaller boxes are taken out and put into the pile of Alpha's arms. Then he looks at him.

Fernando: Don't you question in who I stick my dick into. That's my business, not yours.

Alpha: You two act like lovers.

Fernando: Try fraternal twins, with mind sharing capabilities and no secret between them. Now, walk 2, no make that 3 blocks away from here with those things.

Alpha: What for?

Fernando: You got two minutes to get going before the EMP I just started goes off. Then return so I can return the sensitive electronics back to the cars.

Alpha just stares at him.

Fernando: I said go! If those units get fried, we're not going anywhere!

Alpha: What about you?

Fernando: I have to stay and find out what goes up and recover the dead bugs. One thing I don't like is assholes bugging my car!

Alpha (before he leaves): I'll be back. I wont be happy but I'll be back.

As soon as Alpha leaves the parking garage, Fernando reaches under the seats and pulls them out, followed by the rugs. Nothing is found yet, as he starts to go through the outside of the cars. He steps back for a moment and looks at his watch, then realizes that the watch is digital electronics in function.

With less then a minute left, he steps back into the Porsche and pulls out one of Alpha's Burritoes wrapped in foil. With Burrito removed from the foil, the watch is quickly wrapped in the foilin as many tight layers as possible. Fernando only had enough time to sigh before the loud snapping sounds like tree limbs in a storm of the EMPs' capacitors discharing into the pulse are heard.

Carefully unwrapping the foil, the watch is found in perfect order, but not the iPhone his pocket as Fernando realizes the loses in technology. At least the iPhone is replaceable, the watch which is also a high resolution spy camera, is a much harder item to find. The smell of smoke catches his attention.

Smoking under a wheel well, Fernando takes one of the fire extinguishers from the inside of the car and lets the smokey area have it with a couple of blasts of CO2. He does similarly to the smoking wheel well of the Alfa as well. He pulls a pair of charred flat plastic boxes from the cars. Rubbing his thumb onto the burnt plastic, the breaks apart revealing a coil of sorts in the barbequed mess of electronics. He can only think that it was a radio wave amplifying transformer of some kind, which in receiving the electromagnetic pulse, fed it amplified back to the radio circuit and fried it into a slag of charred silicon and melted plastics.

As he examines the burnt material, Alpha returns with the assorted boxes. He stand behind Fernando, looking at what was being examined. He puts down the boxes.

Alpha: Success?

Fernando tries not to flinch, then hands over the ash remains of the devices in question.

Alpha: What is this?

Fernando: More bugs. Though they would admit its theirs, the Japanese clone technology, not create it.

Alpha: So what you're saying?

Fernando: Its theirs, courtesy of a local spy shop in Rome.

He takes his iPhone from his pocket and show it to Alpha.

Fernando: Take the girls out, and buy me another one. Hopefully the data simm chip survived and I can revive it on another iPhone. Meanwhile the techs at Apple can oogle on this unit all they want when I return it.

Alpha: So you forgot you had it on you.

Fernando: Just get me a new iPhone in American format. Don't let them tell you that they don't have it, because they do.

Alpha: Allight boss.

Fernando: Stop it with the Charlie Chan and get the girls upstairs and ready before taking them out. I got bugs to find.

Alpha: How long you think you are going to take?

Fernando: Maybe a 1/2 hour.

Alpha: Need help?

Fernando: Get the girls and go as I... ask.

Alpha: I'll see you later then.

Alpha leaves, Fernando watches him walk away before he starts to reassemble the cars' interiors.

Making his way back to the hotel café, Alpha finds the girls huddled around a table for six, then decides to go check upstairs. He manages to get an empty elevator, which he takes to the highest floor possible. While taking the elevator up, he tries to pick the lock switch for the needed floor. The slow elevator makes it possible for him to accomplish his self assigned task before it stops on the lower floor.

Shoving a key into the Fire Control switch, Alpha takes control of the elevator, resetting and erasing all calls to the floors except for the top floor which the switch was set on. The elevator jolts for a second as its computer resets all inputs to null, and then registering the top floor switch on, and shifts the motor into appropriate actions. It gets to the top floor in another 30 seconds. There he finds Agent Michio Sekaru and his Japs in Black carrying out several boxes into the hall from the rooms. He asks his questions.

Alpha: What's going on here?

A Japanese Agent in black walks up to him though keeps his distance.

Japanese Agent: None of your business. Now leave so we can finish what needs to be done.

Alpha: I demand to see Agent Michio Sekaru.

Japanese Agent: He's not here.

Alpha: Then I'll wait and no one leaves until I do.

Another Japanese Agent walks up behind the first.

Second Japanese Agent (in Japanse): Is there a problem here?

First Japanese Agent (in Japanse): Just a punk kid. Nothing I can handle.

Alpha: Nothing you can handle? Yeah right. I happen to know Japanese. Now where's Michio Seraku?

They both look at him.

Alpha: I seen him go to that room. Bring him here or shall I go to him.

First Janaese Agent: Alright I'll go find him. You keep an eye on him.

Second Japanese Agent: *Hmph!*

Alpha stands their with his arms crossed, staring the second Japanese agent down.

The elevator behind him opens, with the girls running behind Alpha.

Alpha turns around for a second as the girls surround him.

Alpha: What's going, girls?

Liesel: I was going to ask the same thing, since we seen you walk like you were in a hurry.

Alpha: Same shit. Different time of day.

Liesel: As always.

Alpha: I'm actually waiting for Stupid Vising Agent Michio Seraku and have him explain what's going on here.

In five minute Agent Seraku makes himself known, walking out while argueing with the other agents around him in Japanese. He then signals them away as he seens Alpha and the girls with him.

Agent Michio Sekaru: You're from Agent Fernando's group. Interesing. Where's your leader? I only talk to him.

Alpha: He'll be here. I'm here to check up on your progress.

Agent Michio Sekaru: We're not done packing up survailence equipment.

Alpha: I bet. I just received in inventory list of what should be in those room. Nothing better be missing.

Agent Michio Sekaru: Oh. And what would you if there are missing things?

Behind them the elevator doors open. Fernando steps out carrying a suit case with him with a flashing LED on it. He walks to them, having heard the conversation as he steps out.

Fernando: Him? Nothing. Me, I'll make a complaint to your embassy and have your council hang you.

He turns to Alpha.

Fernnado: Alpha, I told you to get the girls and get me that equipment. This EMP is about to go off in one minute and the elevator is going to take 30 seconds to take you down stairs and you need to be 100 yards away!

Alpha: Alright, girls, lets get out of here!

They all run down to the elevator and take it down, running out the hotel doors, knowing what the device would do to their cybernetics if explosed to the blast. Meanwhile Agent Michio Sekaru looks at him.

Agent Michio Sekaru: You're bluffing.

Fernando: Try me.

Agent Michio Sekaru: You would not make this place an electric waste land.

Fernando: I can work with stone tools. Thing is, can you?

Agent Michio Sekaru stares at him angrily.

Fernando: You're wasting time. The elevator will take 30 seconds to take you down stairs. That is if you are not waiting for it. You will need another 100 yards to run to be clear of the blast.

Agent Michio Sekaru: Then how about turning that thing off then.

Fernando: No can do. Once it set to go, there is no stopping it. You got 45 seconds.

Agent Michio wastes another 5 seconds before giving his command.


Two larger sized agents leave separate rooms, dragging a milk crate sized box each into the halls. Other agents leave their rooms and start tossing personal electronics into the boxes, including a couple of guns with Electronic Keyed Access built into them. Fernando looks at his watch as this frenzied activity takes its action. He starts to count down.

Fernando: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Lights out.

The capacitors in the EMP can be heard going off in a loud pop like a large firecracker nearby. The two large agents had placed the boxes covers but was it soon enough? They both let go of the box tops in pain as an electrical shock hits their hands. The floresent light fixtures spark as several of the light bulbs inside burst. The smell of smoldering pig leather seems to fill the halls as electronic RFID key cards are shorted out within their personal casements.

Agent Michio Sekaru (as he signals for his men to leave): You are going to pay for this insult.

Fernando: Just do yourself a favor, don't play chess with checker pieces.

Agent Michio Sekaru: What is that supposed to mean?

Fernando: When you figure it out, you'll be using it on others like I have on you.

Agent Michio Sekaru (as he walks away with the last of his men): HMPH!

Once the elevator door closes behind them, Fernando walks into a room and picks up the phone. He dails out one of a few numbers he remembers. The phone rings for a couple of times before it is answered by a young sweet sounding female.

Young female: Hello?

Fernando: Francesca?

Young female: You're Francesca too?

Fernando: Francesca, its Fernando!

Francesca: Oh. Why do you sound so different on the phone?

Fernando: Nevermind that. Tell Alpha to return everyone to the hotel. We got some cleaning up before settling down. And to bring up the bags from the car. And food. Anything. And coffee, lots of coffee.

Francesca: OK.

Before she could say anymore, Fernando hangs up the phone, and starts to enter to closest room to him. He looks around, seeing nothing much was disturbed from what it seems, though the garbage cans filled to the brim with empty containers of assorted Asian take out. Openning one of the secret panels in a closet, he finds it empty where it should be filled with assorted handguns, ammunitions, protective gear and assorted electronics. Running into another room, he finds the same thing. The next six rooms also show to be empty of their spy gear. He wanted to build a nuke and drop it on their tour bus.

In the few minutes it takes Alpha to arrive with the girls, Fernando cleans up the rooms, emptying and tying up the garbage bags and setting them out in the halls by the doors of each room. They arrive when he was done, each carrying a set of bags except for Juanita, who was carrying bags of food and complaining about its weight. Fernando leads them to the largest suite, to the dinning area within. The bags were put away by the wall of the room while Juanita was puts the bags of food on the table.

Francesca and Rachel arrive to her and assist with the rest of setting the table with the paper plates and plastic cutlery. The boxes and other packages of food was taken from their bags and put in the center of the table.

Fernando stands out on the balcony on the larger of the two bedrooms this suite has, looking out onto the Genoan city scape, holding back on the fumes and flames in his head. Alpha manages to walk in quietly up behind him.

Fernando: Next time if you sneak into a room, make sure the lights are off in the other room.

Alpha: Huh?

Fernando: The window here reflected a flash the light in the other room when you opened the door quietly.

Alpha (walking up to him): I see. Next time I will know better.

Fernando: Also oil the hinges before opening the door.

Alpha: Why?

Fernando: Metal rubbing on dry metal creates a squeal, even a hypersonic one, which my sensitive ear can hear.

Alpha: Yeah, right. The reflection of the light against the window pane when the door opened is more plausible.

Fernando: Trust me on this one. Anyways, why are you here.

Alpha: No reason. I do have to give you this.

Fernando turns around to face him, seeing Alpha there with the dead iPhone in one hand and a box with a new one on the other.

Alpha: They would not want to touch your burnt out piece of crap – their words. You do know how to swap out the simm-chip, or should I get the cheat notes from the iphonehackers website?

Fernando: Put it on the bed, I'll deal with it later.

Alpha (walking to the bed and puts the iphones on it): I see. So what's bothering the King of the Balcony tonight?

Fernando: They took everything.

Alpha: They, as in those Misfits from a Japanese Monster Movie? What did they take?

Fernando steps down from the balcony, walking to a closet and opens its doors. He reaches inside and does something Alpha could not see but it opens an empty chamber that doubles the space on the closet rear wall. He steps away from the wall and points inside. Alpha looks inside the closet.

Fernando: Everything. All the guns, laptops, radio equipment, ammo, climbing gear, scuba equipment, you name it, it was in there, they took it all. Not just from this room, but all the rooms on this floor.

Alpha: If the paint was not sealed to the wall, they would taken that too.

Fernando: I'm serious Alpha. I'm going to need to make phone calls that I do not like or want to make.

Alpha: Well, Tell them what happened. The stupid japs took the golden eggs. They can handle that.

Fernando: That would be simple to say, and put blame on them. But I'll be asked to check the inventory logs and see who took what over the year. But that's missing too. They are not going to like it and I'm going to get yelled at.

Alpha: You're beginning to sound like a little kid.

Fernando: Maybe I am a little kid. Do me a fave and bring Jaunita here. I need to talk to her about what happened and deal with the agency on her phone. I'll fix mine after we deal with this.

Alpha: Alright, anything else?

Fernando: Get the girls fed and take them out. I'm sure driving all day is driving them crazy.

Alpha: I'm sure Liesel is fine.

Fernando: I'm talking about Francesca and Rachel.

Alpha: Oh. About Francesca. Remember what we talked about at the gas station.

Fernando: I remember. And remember, I'm in charge of this mission and of her conditioning modes. She stays on mission mode for now.

Alpha: Any deviation from her normal parameters and I'm taking over.

Fernando: We'll discuss that when you return with the girls. Right now get Juanita in here. I got a lot of expaining to do to my CIA supervisor.

Alpha (in his best Charlie Chan imitation): Allight Boss.

Fernando: Alpha...

Alpha (as he walks to the door): I'm going, I'm going, I'm about to walk out the door...

In a couple of seconds Alpha closes the door behind him.