As all of you people realised, I haven't updated my stories for over... *Checks* 6 Frigging Months.

Mostly because I lost interest in Naruto, and began to lean slowly towards another anime called 'Katekyo Hitman Reborn." I even stopped reading and watching the anime and manga! Le GASP!

But with that being said, I'll still find some way to continue the story. Because the guilt fairies will come and haunt me, torture me, and eventually sufficate me.

I actually finished half of the next chapter of Meowz! but sadly, I always type my stories INSIDE the document manager and because I haven't checked my FF account for over 60 days, the documents got erased and I lost EVERYTHING. Every mother fucking document which included parts for all my stories. So unless someone knows how retrieve lost documents, I won't be continuing this story until I feel like it.