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Chapter 91: the Supreme Dragon King

Agor led the rest of the gang through the city; they were marveled at the architecture of the buildings. "Man, you guys must've had a lot of free time" Sparx said. "Okay, someone get me that lamp" Akriloth said and went to Sparx. "Dad, calm down man" DL Mark tried to restrain his father. "Fine…" Akriloth growled and followed Agor.

They passed by a large building that DL mark, Reignor and Galian all realized what it was, "That's Draco Academy!" Galian said. "Yes, this city was where the Academy was first created, you three were the stars of the Academy" Kuzo said. "Yeah, I remember all those events we were in…and all those crazy fan girls hunting us down" Reignor said. "Oh yeah…man I still have nightmares about that" Galian shivered.

"Come on, we need to reach the palace" Agor said. They flew towards the Palace, which looked a lot bigger than Warfang…actually; it was bigger than DL Mark's house. "Damn, this place is huge!" DK mark said. "Wait until you see the inside" Agor said as the door opened. They suddenly saw that the inside looked like the inside of a cathedral, complete with stained glass windows.

"Okay, I'm going to say this, this place is AWESOME!" Wagner said. "Yeah, how long did it take for you to build this?" Cynder asked. "A long time, like a hundred years" Akriloth said. "Wow…so where is this person we're supposed to meet?" Sparx asked. "In the Throne room and you'll be surprised who it is" Agor replied. They made their way to the throne room and stood before two golden doors. Agor knocked on the door three times before it opened. "Enter…" a voice sounded.

The gang entered the room and a bright light greeted them. "Ah, man turn down the lights" Sparx said. The lights dimmed and they found a large room with pillars all set in a row and the windows of the throne room opened. The birds flew in and one of them was the same bird Xuryu had that was perched on the arm of the man in front of them. "Ah good, you came" the voice said as it stroked the bird with his hand.

Everyone looked at the man and suddenly gasped. "No way…" DL mark said with awe. "It's not possible…" Reignor said. "It's…" DK Mark began. The man smiled, "what? Say something? Are you surprised it's me?" Ryuu asked with a grin on his face as he saw everyone's reactions. "But…how?" Spyro asked. "After I talked with Xuryu I was suddenly summoned here and told to wait for you guys, it's amazing, this place was Laetus's final wish if we won, to have this city back again for everyone to see and to open Draco Academy again" Ryuu explained.

"So…you're the new Supreme Dragon King?" Rygath asked. "Yep, come on, I need some help getting ready for my coronation ceremony" Ryuu said. Soon everyone was helping Ryuu spruce up the place and sent letters to every one of the city being reborn and Ryuu's coronation. Soon by nightfall the city was beginning to return to its former glory and people began to come to see the city for themselves.

Soon the city was helped returned to its true glory and everyone gathered around the Palace for the coronation. Agor stood in front of the people gathered below him, "My people, friends and many others, we are gathered here today to celebrate the rejuvenation of God's Kingdom, a once thought legend and myth, now come to life, but there is also something else, we are also here to welcome the return of a legend, I am talking about the Supreme Dragon King, the father to the Dragon Kings and the very first one crowned. Laetus was our original SDK, but now it is time for another to be crowned" Agor said.

Ryuu walked down the hallway to the observation deck as Agor's speech rang out. "Many of the dragon Kings you've known were all descendents, but there was only one that awoke the powers of the God Sword Silfiaia and used it to vanquish the ultimate evil from this world forever, this man, this one man stood against Ragnarok with his allies and brought him down, now he returns as a hero and a beacon to everything good. My people, I bring you, the new Supreme Dragon King, Ryuu!" Agor said as Ryuu stepped out of the hallway.

The people chanted Ryuu's name as he stepped forward and then they broke out in cheers for him. Ryuu raised his hands and they hushed, "I'm not very good with speeches, so I'll keep this speech short. I'd like to thank everyone who's helped me through this, my friends…" Ryuu gestured to Wagner, Jared, Jasmine, and the others. "…Family…" Ryuu gestured to his mother, father, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc.

"And practically everyone who've stood by me and who I've met during my travels" Ryuu motioned to Baret and the others. "Thank you, and now, let's celebrate!" Ryuu said. The people cheered and soon began to party. Baret was even playing some football with some others and completely plowed through them like a bulldozer.

Alicia was sitting on one of the balconies, looking at the twin moons, when she felt a hand and a dragon's claw wrap around her. She smiled and turned to Ryuu, who was now smiling with a grin on his face. Alicia was soon pulled into a kiss by Ryuu and wrapped her arms around him. Ryuu and Alicia kissed as the full moons shone down on them.


5 years later…

"…And they all lived happily ever after…" a man with black hair, who was writing in a book, muttered as he finished the last sentence and stepped back from his book. He sighed; he was finally done writing his novel. Just then the door opened and something flew in and tackled him, "Daddy, are you done writing yet?" a child's voice asked. The man chuckled and patted the purple dragon's head, "I just finished" he said. The purple dragon smiled and hugged his dad, "Come on, and tell me and Tera about it!" the dragon said. "Alright Suaco, but let me get up first" the man said and was allowed to get up by his son.

"Something the matter Ryuu?" a woman's voice asked as she came into the study. Ryuu looked at his wife, Alicia, as she stood in the doorway with Tera, their earth dragoness daughter. "Nothing, Suaco here attacked me and I finished my novel" Ryuu explained. "You finished?" Tera asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Yeah" Ryuu said and showed them the book he finished. "Good for you, oh and your father and the others are waiting for you" Alicia said. Ryuu nodded and grabbed his coat before leaving the study with his family. Ryuu walked the hallways of the Palace and soon was in the foyer where he saw his dad, mom, his twin sisters (now 15) and everyone else with them. "Man, look at you, 5 years are over and you look like you haven't been sleeping" Sparx said, noticing his circles under his eyes. "Just finished my novel" Ryuu said with a sigh.

"Nice, so you're going to publish it?" DK Mark asked. "Maybe…" Ryuu said with a grin on his face. "Hard to believe it's been 5 years, look at you, you're the spitting image of your old man" Wagner said. "So, you still single?" Ryuu asked. Wagner huffed, "No…yes…" he said. "Don't worry man, you'll find someone soon" Ryuu said to his friend. "Anyway I gotta go, got a date tonight" Wagner held a phone number in his fingers and grinned before flying off. "He never changes does he?" Spyro asked with a chuckle.

"Nope, I'll be right back" Ryuu said and left the gang. "Wonder where he's going?" Cynder asked. "Knowing him he's going to ride his bike" Alicia said. They soon heard the faint roar of an engine and they saw Ryuu drive through the city on his motorcycle. Ryuu drove through the city streets and then stopped at the edge of the city that overlooked the other realms. He smiled and stared at the realms before getting on his bike and driving off again into the city.

Above him, a white bird flew above Ryuu as it zoomed through the city, when his bike passed the bird; a feather flew down from it and landed on the ground as the sounds of Ryuu's motorcycle echoed through the city.


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Jared and Jasmine got married and are living in Avalar right now, helping raise the village.

Akriloth went to his wife Jermanie and lived with her after getting re-married to her again.

Reignor and Hera helped DL mark and Godith mop up what was left of Ripto and everyone who hated them and got rid of their remaining men, ensuring peace through the world.

Kuzo helped re-open Draco academy, with Galian, DL Mark, and Reingor as teachers and helped new dragon lords gain their powers.

Wagner still is single and hopes to find a girl someday.

Aqua and Flare are now 15 and are currently the hot topic in Warfang for their personality and beauty, but they visit their brother from time-to-time.

DK mark and Yulie are still leading Warfang and still visit Ryuu whenever they're able.

Spyro and Cynder are now raising their new child, Uther (hope u don't mind montecristo).

Eric became leader of the Peace Keepers and Baret is his CO, but Baret also directs his own football team, the Arcadian Devils.

Dante, Vergil and Nero are still running Devil May Cry, but now their sons are also helping them.

Sedro and Elaine are now living comfortably in Warfang, and Elaine gave birth to Mark and Revan's new sister, Sophie.

Reignor, DL Mark, and Galian were challenged by Ryuu in a Guitar hero match...needless to say, they got beat by Ryuu.

Rygath opened his own skate-shop and it now the head of a skate-shop chain in the realms.

Kothar has become a successful lawyer in various cases, he is now a respected judge.

Galian now is helping run Draco Academy with DL mark and Reignor.

The Fallen Ones no longer exist, except for Xuryu, who is inside Ryuu, watching him from the inside.

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