Me: Well since i finished my other story and i have a lot of time, i decided to make my long awaited 6th Spyro story.

DK Mark: Dude, welcome back man, where've you been?

Me: hey man, i've been working on another story but now i can return to this one since i finished it today, glad to see your doing well

DK Mark: Same here, so you going to make this chap or what?

Me: Yep, so let's begin the story! Oh and read my other Stories so you can get a clue as to what the heck's going on!



10 years have passed since the defeat of Lucifer and the crowning of the new king. The kingdoms of Dracovia, Avalar, the Forgotten Realms, and the human lands have all enjoyed the new time of peace and prosperity. Spyro and Cynder, old friends of the new king and who helped save the world, were raising their new kids, their oldest son Wagner was a purple dragon who looked like his father when he was 15. He was helping out the family however he could, especially his 9-year-old sister Masami and younger brother Blaze. DL Mark and Godith, the legendary Father and Mother of the dragon race, were also raising their family, who now had 6 kids to raise since their other kids were grown up and raising their own families.

DK Mark, the hero of the Dark War, the Great War, and also the imfamous Son of Sedro, was the new king ruling his homeland and Yulie, the new Queen and his wife, was by his side. The two had kept Dracovia in check, there was many events that occured during the time DK Mark became king, such as all of Spyro's old enemies (Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc, the Sorcerror, the Sorcerrorss, and all the others from the original spyro series) trying too take him out. But they kept failing time after time since he, along with his son Ryuu, who had turned into a amazing warrior, defeated them with ease since DK Mark weilded the very sword Sedro had given him after Lucifer's defeat. During this time, Yulie gave birth to their new daughter, a fire dragon they named Flare, who was now 7 years old.

Ryuu and Flare were inseperable together. Flare was the youngest of the family and took after her mother. She had the same brown eyes as her mother and brown scales, magenta colored spikes and part of her underbelly. In a sense she was a kind-hearted girl with a heart to match. Ryuu on the other hand, took after his father in terms of appearence, he had the same hair style, his clothes were of a gold coat and black tank top underneath, beige pants and black combat boots. He also carried a sword that was much like his father's, a hand-and-a-half sword. He also had the same dragon arm on his right side that looked like his father's. He too had the ability to turn into a dragon and a wolf like his father, he even acquired his half-dragon at a young age. His dragon form was the same as his dad with a dominant body, making attractive to many girls, including some of the maids in the palace.

Everyone else that knew DK Mark was doing well, especially Revan, his older brother, who had gotten married to Kira, the daughter of Malefor and is raising their new son Neo. Neo looked like his father since he had the same hair style like his father but his mother's face structure. He was around 10 years old and was a master of twin swords like his father and mainly stayed in his half-dragon form.

Sedro and Elaine, the parents of DK Mark and Revan and grandparents to Ryuu and Flare, were living peaceful lives in Dracovia, they lived in Drake's Castle, which Sedro had built years ago as a gift to Elaine. The would come visit them and hang out with them. DK MArk's friends were also busy but still had time to visit them also. Kurthnega, the son of Malefor, had married Rebeka, the daughter of Ignitus the new Chronicler, and were raising their family. Demitri was also living a new life, after he was known to be DK Mark's half-brother, the people at first disliked him, but after Lucifer's demise, they warmed up to him. Now Demitri was a well respected dragon who was currently dating one of DL Mark's daughter's, who was now the same age as him.

Basically everyone was bored since the wars were over, but happy that they can relax with nothing to worry about. besides the fact that Ripto and the others were trying to get rid of Spyro and the others, they failed almost every time, so the realm was peaceful. But something is beginning to stir deep down, an ancient force is rising, and only one person can stop this:



Me: Not a bad way to start off a story

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