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Sasuke came back after he killed Itachi but never met Tobi/Madara.

This takes place when the characters are 13 and 18 years old.

Well, here ya go!

In the past,Naruto 13 years old…..

Naruto and the gang were at training ground 7 hanging out and talking, doing what teenagers do best. Sakura and Ino was for once talking and not bickering each other. Shikamaru was trying to sleep but couldn't because of RockLee talking about youth. Naruto and Sasuke were having a no talking contest. Tenten was talking to Hinata about boys while Neji eaves drop on them. Chouji was munching on a bag of chips. Kiba was rubbing Akamaru on his belly and Shino was just standing there.

'AAHHHHHH!'' everyone heard a scream and turn their heads towards the direction of the scream. They got into fighting positions to only see Tsunade running and stopping in front of them.

'Lady Tsunade, come here for a sec!' they heard a familiar female voice by a tree they saw Tsunade come out of. They could've sworn they saw Tsunade turn pale a little.

'Please Naruto, hide me! I'll buy you unlimited ramen at the ramen shop!' Tsunade said trying to bribe Naruto.

And it succeeded.

Shizune came out of the bushes and was about to go up to Tsunade when above everyone a weird vortex opened.

'WHAT THE-?' Naruto said as he, Sakura, Sasuke, Neji, Tenten, RockLee, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Hinata, Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru got sucked up in the vortex.

As soon as they were all sucked up in it, the vortex closed, leaving a shocked Tsunade there.

'It cant be that time of the year…is it?' Tsunade said.

'What time of year?' Shizune asked.

'Every 75 years, a vortex that leads to the future opens at a random spot and stays at that spot until one person, or in some cases animals, gets sucked it closes and you have to wait another 75 years before it reappear and 'spits' out the people or animals it swallowed.' Tsunade said.

'75 YEARS!?' Shizune yelled, completely shocked at this new information.

'yes. I have to go and inform the elders and the heads of the clans immediately. Shizune, tell their sensei's about what happened and tell them to meet me in the office at 5:00pm.'Tsunade didn't give Shizune a chance to respond because she left immediately to her office.

With Naruto and the gang in the vortex…..

Everyone was done screaming and was 'flying' through the vortex. Shikamaru told everyone to hold hands so they won't depart.

'What's going on?!' Ino said trying to stay as calm as possible.

'I dont know but what ever is happening mustn't be good.' Shikamaru said as they continue flying.

Out of no where a calendar popped up in front of them while they were flying. It showed June 3rd,3002 which was the today's date. Then the calendar pages started ripping off the dates all the way until it reached June 3rd, 3007. that was 5 years later! That's when it Shikamaru finally discovered what was happening.

'I know what's happening!' Shikamaru said.

'What?' sakura asked.

'Were going into the future!' Shikamaru said.

'Are you serious?! This is no time for jokes Shikamaru!' Kiba said as Akamaru barked in agreement.

'No…he's right. Why would the calendar would pop out of no where and go all the way to 3007,which is 5 years later in the future?' Neji said

'THAT'S AWESOME!! I BET-' Naruto didn't get a chance to finish because he got bopped in the head by Sakura and a force forced Naruto and the gang to stop holding hands. Everyone was still in a group but they were in their original team group.

'HINATA!' Neji screamed as his team went an opposite direction than Hinata's.

Everyone was in their original teams going in different directions. Then there was a bright light that blinded them. They reached the bright light and it felt like time stop. Everyone mange to look down to see 4 tiny blue dots. They started falling. As they fell, the dot got bigger and bigger until it was big enough to fit a team of 3 through. Each team went through a different vortex.....

In the future, Naruto age 18. w/ team 7.

'HA! I WIN!' Naruto screamed as put 5 cards on the ground. He, Sakura, and Sasuke was at first playing a simple card game called 'go fish' that somehow turned into a gambling game.

Naruto was wearing a simple ninja shirt and pants with a orange and black version of the fourth hokage's coat..thingy. ( a/n: forgot the name of it.) His hair is even more spikey than before.


Sakura was wearing clothing that was similar to Kurenai's clothes. The only difference was that the white part of it had a pinkish color to it and the sleeve was red with a green flower on it. Her hair was long again.

'This is why I didn't want to play go fish….'Sasuke said.

Sasuke was wearing similar clothing he wore in Shippuuden. The thing is he was not wearing a purple belt but clothing that could fit him. Also, his shirt was a dark blue color and it had the Uchiha symbol on the back of it. His pants were black and his hair was still the same.

'GOTCHA!!' Sakura screamed as she tackled Naruto to ground. She shook his sleeves and 20 cheating cards came out.

'Hehehe, how did that get in their?' Naruto said trying to sound innocent and cluless

Sakura wrapped her arm around Naruto's neck and started choking him.


'Dobe, out of all the card games in the world, you cheat on 'go fish'? You must really suck at this game.' Sasuke said

'-coughs- shut up tem-teme!' Naruto said, having a hard time speaking since he's getting chocked by Sakura.

'Loser.' Sasuke said

'Jackas-WHAT THE HELL –coughs- IS THAT?!' Naruto said as he pointed to a direction where a vortex had opened. Sakura and Sasuke turned around too and saw it.

Sakura grip on Naruto loosened up a little.

'That's a vortex!' Sakura said.

'Naaaaaw, it's a bluish blackish portal that leads you to random places.' Naruto said sarcastically to only get hit in the head by Sakura.

The vortex then turned into a baby blue color and it started to sparkle.

'That light looks so purty. … OW! IMA GET YOU TEME!' Naruto said as he rubbed his head with his free hand.

Then a younger version of Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura came out of their and landed face first to the ground.

The older Sakura let go of Naruto and stared in shocked. Naruto and Sasuke stared in confusion.

The younger version of them sat up and wiped there faces and looked up to see there older version of them looking at them.

They stared at each other until the older version of Naruto screamed.


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