Hello there. As you may have notice, I haven't updated this story in literally a year and 5 months. This is because of many factors:

1.) Lost of interest. I'm sorry but I lost complete interest in this story. I've also lost interest in Fanfiction for a bit :/

2.) Writer's block. You see, I was making this story up as I went along so I never really had an idea of what to do next.

3.) Needs to be re-written.I hate the way I wrote the story. Luckily, I have improved from this writing style. Also, I don't like the path the story is going to.

4.) Busy. I have been busy doing school work, family things, and what-not.

So I won't be updating this version of the story anymore.

Wait, wait, wait, this version?

Yep, you read right. I am contemplating on rewriting this story. It has potential, and if I play my cards right it could be an original time-travel fic.

Don't worry; I will update this story one last time to alert you guys about the rewritten version (if I do rewrite it.)

Expect the first chapter of the rewritten one to be posted in June (again, this is if I rewrite it.)

I would like to say thank you to all my reviewers, whether positive or negative, for reviewing my story. That meant a lot to me.

While you wait for confirmation of whether or not I will rewrite this, you can check out my other stories I have. All of them are Naruto related and I just updated one of them =].

'Till next time.