Yeah, well, what shall I say? I read some German poems and wanted to translate and change them ... But then I wrote the first line and something new was created, so I just ignored the rest of the poem ... And here it is ... English is still not my mother tongue ... *sniffs* So please tell me should there be any mistakes ...

Nightmare Land

Your eyes are filled with sorrow and regret

I wish we could, but we can't forget

You tell me that you you'll never change

But the words from your lips sound strange

Your lids are heavy from lack of sleep

I think were in trouble, really deep

But just go on the way you've always done

Because if you're right that's great fun

Just ignore my words and my helping hand

You've always lived in your nightmare land

You know which buttons you've got to push

And you waste no chance to touch my tush

You tell me that you can't always get what you want

And I tell you that it's just your way to taunt

Well, maybe you're right about not getting everything

But you could have me, what do you think

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